La Cocina de Tita Moning

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La Cocina de Tita Moning
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Chili G.
4.0 Stars

I think this is my most unique dining experience to date! Was lucky enough to be invited by (and treated!) my friend here last Saturday for her birthday. Had to rsvp right away as they only accommodate a number of people per seating.
Our reservations were at 8 but we needed to wait until the group was complete before they start the tour. We were in an outdoor waiting area with lots of antiques etc where we were served some quezo de bola on toast. You're also asked what appetizer you'd like, I chose the ajo soup with quezo de bola crust.
When our group was complete, we finally started the tour. There will be a guide that will lead you around the different rooms of the house, its history and memorable/valuable items. Tour spiel could use a bit of tweaking IMO, grammatical errors etc but that's just me! Some rooms were a bit creepy tbh and we really couldn't wait to start the dinner as it was past 9PM!
We were led to a private room for our group. After some more info about the room, cooks etc, we were served bread and appetizers. There's this special salsa in the middle with olives, onions etc that went well with everything. Btw all the dishes are family recipes hence the name (tita Moning).
My garlic soup was a bit too strong, hubby got the pumpkin soup which was delish but a bit on the heavy side.
Next was the baked Lapu Lapu which I really liked. We were also served paella valenciana. I chose pork as my main dish and I got something similar to crispy pata with crackling skin. It was served with buttered kamote which was surprisingly good! I skipped the veggies (very common, I could have them at home).
After everyone was done, we were served dessert which I think is the highlight of the dinner! Bread pudding, calamansi tart and churros! But the star was the hot chocolate! Zomg!
Overall, food was good but not 'wow'! Dessert was the best part and I guess you pay for the experience of dining in a pre-war mansion.
P.S by the end of the night nagtatakutan Na kme!

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Edwin I.
5.0 Stars

It is quite an engaging experience when food is mixed with a glimpse of quiet history. More specifically, travel back in time through an ancestral place that likewise shares visitors a taste of heritage recipes from the owners amidst the charm of the lost "golden" days of the city. This is La Cocina de Tita Moning.

The place has been operational for some time now. It was only recently that I have had the chance to visit one of the Manila's few well maintained ancestral dwellings that is open to the public. It was a perfect place to bring a number of balikbayan and foreigner guests who wanted to experience something privately different, with some historical significance and good food to boot.

The place, also known as the Legarda ancestral mansion, sits within the guarded compound of Malacanan. Built in the 30's, the Art Deco structure and interiors have been updated by the heirs without sacrificing the "original" setting of the original owners. From its gorgeous facade, to the plush interiors, priceless pieces of art, and family heirloom memorabilia; guests are afforded a peek of the lifestyle of a genteel golden generation.

The experience starts with a welcome drink and a sampling of appetizers cooked from the family's recipe. Lemongrass tea and Queso De Bola fritters were served. After which a guided tour was made around the lovely old home. The tour was informative with trivia about the family's background and interests. Guests get to appreciate the preserved heirlooms and priceless art pieces collected by the clan through the years.

The star of the experience was the meal. Our menu was a choice among the set menus, made when we made reservations earlier on. The dining experience was sharing with guests how the original owners used to host sit-down dinners.

The table setting was nicely elegant. They made use of their antique dining chinaware complete with charger trays, silverware , and heavy table linen. Priceless Murano crystal center pieces , fresh ferns fronds, flower petals, and individual menu cards completed the formal dining table set-up.

Our choice menu showcased heritage recipes from the owners' kitchen. Old recipes that were Spanish-Filipino in influence.

Once we were sitted, dinner started with the gaggle of their servers going around us and individually plating each of the dishes.

The freshly baked dinner rolls were delicious. The warm rolls had a nice thin crust and a dense yet light chewy center.

The Sopa de Oro: was a delicious velvety , creamy pumpkin soup with croutons and a fried battered garnish.

The Paella Valenciana: a hefty serving of flavorful Paella. The rice dish had a generous serving of fresh succulent seafoods-shrimps and squid, yummy chicken bits, and good chorizo slices.

Their Lengua with White Wine: the meat was perfectly tender ox and cooked in a flavorful light brown sauce with a nice sweet white wine flavor. Yummy with the in-house condiment called Salsa Monja- a pickled relish of scallions, mushroom, and garlic in olive oil.

The Lapu-lapu with olive oil and garlic: the huge grouper was obviously fresh. Perfectly cooked leaving the fish succulently tender and sweet. The fish topped with fried minced garlic and a buttery sauce.

The Caramelized Banana Saba: a different way of minatamis na Saba. The banana had a nice delicately thin yet crunchy caramel coating and runny syrup. Yummy with the Vermouth liquor sauce.

