La Grotta Cucina Italiana

G/F Angelus Medical Bldg., 104 VA Rufino St., Legazpi Village, Makati, Metro Manila

La Grotta Cucina Italiana
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Most Recent Reviews

Sandra Y.
5.0 Stars

Finally, we get to dine at La Grotta. Last Saturday, around past 6PM, there are few diners for early dinner.

The place appears to be old, but I can tell its a fancy place. Its like an Italian resto, I can see in the movies. Servers are extra attentive.

My date call the shots. And I trust him for this. La Grotta has big servings. We had:

Panini- focacia bread rolled with arugula, sundried tomato and shrimp- hmmm I can eat this everyday. Bread is warm when served, plus the cruch of arugula.. superb! And dipping it in a chili sauce.. its heaven!

Taglia Telle Di Tartufo Crudo- flat pasta mixed with porcini topped with parma ham in truffle cream sauce. - tartufo never fails my taste buds. Truffle cream sauce is great, but has an “umay” factor. Good thing we split the order in half, which is enough for me. One serving is good for two.


128123 food- big serving. Quality food. And all we had are satisfying. I highly recommend thw “panini”. Its my new favorite!

128123place- old yet classy. Perfect date place I shlould say. The place has performers, and I love the sound.

128123 all in all I enjoyed my dining♥️

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Deeda P.
1.0 Stars

Itried to eat at La Grotta yesterday for lunch and I saw the sign that there's parking at the back.

Here's why my La Grotta experience went sour: the building guard 'Nonogon' prevented me from parking at all and was abated by one of La Grotta's cooks. They said the parking is only for the owner's Rav 4 and for me as a customer to simply leave and find my own parking. When asked where customer parking is, he said None.

The guard and the cook literally told me and my lunch companion we can't eat at La Grotta because I can't park... hay... how do they keep their business going with this kind of customer experience?!!!

They prevented me from trying to enter the restaurant and told me the Manager is not around... i had a lady witness who saw the whole thing as she was smoking...

Boo to your cook and to the building guard...

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Marco P.
5.0 Stars

Beast Italian food

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Joyce G.
5.0 Stars

Yey! Finally got an account128525128522 I love how looloo entertain and at the same time makes me drool when I'm already in idle mode at the office. I'm a fan of this app not just because I'm a foodie myself but I love everything about it, and so let's get started!!! Lol
My first ever review goes to.....La Grotta Cucina! This review is a major throwback, well not really128521 My cousin asked for a favor and in return I got to choose a restaurant that I want and since I always pass by this so fancy restaurant and heard a lot of good reviews then....burp!

The picture says it all! It's pricey but it's so worth it! I'll definitely go back after I've saved enough128514

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Ian V.
5.0 Stars

Went out to have a quick dinner with the SO last night. We decided to go for pizza and pasta and he brought me here.

Guys!!! THIS IS THE PERFECT DATE PLACE! The food, the service, and the songs!!! My heart was in a roller coaster the whole time! 127906

We ordered Quattro Formaggi pizza and Tagliatelle di Tartufo Crudo pasta. Both were just amazing! Ugh. I'd eat there every single day if only my paycheck would allow me to. Huhu. The pizza was just amazing. Thin crust but yet soft (I so don't like crunchy pizza. Hello! I'm eating pizza, not a biscuit). And the cheese! It was just cheesy heaven. The pasta was also great. I love truffle sauce. And that prosciutto gave it a saltiness that elevated the flavor. Just God. Wow.

I would have to say though. The food got cold really fast. We couldn't figure out why. Hope they can do something about it.

But the highlight of the night was really the people playing and singing for the customers. The girl had a really beautiful voice. And the men played their guitars perfectly. They kept playing and singing old, cheesy, and sentimental love songs that I couldn't help but be emotional the whole night. It all felt so beautiful and magical that I seriously wanted to cry of happiness. No restaurant ever made me feel that way. This is just amazing! I wanted to thank them and tell them they were perfect but they were still playing for people when we left.

Great place! Will definitely be back.

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PiaP E.
4.0 Stars

My first visit at La Grotta was back in 2012. And since then I had visited this resto a number of times.

