La Creperie

Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

La Creperie
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Pat D.
5.0 Stars

La Creperie’s Salidou Caramel Crepe is 10084️. It’s one of the best desserts I’ve ever tased. Just the right amount of sweetness. Reasonably priced and a perfect way to end a meal.

Try also their brownie sundae! So fudgy 🤤🤤🤤

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Kevin R.
4.0 Stars

When the name La Creperie comes to mind, I remember sweet, creamy, and fruity dessert crepes meant to be enjoyed as a snack or after meals. I was surprised that they had galettes as well, which are the savory cousins of the sweet crepes.

Unlike crepes, which are thinner and made of wheat, galettes are thicker and made of buckwheat, allowing for more fillings and lending a nice, earthy flavor to the dish. When I checked the menu, the galette I wanted to try was the Savoyarde (P395), which was covered in melted Raclette cheese, chopped Hungarian sausage, sliced bacon, marble potatoes, pickled onions, and cornichons (tiny pickled gherkins or cucumbers).

While the filling mostly occupied the center, I enjoyed the crunchy edges of the galette and the salty bite of the Raclette cheese. I decided to fold the galette down the middle to enjoy the filling better. The sausage and bacon were a bit tangy; the potatoes were soft and buttery; and the pickles gave a nice sour note to end each bite.

To wrap things up, I had a cup of San Gines hot chocolate (P125). It is a cup of Spanish-style extra thick hot chocolate that was bittersweet but creamy. Just leaving the drink alone for a minute was enough to thicken the top even after a few sips. Always stir before drinking to get the best taste.

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Clarissa P.
5.0 Stars

La Creperie is one of my small family's fave spots in Burgos Circle. My daughter would always request to have dinner or merienda here whenever we are in the area. Aside from their delicious selection of crepe, pasta, sandwiches, hot chocolate and more, the place is just lovely. Trinkets here and there, wine bottles, and an old staircase lined with books by the side - details that make a whole lot of difference.

When you visit here, make sure to secure a place in their second floor. It's the best place to be! When you get to their second floor, it's as if you've been transported to a place that's far away from the busy streets of BGC. Teeming with an old homey ambiance, it'll make you feel as if you were in your grandparent's old house. Wooden floors and walls, an old grand piano, a huge chandelier, a fireplace filled with books instead of woods, dim lamps and picture frames of all shapes and sizes.

Went here on a Friday night to wait for my husband. Friday night = date night and since we were a bit rushing to get home, I didn't complicate things and chose this place instead of going elsewhere I have been wanting too. Wasn't a bad decision after all. The restaurant was packed on a Friday with mostly families and couples enjoying the night. I went ahead and ordered some pre-dinner snack foe me - Matcha Mille Crepe and a Single Pot of my fave tea here - Creme Caramel.

The Matcha Mille Crepe (185Php per slice) was delicious! The Matcha kick wasn't overwhelming and it was perfectly balanced by the creme it was mixed with. Light and smooth - I was so tempted to get a whole cake! Another good thing about this dessert was that It wasn't too sweet. Unlike some other Matcha desserts out there, this wasn't cloying at all.

The Creme Caramel tea such a delicate tea. The sweet aroma of caramel, the slight sweetness in it and the hint of just a bit of bitterness - I can gulp a pot in no time!

Then dinner came and we tried the following pasta dishes:

|Truffled Mushroom and Sausage Pasta for 385Php - this was hubby's pick and we loved every bit of it! The pasta was al dente, the cream was thick with a good amount of truffle in it but what made all the difference was the Italian sausage! Delicious and savory, I will order this dish again and again!

| Shrimp Aligue and Lemon Zest for 395Php - I went crazy with my choice. I would usually order their Pesto but I wanted some strong seafood flavors that night. Served with one huge shrimp on top, the pasta was heavily smothered with their crab roe (aligue) sauce with olive oil. To cut through the richness, they added roasted garlic and a slice of lemon for you to squeeze and mix in. I loved every bit of this pasta as well though it can get really cloying because of the richness of the sauce. Maybe better if there was less of the sauce or more of the pasta.

Additional STARS factor: they have strong wifi connection and charging ports! LOL perfect for work from anywhere people like me wahahaha!

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
5.0 Stars

I’ve been to their branch in Robinson’s Galleria. Too bad that closed. Crepes are close to my heart. They are a good alternative to having rice or other forms of carbohydrates. It’s actually better when trying to cut down because of its very thin wrap.

This branch replaced defunct Johnny Rockets. The second floor is perfect for small gatherings with its amazing ambiance that fits the food they serve. On this trip we were celebrating a friends birthday.

Interesting it wasn’t the crepe that only stood out. Their pastas in particular the Pesto Carbonara and Aligue were unforgettable. I will surely come back and have them. The pasta was aldente and paired with powerful flavored sauces.

For dessert crepe, one was must have the Mango Nutella au Chocolat. The crepe had a crispy touch, whipped cream and drizzled caramel as well. When eaten together, you can’t help and say wow after. Imagine a series of sweetness travelling your taste buds.