Their Bread and Butter Pudding was To Die For! Buttery bread pudding that had a velvety , yet light finish and a light custard top. It had the texture and flavor reminiscent of Canonigo and Leche Flan. With a light chewy base being that from the bread pudding itself. Garnished with crunchy caramel coated pili nuts. Sweetness level was spot on with a buttery-caramelly taste. Undoubtedly, one of the best bread puddings I have ever tasted.

The Fried Fritters: their own banuelos where light and chewy beignets/mini donuts. Lightly coated in sugar and cinnamon , the morsels made even better paired with their coffee and hot Tsokolate.

Guests were given the option to add fresh salad greens harvested from the place's own backyard. Also the place carries a good beverage menu that included fine wine to pair with the meal.

Perhaps by today's standards, the menu may seem ordinary. BUT, I must say that the family's old recipes were truly flavorful. Some eliciting old comfort food favorites done deliciously --their way.

La Cocina de Tita Moning comes highly recommended to foodies looking for a differently unique dining experience. A private and personalized experience quite engaging for both locals and foreigners.

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Mara R.
4.0 Stars

If you’re looking for a whole new dining experience either with your family, friends or a significant other, then you’ve come to the right place. 128077🏼 This ancestral home turned restaurant of the late Alejandro Roces Legarda and Ramona Hernandez Legarda (Tita Moning) will surely take you down memory lane with its rich history that can be seen in every corner of the house. Have a feel of how it was to live as don’s and donya’s with the excellent service that they have to offer. The food may not be the best out there but with the great ambiance and food presentation, you’re sure to have your money’s worth. 🤑

Take a tour of this ancestral home before the meal/What to see:

1. Living room turned waiting room for the guests
2. Camera room
3. Clinic
3. Girl's room
4. Study

What to Order:
1. Roast Beet Salad with Organic Greens, Goat Cheese and Caramelized Walnuts
2. Green Vegetable Ravioli with Mushroom and Arugula
3. Tita Moning's Lengua Cooked in White Wine with Brown Rice
4. Paella Valenciana
5. Native Hot Chocolate
6. Tita Moning's Bread and Butter Pudding


1. Reservations are a must! They don’t accept walk-ins to ensure that their customers receive their utmost attention.

2. Do not expect to be served right away at your reservation time to give way to a tour around the house with your very own tour guide.

3. It would be better to call at least one day in advance if you opt to order the paella that takes about 40 minutes to prepare.

4. Their Salsa Monja goes well with the bread and most of the other dishes.

5.The blend of their Lengua may be a bit sweet for some.

6. Tita Moning’s bread and butter pudding is great for dessert!

7. Take advantage of the surroundings by not forgetting your phones and cameras!

315 San Rafael St., San Miguel
Manila, Metro Manila


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Sierra N.
5.0 Stars

The experience was surprisingly nice and very enjoyable. It was like having a meal at your grandparent's house. The dishes were well-made, comfort food. Nothing earth shaking in terms of flavors, but everything tasted familiar - the way it should. I love this place for that. I'm not a big fan of fusion and deconstructed food dishes. We specifically loved their gambas, kare-kare, roast pork, leche flan.

Apart from the good comfort food, what will make me return again and again to this place are the staff and the ambiance.
- the staff - some of them have been with the Legarda family since tita Moning was alive. There was even a brochure write-up introducing all the staff to the guests. I love how the owner is goving much credit and appreciation to the staff. As a result, the staff were really very warm towards the guests. It wasn't just professional courtesy. I could feel that their service came from the heart (especially Tining).
- the ambiance - too often, old ancestral houses converted to restaurants end up just being a shell structure of the house with a restaurant inside. This isn't so for La Cocina. One could still feel the heart and soul of the home as it once housed the Legarda family. It wasn't a restaurant in a shell structure of an old house. It was a restaurant in a home.

At the end of the meal, it felt like we had eaten at our lola's house not in just any other restaurant.

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Linlin T.
5.0 Stars

AN AUTHENTICALLY HISTORIC DINING EXPERIENCE - Your dining adventure is set in a 70-year old aristocratic home inside the malacanang complex. As you enter the driveway into a lush garden patio, you can't help but feel like you've travelled back in time.

As you step into the mansion, you're welcomed with warmest smiles and your meal begins with what else? but a grand tour of the house! They'll whet your appetite with interesting discoveries and stories from Vintage cameras to ballerina dresses and gold-rimmed plates! The final stop is an over-the-top dinner table in the restored dining room!

Needless to say, the food is nothing short of excellent! Each morsel of the home-cooked Filipino-Hispanic dishes are served on your plate individually and the slightest nod sends their staff running to fulfill your every dining need! Call ahead to see what's on the set menu for the night and prepare to dine like a true Don's and Donya's!