But after a long hiatus, I finally dragged a friend (who is also is a me!) and convinced her to indulge my cravings for Italian food, specifically pasta!

As this was her first time, we just decided to get 2 pasta dishes (1 red and 1 cream base) so as to have variety.

I got the the Tagliatelle Di Tartufo Crudo and she got the Spaghetti Aragosta.

Spaghetti Aragosta - this pasta is served with a light tomato based sauce topped with a half tail of lobster. The pasta was cooked perfectly. The flavor of the sauce was just simple and light. The lobster was perfectly cooked. Upon taking the first bite, the texture of the meat is firm and crisp. A comment from my friend (as she 128156s spicy food) a hint of heat would have been better. Overall, we enjoyed the food. Portioning and price is reasonable. For this visit it's a 110881108811088️1/2 for me.

Tagliatelle Di Tartufo Crudo is good. Again, pasta was cooked al dente. The truffle cream sauce was 128523 but a bit heavy for me. Serving portion I can say can be good for two (well this depends on your appetite) 128513. The saltiness of the Parma Ham was good and compliments with the richness of the truffle sauce however portioning/slice of the Parma ham was too little for me. As an authentic Italian resto, I was expecting the nutty flavor of the fresh porcini mushroom however, from the look and taste, it seem that they used canned button mushroom 128529. Overall we enjoyed the dish, especially my friend as she finished the last serving portion of the pasta. For this visit its a 110881108811088️ for me.

Service is just ok. At the time we visited, we are just the only customer then. However, servers took more than 15 minutes to noticed that we need a water refill.

This specific visit is a 110881108811088️1/2 for me. Will I go back? Of course I will! 128513

Just a 128221, location of the place is sort of hidden. So as for you not to miss it, its beside 7/11.


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Reann G.
5.0 Stars

Ok, I will now make this official. La Grotta and I have a serious relationship, it is now my favorite Italian Restaurant.

Last Friday, I went back together with my teammates. Of course it was me who thought about this place! They wanted something new with really delicious food that's just near our office so I said, La Grotta would be a nice choice.

We reserved for 20pax at 11:30-2:00 pm. The place was packed. There were no empty seats - it was surprising because the first time I went for dinner, only 4 tables were occupied. I guess people go there more during lunch than dinner.

We ordered almost everything on the menu and paid only P12,500!!! I'd say that is cheap given we were 20 people with happy bellies!!!

‼️‼️ Tagliatelle Di Tartufo Crudo (P430) - 128525128525128525 AHHH MY FAVORITE TRUFFLE PASTA. It is so good and it felt as if it was just my first time trying it! The experience was a hundred percent the same! My teammates loved it as well that we ended up getting 5 orders of this pasta alone!!!! Intensely good!

‼️‼️ Pizza Mare Monti (P460) - Can you see how abundant the topping was?! It was loaded and packed with fresh seafood!! It was in itself a very good pizza! It was only made with tomatoes and garlic and seafood! Simple yet very tasty and good 128076🏽

‼️‼️ Panini (P350) - Hehe. Should I still say how good and in love I am with their panini? this one is also part of my must try list here in La Grotta! But do note that if you don't enjoy the taste of rucola, this dish isnt for you.

‼️‼️ Pizza Ala Edge (P410) - Still my top pizza here!!! Couldn't say no it for the 2nd time!!! Hehehe btw this is part of their Special menu. It says it's only for Nov-Dec but you can still order it til now! I guess the crowd loved it so much they can't just scrap it off the menu 128540

‼️ Lasagne Emiliane (P400) - Rich. Very rich lasagna! It didn't feel as if I was eating lasagna, it was drowned by the béchamel sauce. Not so bad, but not so good either. I think I'd be umay if I had the plate to myself! But since it was for sharing, I didn't get umay and still enjoyed it.

So we ordered a lot more than the ones I placed here, but I wasn't able to try it bec I was too focused on the ones in front of me and it happened to be all my favorites!! Hahaha woops.