We also found the service impeccable. We had one dedicated wait staff on our table- making sure we get what we want in an instant.

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Mica C.
4.0 Stars

I really wanted to rate this 5 stars! The details that they employed to create the atmosphere is rare. A real, wooden and intricately carved door for their bathroom, a book fireplace My grubby hands can reach and read and a spacious dining area with wooden floors? Aw, my heart swoons. And the crepe even the most basic one is too yummy! I pictured my beef tapa which I enjoyed every scrumptious bite. But less than an hour after I had a massive headache because of the MSG. If you're sensitive or allergic, steer clear of their breakfast fares. But I will absolutely be back for dessert!!

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Diana L.
5.0 Stars

I went here for the 2nd time around to give them a chance that their food is great. HAHA. Kidding. But really, my first try here wasn't okay since I tried their latte and according to the net, they have one of the best coffee here in Manila. Sorry but I disagree. Their coffee was more on milk than coffee. Sooo ayun.

So my sister ordered strawberry peanut butter crepe (sorry I forgot the name but theirs the word "mother" in it and I think my sister ordered it because she's becoming a mom soon) haha. It was good!

Then for me, order their Les Burgers that is made from Angus beef patty with gorgonzola cheese and I added caramelized onion which is my fave topping everytime I order a burger. 128513 grabe, this one's soo good too and compared to the other burgers that I had, this one's very neat. What I mean by this is that when I slice it, the ingredients don't separate and I can it eat without having stains on my shirt. Haha.

I think I will go back here for their angus tapa and toast!

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Darlene M.
5.0 Stars

Recommended by my friend who lives near here. I was craving for crepes that time. When we got there at night, the restaurant was almost empty. I asked the server what crepe would he recommend and he suggested the Mango Hazelnut au Chocolat (Php 255). I was in love with it. Definitely looks and tastes delish! For its price, it's very sulit for its taste and quality. My friend chose the Chocolate Mille Crepe Cake which was quite delish as well. The layers are thin and collectively it gave an airy and soft texture. It tasted like tiramisu though. Hehe.

We chose to sit outside to people watch. One of the hobbies of the French as well. Service staff are gracious and very accommodating.

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Abe C.
4.0 Stars

I've always loved La Creperie's interiors. The New Manila branch, the San Juan branch, solid. Galleria is okay too, though this Burgos Circle one, is the best (after checking out their 2nd floor tonight). Funny that, after 8 months, it's their grand opening tomorrow afternoon (or technically today, afternoon). Immagonna drop by, then. The owners were there, too. They actually were preparing for the event that's happening in like 12 hours. Which was cool. Very hands on.

Anyways, ordered the popular Salidou, which is their Salted Butter Caramel one. I love it. Though I've yet to try the classic Butter and Sugar nila. The Salidou is generous with its caramel. And I love caramel. 128521 Perhaps an ala mode can be an option for some. I'd prefer it without the whipped cream in the center, but they do need to add more texture, I suppose. 5/5

Bananas Foster, which is banana crepes stewed in butter, brown sugar and rum. Topped with vanilla ice cream. It's nice. Though it's a bit wet for my taste. Good flavor though. 3.5/5

I also order their TWG tea. Silver Moon always works well with their crepes. Yum.

Service, always good. Attentive male staff. Went upstairs for the first time in my third visit here. It's awesome upstairs. A fireplace filled with books, and a mounted deer on the way. A faux fireplace painted on the wall, too. Nice window view of Burgos Circle. Great that it's coming alive again.

Posting the event here later, too. Grand opening! They have a French Sidewalk theme in the afternoon. Good luck to Cheese (or Chiz) and your fellow owners. I'll try to pop by. Hey Odell R tara?

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Bianca B.
2.0 Stars

Yardstick cappucino was okay, i thought Toby's tasted better. I ordered the salted butter crepe and high expectations but unfortunately, crepe fell short on my expctations :( I think the price tag of 165 For this simple crepe's too much, considering that t merely seemed like the basic crepe, drizzled with their sbc and whipped cream. I wish i got the butter and sugar crepe instead. But the base crepe itself was too thick and wasn't for my liking, nothing special about the salted butter either :( In comparison, i would still say that Cafe Breton is still my number.

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

Because I love crepe and if there's anything that can make me kilig, crepes would probably be on my top 5 list! I love crepes so much that my aunt suggested we eat here right after having dinner at Elias. 9786

I've always wanted to try the Crepe cake so it was the first thing I asked and looked for and yay because it was available!! Chocolate crepe cake for me!!!! 128525

Since we're 4 and they looooove anything sweet, a slice won't be enough so we got another crepe which is the Mango Hazelnut crepe, an order of a cup of Cappuccino for my uncle. Then I also let them try the best tasting hot chocolate in the entire universe -- the Angelina. You have got to try this! Super goooood!!! 9749127851

When they started serving our orders, we were surprise because they gave us 2 slices of the crepe cake as they have a promo, buy one take one! 128563128513128588🏼 And since it's my birthday, they gave us a complimentary "simple" crepe. Cream filled crepe with fresh strawberries on top, caramel syrup, and a candle!!!! Ahhh, crepe heaven? YES YES YES!!!!!!!!! 1285259786

Crepes were all gooooood! The crepe cake was light and not too sweet that you can't enjoy it anymore. It was goood! Chocolatey, light and creamy! 128513 The Mango hazelnut crepe was also good with lot's of sliced almonds on top! My lola liked this!