The meal starts with a salad or soup of your choice, followed by 4 main courses and a bevy of superb desserts! Make room as much as you can because the meal definitely ends on a very sweet note!

OVERALL an amazing experience! One of Manila's best-kept secrets I'm glad I discovered!

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Jackie S.
3.0 Stars

La Cocina de Tita Moning offered full course meal coupons at months back, so that's how I found out about the place.

The restaurant is located near the Malacañang Palace. It's thr ancestral home of the Legardas. The grandkid/s of Tita Moning decided to convert the Mansion into the restaurant. There was so much history inside the house. One if which I remember is that there's were plates hanging on the wall that were gold plated. Back in the days, only the Legarda family can touch it and clean it after each meal. The house help was not allowed as it was too precious.

Upon arrival in the mansion, they will guide you to the sala and serve you a lemon grass drink and appetizers. They will then tour your around the mansion and educate you of its history. Once the tour is done, you will be brought to the dining area.

Their were 2 to 3 choices per meal category and below were the ones I got:
- Pan Grilled Red Mullet with Chicken Puree, Tomato Cucumber Salsa and mixed greens
- Lengua Cooked in White Wine with Paella Valenciana
- Dessert Platter: Polvorones of Fresh Mango, Homemade Ice cream, Tita Monings Bread and Butter Pudding, Homemade fritters
- Native Chocolate (hot chocolate)

Their food was okay with me, there's a lot of room for improvement. However, the rich history of place was so nice and entertaining.

On your way out, make sure to buy their keso de bola spread. 128516

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Eloi H.
4.0 Stars

The Deal Grocer package is worth it! For less than 1400, it was a wonderful experience.

Loved the lengua, paella and the bread pudding. Though we had to return the paella because it had some tough bits of rice, they readily replaced it with a fresh plate.

Loved the interiors too, for the throwback feels. But a bit horror vacui for my taste.

Enjoyed the tour around the house though I had to correct the tour guide when she said Juan Luna and Felix Hidalgo are National Artists. She wouldn't believe me. Had to tell her to check the NCCA website for the official list. I do have a masters in art history 128516

Oh, didn't enjoy the long wait at the patio before we were led into the house. I was getting bored after close to an hour of waiting. But I did appreciate the dynamite & cheese sticks but not the juice.

Service is excellent. One of them even guarded the toilet door while I was inside because the lock wasn't working.

We will come back for the lengua, paella and bread pudding. Hope Deal Grocer offers the deal again.

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Karissa M.
5.0 Stars

Really liked/loved everything we ordered

From the garlic stick and dynamite plus sparkling wine (waiting area)

Salad, soup, main course and dessert

Bread pudding is definitely their best seller 128522128077

Plus a quick trip around the house..

What an experience! 128521

A bit pricey but worth it 128077128077128077

Take note..dress well when you'll eat there hehehehe 128541

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Jennifer G.
4.0 Stars

It was a different experienced. You are transported back in time of your grandparents. They give you a tour of the old house before you dine. I like the gambas al ajilo and the eggplant salad with salted egg. My favorite is their mango crumble with ice cream. Its a place to dine for special events.

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April H.
5.0 Stars

THIS is a Spanish restaurant, complete with the rich history and antiques all around... As a friend of mine is part of the clan who owns the place, this was even the setting of one of our videos for class...

Classic Spanish food, cooked very well... Their set menus are well thought of, each dish complementing the next... Servings are always generous... The lengua and homemade pudding are excellent! 128079

The setting is unbeatable, very elegant and old school... A throwback to the rich Old Manila culture and heritage... The overall ambience is unforgettable and romantic, perfect for special occasions... The service is extraordinary, it reflects the years of experience they have in running this restaurant...128522

Get ready to shell out around P2000/head...128522 well worth the price tag!128077

  • No. of Comments: 7
Dale B.
5.0 Stars

This is officially one of the best restaurants that I can recommend in Manila. More than the food, it offers a complete experience that transports guests to the lavish and elegant days of old.

Set meals that you can pre-order on their website upon reservation ranges from P1000-P2000 per person. Food quality is at least a 4. Service and everything else is a 5.

For more features and reviews, check out

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Jae R.
5.0 Stars

All the previous reviews have got it covered.

You can also check out my partner's detailed review here:

You have got to visit this place at least once. If you take each review factor individually (food quality and presentation, ambiance and service), the rating will only be above average. But if you combine them all together, it makes for a one-of-a-kind foodie adventure.

Be prepared to visit a past that most of the people of my generation (and younger ones) have almost forgotten. Be treated like dons and doñas of the earlier times where servants cater to every whim.

If you want to impress, this is the place to go to.

Average price of their set meals is at 1,500 per head.