‼️ Good but skippable

  • No. of Comments: 3
Reann G.
5.0 Stars


After a stressful day awhile ago, I believe I deserve a meal that is as good as what I had in La Grotta. 128525

What we ordered:
• Panini (P350) - ‼️‼️‼️ - Focacia bread rolled with rucola salad, sundried tomato and shrimp. It reminded us of Yellow Cab's Dear Darla, only 10x better and just bec of the arugula... IT WAS SUPERDUPER GOOD. At first we didn't want to get the Panini because we thought we already have a lot but when the waiter heard us discussing and considering it, she gave her word that the Panini is actually good and IT IS!!!! 10024

• Spaghetti Bocelli con Spinaci (P370) - ‼️ - This was my least favorite dish from tonight's Italian frenzy. It was good but not so good. I don't even know how to describe it. I just think it lacked the taste that I'm looking for. The pasta was cooked al dente so it made the experience more interesting.

• Tagliatelle Di Tartufo Crudo (P430) - ‼️‼️‼️ - Flat pasta mixed with porcini topped with parma ham in truffle cream sauce. This was my favorite!!!! It was really delicious! The pasta was al dente, the sauce tasted good with the right amount of truffle and there were lots of mushrooms!!! It was super good, we finished the whole thing quickly!!! Ahh it was so good, it felt as if it's the first time I've ever fallen in love (naks!). But hey! No BS here!!

• Pizza Alla EDGE (P410) - ‼️‼️‼️ - This was the perfect pizza I can ever imagine. It had the right amount of cheese and toppings. The way the pizza was cooked was also perfect, it was thin and was soft. It was a very enjoyable piece of heaven 128524 I loved it paired with the chili oil used for the panini!!

Overall, the experience was great! It is a bit pricey but it is worth it considering they have big servings and of course, how delicious everything was! This is the kind of restaurant that I'd be more than willing to splurge on. 128517

‼️ Good, but skippable
‼️‼️‼️ Please don't skip!!!

  • No. of Comments: 4
Ana S.
4.0 Stars

La Grotta wait staff were very helpful with my odd inquiries on items not on the menu (ex. cheese platter, a boiled egg for my picky-eater 3-yr-old). Ryan, our waiter, was very accommodating and helpful.

Service was fast. Caesars salad was great! Split it with my friend. The seafood pasta was good. Watermelon shake was refreshing.

Happy to have been treated here by my friend (following a fat bonus! It is pricey at La Grotta but worth it given the portions, service and taste).

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Mye F.
4.0 Stars

I super love La Grotta's Panini (shown on pic)128525 I always order it as an appetizer along with Pizza Bianca.

Panini is Focaccia bread rolled with salad, sundried tomato & shrimp. Really yum, I actually wouldn't mind having it as my entrée128076🏻128522

Good thing La Grotta has already improved its lighting. This resto used to be so dim. Minus one star though because service is still very slowwww. Takes them about 20 to 30mins to serve your orders, especially if the place is packed128528

  • No. of Comments: 4
Jinky C.
5.0 Stars

This hole-in-the-wall Authentic Italian restaurant is a must-try for Makati peeps. My teammates and I had our celebratory lunch here a while back and absolutely loved the panini! We also ordered the mushroom pasta with creamy truffle sauce, pizza bianca and seafood marinara. We spent about Php 360 per person and it is worth every dime. 128150

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Kristine M.
4.0 Stars

Their.panini is sooo good and can feed 3 people. I can live with this alone. Not much of a fan of their Tagliatelle Di Tartufo Crudo. Tastewise it is ok, may serve 2 people if you're getting something else but Va Bene's version is way better. Will try other dishes next time as this is just across our building.

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Christina R.
4.0 Stars

We had a wonderful la nostra cena Italiana #rendezvoos hosted by the lovely Daffodil. I must admit I haven't been here in 8 years, where the last time we dined here was to celebrate my Lola's birthday. I can barely recall what we ate then, but I do remember enjoying our dinner. Thank you for the invitation, it was a gentle reminder for me that it has been way too long for a re-visit.

Here's what we had:

❣Tagliatelle di Tartufo Crudo. 430. Porcini, Parma ham, truffle cream sauce. 127775127775127775127775127775
If you love truffle everything, this is THE dish to order. I could smell the intoxicating aroma of the truffle a few steps away. They used fresh mushrooms, not the rubbery ones from a can. A little cheaper than La Nuova in Forbes, this is a great place to satisfy your Tartufo craving.