Service was really excellent. Staffs were very nice, helpful and warm. Can't wait to be back and go to their Twin Lakes branch, as well.

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

I do not get to eat crepe all the time so whenever I get the chance to, I make sure to eat and indulge! 128513128521 Imagine my happiness and joy when La Creperie opened a branch here at the Fort. Finally a legit crepe place here!! Plus it's super near my office! 128525

I'm a breakfast person! I can eat breakfast food anytime of the day forever! So last friday, to celebrate our survival + other awesome things that happened the past weeks, my officemate and I had breakfast here at La Creperie. It's super nice and convenient that they open extra early!! 128077🏼

Comparing this with their Salcedo branch, this one's better because of how they designed the place. This is super pretty! The stairs with all the books! The details on each side!! Ganda! 128525 It's nice to stay by the window, perfect for "people-watching" while eating crepe, enjoying a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, and listening to french music! Sosyal breakfast lang hihi! 9786128076🏼

We ordered one savory crepe, one sweet, and one hot chocolate to share. 128513

Savory Crepe filled with bacon, 2 kinds of cheese, potato, caramelized onions, and jalapeños!!! Generous filling that is super cheesy!! Melted cheese + jalapeños!! 128563 Sarap when you get umay with it's cheesiness tas you taste spiciness naman! 128513128077🏼 It's really good but at the same time, so heavy!! This is also served with a side salad. 128512

The sweet part!! Crepe with chocolate filling, drizzled with chocolate sauce then topped with vanilla ice cream and crushed Oreos!! Ahhhhhhh!! You would expect it to be extremely sweet but it's not and I loved it!! Wished there were more Oreos, though! 9786

ANGELINA 9749127851
This was SO GOOD. Everything's good here!!! 128518 Thick, rich and oh so chocolatey hot chocolate drink! The presentation is cute, as well. It's in a pot and you're given a cup with a piece of dark chocolate inside and a serving of whipped cream on the side. You pour the hot chocolate and let the dark chocolate melt! You can add the whipped cream for an added treat and texture or just eat it separately (or not! I didn't touched this one and just let my friend add it to her sweet Oreo crepe)! 128521 I really enjoyed this especially when still hot! Sarap!!!!! Really a perfect way to start any day. 128525

Service was good. John, our server, was nice. Since we're the only customers that time, we had his full attention. 128518 But they were all nice!! 9786️ Most of their meals are a bit pricey but I think it's worth it! With the place and the food! 128077🏼 Hmm, eating here everyday is not practical unless your super rich!! 128527 but it's nice to spend on things that makes you happy once in a while! 128521

And oh, btw they're opening a branch in Tagaytay!!! Twin lakes! Yeyyyyy!!!! 128513128588🏼

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5.0 Stars

I've got a weakness for crepes and I just added this to one of my faves! I ordered the coq au vin which is another fave dish of mine, and it wasn't disappointing though the chicken was tough 128533 wish they had a better plating too. Would've leaved up to the ambience and motif of the place. As for the galette, we had the one with parma ham, cheese & arugula. That was savory and good! Partly crispy on the sides and soft in the middle. As for dessert, bf had his fave butter & sugar, while I had the spoiled mummy 128522. It was both delicious and perfect! The sugar & butter was simply delightful. My order on the other hand was complicatedly flavorful! From peanut butter to dark choco and oatmeal clusters plus strawberries, everything complimented each ingredient well. For our third crepe, yes we had three though there was only two of us lol, we had the creme brûlée. Surely it tasted like one and it was amusing and cool esp the burnt layer of sugar. Really goes well with the banana and strawberry.

We enjoyed everything we ordered and the service was amazing, 5-10mins was all we had to wait for each dish! Won't even dare compare this with cafe breton as each holds a special place in my tummy! 128149

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Toy G.
4.0 Stars

Late lunch with L. Hungry .
We decided to share a salad a pasta and a crepe
Chicken Ceasar's salad
Pasta (spaghetti ) w Bolognese meat sauce
Blueberry & Banana Crepe

We had to wait :-( , maybe more than 30 minutes :-(

Then our food was served, they conveniently split our meals already arranged in our plates . :-)

The salad , it was good ! With thick slices of Chicken BBQ which made it heavier than just a salad . We appreciated that. ! Good start :-)

Then the spaghetti - heaven. ! Perfectly cooked !
Not too sweet . Pasta a perfect al dente .
The half Portion just right . I don't think i could finish a whole plate. And to think the spag w bolognese was their entry priced pasta .... So far so Good !

The dessert : Blueberry & Banana Crepe
Just right !

The meal was worth the wait .
Hope the wait won't be as long next time .

Will definitely be back to try the other options.

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