Taxi's are hard to find in the area so better bring your own vehicle. 128513

  • No. of Comments: 5
Christelle Anne A.
5.0 Stars

Excellent service! The ambience would transport you back to the extravagant Old Manila. Paella Valenciana is a must try!

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Karol F.
5.0 Stars

We went here for an anniversary dinner. For 2000/pax, you'll be served with queso de bola toast and pandan iced tea ay the foyer plus the main dinner at the main house. Back at the main house, a tour of the house will be conducted by the people who overlooks the place, those of whom were the actual workers of don leandro.

At the dining, appetizers were served and beet with goat cheese salad was next. Our choice for our dinner then was between osso bucco and lamb shank. Both dishes exceeded out expectations. Then came the platter of desserts with their famous bread pudding and a cup of native chocolates. 128525. I love this place! The cost was definitely worth it. You get to experience the lives of don and doñas back then.128540

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Loren L P.
4.0 Stars

My family likes antiques and collects a lot of good ones so the place didn't really feel "new" to me. I also wouldn't say they serve the best food but you come here for the overall experience, ambiance, food, history and service. Servings are so generous you take home with so much baon and pudding was good :)

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Kunie G.
3.0 Stars

I liked the tour, the free drinks, the whole concept and the house. I felt like i was part of the wealthy clan back in the day.

Excellent presentation! But the taste could be improved.
Their famous pudding was really good except that i was already too full when we got to the dessert. We had a 7-course meal!

Id give the service 10 stars if i could! They really serve you like royalty. You will be served like a master.

The whole experience was like attending a gathering of the elite. Super sosyal.

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Kristine A.
4.0 Stars

I had a spectacular time from the tour of the ancestral home to the dinner itself. It feels so nice to be personally waited and attended to. The set menu which you can mix and match was amazing! I loved the lengua, the paella, the squash soup, the home made pudding! Just be warned! The set menu dinner for two can really make you feel uber stuffed afterwards!

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Menchu P.
5.0 Stars

Considered to be of the best restaurant in the metro, i can definitely say that the 6 course meal we had is superb. The price of the menu set ranges from Php 1400 -2500, its much better and less of a hassle to pre select your menu set before going there and a piece of advice, reservation at least a day is needed. They dont accept walk in customers.
What i have posted is the one i had and having taste buds that are hard to please, i can rate my menu with 10 out of 10 stars.
Aside from the excellent and mouth-watering food, the staff are all super accommodating and the ambiance is great, perfect for special occasion. Please also take note of the salsa monja served on the center of the table is really a must try!!! It will really make the dishes better tasting!!!
They will also tour you around the old house wherein you will find some antique belongings of the Legarda family. Original paintings of the two of our national heroes may also seen in the living room. Bakery is also available to those who wanted to bring home some goodies to their family or loved ones.

  • No. of Comments: 3
Angel T.
5.0 Stars

Great and unique dining experience with a house tour of Legarda ancestral house. Excellent food, warm and very accommodating service. Reservation only, no walk ins! Make sure to call it in.

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Michelle P.
5.0 Stars

It's just the entire experience... From going up the wooden staircase to the smell of your lola's house, the lemongrass iced tea, queso de bola hors d' oeuvres, the tour that takes you back in time and the service that gives you old world comfort.

We started with appetizers, pork belly in pili milk, gazpacho and chorizo. Pork+pili is a curious combination which failed to charm me. But the gazpacho was refreshing and the chorizo was very salty which is fine by me since I have a very pinoy palate. I remember there being some sort of creamy crab appetizer, which I liked too. And the fried wanton in one of the appetizers, genius!

Next, we had salad, lettuce with vinaigrette, toasted kesong puti and sweetened walnuts. The cheese and walnuts complemented the sourness of the vinaigrette perfectly. I remember savoring the texture of the cheese, the crunch of the walnuts. Yum!

Then came the main course. I ordered lamb shank on potato puree, it was huge! The meat was so tender and flavorful, there was hardly any hint of gaminess, and the food stayed warm for quite some time. Brown rice and roasted vegetables were served on the side.
The salsa de monja which is pickled onions with olives gave an extra kick to the main course. But then again, our group started snacking on it even before the appetizers came. I was full to bursting and i hadn't eaten more than half of the lamb shank! It wasn't the best lamb i've tasted but i appreciated the attention that was given to making the meat tender and flavoring it just right.

Dessert was another extraordinary affair. Mango polvorones, some citrus ice cream and nut bread, cream fritters and bread and butter pudding with a cup of hot tablea chocolate. The mango polvorones was a bit on the sour side, the nut bread and ice cream were ok, the cream fritters were soft and delicate but it was the bread and butter pudding with candied pili nuts accompanied by the rich hot chocolate that did me in. Amazing.

Also of note was the service and warmth of the staff. They were very professional, attentive and courteous.

All in all, a great dining experience! :)

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