❣Spaghetti alla Marinara Rosso. 410. Fresh seafood, tomato sauce, basil.
Topped with a beautiful piece of prawn and it came with squid and mussels too. I wish the pasta was al dente, which I already expressed to the owner.

❣Lasagne Emiliane. 400. Baked lasagna. 127775127775127775127775127775
Served to resemble the Italian Flag sans the parsley, I really loved the sour punch of the Italian style tomato sauce. Interesting plating, instead of being served with the typical rectangular cut were all used to. Came with just the right amount of meat and not buried under a ton of cheese.

❣Panini. 350. Rolled focaccia bread with lettuce, sun-dried tomatoes and shrimp.
Since its focaccia it is a bit thicker than what I'm used to, gives you that rustic feel though. It looked so pretty on a plate, like trees with the vibrant green lettuce sticking out of the rolls. I would prefer that it was wrapped with peppery arugula. Better dipped in olive oil-balsamic-Rosemary-chili, and smothered with the sour tomato sauce from the lasagna.

❣Pizza alla Edge. Spinach, Italian sausage, tomato sauce.
Cute that this is named after the owners son. They make their own sausages. I forgot to ask if they sell the sausages on its own to cook at home.

❣Panna cotta with Honey & Walnuts. Tiramisu. 230/210.
We were told they are trying to reinvent their desserts. I liked them both. Not roll on the floor amazingly delicious but good enough to end your meal. Their tiramisu is made of layers of sponge cake and mascarpone. It needs a just a little more rum as you can barely taste it. Just a little more really, I don't want the liquor to be overpowering. And maybe a little more tang from the mascarpone. I loved the honey on the panna cotta and it had the right firmness and bounce. It was silky, not gummy or rubbery, not mushy either.

BYOB. Bring Your Own Bottle of wine! Italian food is perfect with a good red wine. They will not charge any corkage should you bring your own.

It's a very casual restaurant that can make a date night special by being served by waiters in black suits. They bake their own bread and make their own pizza dough. They serve warm bread with olive oil-balsamic vinaigrette and chicken liver patè. They are closed on Sundays and holidays except today, Valentine's Day where they offer a romantic set menu for all you sappy lovers. Parking is available along Rodriguez Street, behind the building where the restaurant is located. We met the Chef who shared his long experience with Italian cuisine and narrated that he was trained by an Italian chef in another infamous restaurant.

Thank you for having me Peanut D and Roegan T. It was great to have met you Daffodil C, eiLeeN T, Julie J, and Kwokie K and listen to all your stories.

Grazie mille La Grotta!

  • No. of Comments: 8
Kwokie K.
4.0 Stars

It's about time I get to do my reviews again. It's been a while since I reviewed since I'm swamped with work, but it was a good sign - being invited to a #looloorendezvoos to go back at it. 128077

I've been to La Grotta before for lunch with some work colleagues. So that's good since I have another reference point for this review. Makati traffic during the prime time rush hour was terrible as usual, but I've missed an invite from Peanut D already before so I wasn't about to miss this.

I arrived in the place, waiting for us was Peanut D, Roegan T already. For the other looloo reviewers, it was eiLeeN T, Julie J, and Christina R. Owner and manager Daffodil C joined us, not only to brief us on the food to be sampled but also joined in for the laughter and the interesting conversation topics.

These were the dishes we tried:

1. Rolled panini slices - Focaccia bread with cheese, sundried tomatoes and shrimps. They said that this normally was served with arugula, but in case we got it with lettuce.

2. Tagliatelle di Tartufo - Truffle cream pasta mixed with some truffle shreds topped with Parma ham.

3. Lasagne Emiliane - Lasagna patterned to look like the Italian flag (albeit ours was missing the green parsley)

4. Pizza el Edge - Thin crust pizza with generous amounts of cheese, Italian sausage and Spinach (The chef mentioned that this was actually named after the owner's son)

5. Spaghetti Marinara - Spaghetti with fresh shellfish and crustaceans in a tomato base.

For dessert, it was tiramisu with panna cotta. 128513

From my first trip here, we had the truffle pasta with the pizza bianca - so that affirms that the truffle pasta is really the specialty of the house. It can actually compare to Va Bene so no surprise that this because the dish that was finished first.

I enjoyed the pizza and the panini second. I had high expectations for the pizza, since I already enjoyed the first type of pizza I ate before (pizza Bianca), pizza el Edge was good since the toppings clearly weren't skimped on, nor was the pizza too oily as a side effect of the sausage.

The lasagna was just ok for me, and unfortunately for those who need to stay away from food high in purines - I didn't get to sample the marinara. I only heard that it wasn't really al dente.

I liked the tiramisu as well since it wasn't too sweet - so that's the dessert I really dug into, but again for those with lactose intolerance - no panna cotta for me. 🙁

The place is intimate, it can maybe fit a maximum of 25 folks together across all tables. Great for those date nights with the wife / GF. (Or maybe if you work in Makati and decide to have dinner instead of braving the traffic.)

Another highlight the place has is the BYOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) policy with wine. (Which we hear is often times quite abused by some.) Free parking is available at the back, although having limited slots, is still a plus given that we're in Makati where parking is gold.

Go ahead and make reservations if you want to be sure of getting a table.

- kwokie -

  • No. of Comments: 4
Julie J.
4.0 Stars

First Looloo rendezvoos for 2016!!! 127881 Thank you guys for the invite! 128158 Such a privilege to be included 128588🏼

I love Italian cuisine! I tend to forget my diet when there's a nice round pizza and plates of pasta staring right at me begging to be eaten 128514

I've heard and read good reviews about La Grotta but have never visited, so I was really excited when I found out they were sponsoring this dinner!!! When I arrived at 6:30, Peanut D & Roegan T were already there, we were soon joined by Kwokie K eiLeeN T and Christina R. Owner and manager Daffodil C aka motherofedge also joined us 128522

We got to sample the ff. dishes:

- Panini - Focaccia bread rolled with Arugula leaves, Italian cheese, sundried tomato and shrimp

- Spaghetti Marinara Rosso - Spaghetti with fresh seafood and basil in tomato sauce

- Tagliatelle di Tartufo Crudo - Flat Pasta mixed with porcini topped with Parma ham in truffle cream sauce - clearly the crowd fave tonight 128076🏼

- Lasagne Emiliane - Baked lasagna layered with meat. Half covered in tomato sauce and the other half with béchamel sauce

- Pizza alla Edge - Thin crust pizza with Spinach, cheese and Italian sausage. named after Daff's 4 yr old son) - this was really good!!!

- Panna Cotta, Tiramisu & coffee for dessert 128523

Everything was good but would have been a lot better had we eaten it immediately 128514 picture picture muna though so the dishes were cold when we finally started eating 128517 Thus is the life of loolooers!

'Twas a fun night as usual, interesting random topics were discussed, from roaches to celebrities to food to politics to Discounts and freebies (ehem Peanut) etc... 128514 It had lots of Laugh out loud moments...

Thank you La Grotta for having us over! Great service from the staff. Thank you looloo for a fun night and for the candy 128525 Always nice to meet fellow reviewers too! Cheers to more rendezvoos and eatups!!!

  • No. of Comments: 14
eiLeeN T.
4.0 Stars

Salve (Hello)!!! In keeping up with the theme, was about to use "Ciao" for my "Hello" but it also means "Bye" and "So long"... Not necessarily a good way to start a Welcome-Back review, hehehe!

Received an invite from Peanut D. for an intimate |ooloo sponsored rendezvoos and since I've dined here before, it was easy to say yes since I enjoyed my prior experience. After checking in with the hubby, it was all good to go as long as no last-minute meetings get in the way.

Traffic was terrible on the way to Makati from Ortigas. It was a good 1.5 hours for a 9-km drive, inclusive of the missed turn for the parking that had me sitting in 15 minutes of traffic in front of La Grotta. #SoNearYetSoFar and I was at least 30 minutes late. Good thing I was just in time since food was just about to be served so hindi talaga ako late.

When I arrived, there was already a party of 4 (Roegan T., Julie J. and Kwokie K. with Peanut D.) and we were waiting on 2 more |oolooers when the first of the 5 dishes were served. Owner and restaurant manager Daffodil C. graciously joined us, too. We had the Panini (foccacia bread rolled with rucola salad, sundried tomato and shrimp), Lasagna Emiliane (baked lasagna layered with meat and bechamel sauce), Tagliatelle di Tartufo Crudo (flat pasta mixed with porcini topped with parma ham in truffle cream sauce), Spaghetti alla Marinara Rosso (spaghetti with fresh seafood and basil in tomato sauce) and Edge Pizza (spinach and italian sausage pizza named after Daffodil's 4-year old son). Dinner was capped with Pannacotta and Tiramisu with brewed coffee.

A clear favorite was the Tagliatelle di Tartufo Crudo and was very very similar in taste to the one in La Nuova IMHO. The truffle was very subtle yet it was very tasty. The Lasagna Emiliane was also good and the red and white sauce complemented really well. Since the red and white sauces are set side-by-side over the pasta, you have to ensure to have both sauces for full flavor. The Panini was also good even with the lettuce replacing the arugula, interesting how that worked really well. It is definitely sweeter than the more bitter arugula. The Edge Pizza was a surprisingly good combination of spinach and italian sausage. It is not often that spinach gets to be a star but this one worked quite well. I had the Spaghetti alla Marinara Rosso before and really loved it then, it was ok this time around since this was the dish that was cooked way too early for our dinner and the noodles have become too soft. The desserts were light and best paired with brewed coffee!

Some other interesting facts about the restaurant:
1. Over 10 years in operations
2. Open during lunch (11AM to 230PM) and dinner (530PM to 10PM)
3. Close during Saturday lunch and Sundays
4. And best of all, can bring-your-own-bottle (BYOB)!!!

Service was exceptional and staff was very warm and friendly. In fact, even after closing hours (lunch and dinner), they will let guests stay for that sit-back-and-relax feel.

We concluded dinner by 1030PM just because of the variety of topics we went through, from cockroaches in Kikufji to break na sila Georgina Wilson and Borgy Manotoc to upcoming presidentiables to creepy social media insights to digital footprint to tips on getting #DiscountsAndFreebies from Queen Peanut D. There is really never a dull moment with |oolooers and I am so glad to have said yes to this invite, a much-needed break from my crazy work life. Great to see you again, Julie J. and cool to have met more |oolooers!

P.S. Love how easy it is to use the web version!!!

  • No. of Comments: 19
Myzyl C.
5.0 Stars

A nice place to dine with good music and good food. I would have wanted a more quiet place but the ambience is good and our spinach ravioli is <3

  • No. of Comments: 1
Lizanne S.
3.0 Stars

Food is still good. Service, however, not so.

There was a company Christmas party going on, so it was hard to holler a waiter. And the bread took ages to serve.

Back to the food: got the tomato soup, truffle pasta and sausage pizza.

The tomato soup was tasty although nakakabitin. The truffle pasta was excellent. You can't go wrong with truffle pasta, right?

The sausage pizza was ok as well, although not something to write home about.

Overall, I don't think I will make the effort to go there. Would rather go to Va Bene instead.

  • No. of Comments: 2
Cali C.
4.0 Stars

This is the first choice when we have foreign guests at the office because its a safe choice, who doesn't like Italian food right? I like their pasta, salmon and chicken, their steak looks good as well. If you want formal Italian dining in Makati this is a sure win, but you know it comes with a price.

  • No. of Comments: 1
Marie H.
4.0 Stars

I come here for the panini. They serve really great pasta and pizza, but I really just come here for the panini. It's essentially a small wrap filled with an arugula leaf, sundried tomatoes, and shrimp. It may be too light for those with bigger appetites, but 4 to 5 of these wraps would be a perfect meal for me without leaving me feeling guilty nor sluggish.

The kids got the Bianca pizza (3 types of cheese plus prosciutto) and lasagna. Tried a small slice of the pizza then went back to my panini. Didn't bother with the lasagna. We ended the meal with the chocolate tartufo with vanilla ice cream. I've had better tartufo. Good thing I really love their panini.

  • No. of Comments: 4