La Mere Poulard

1/F SM Aura Premier, McKinley Parkway cor. 26th St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

La Mere Poulard
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Most Recent Reviews

Renelee J.
5.0 Stars

Total experience is really great!

Wait staff are good and friendly. The atmosphere is really cozy and very inviting.

We ordered 2 mains, Duck Confit and Seafood Cocotte. Both are really awesome! Well seasoned and potions are just right! A bit pricey but thanks to Zomato lol

Then the dessert. I was a bit down when I saw the serving size but heck - it’s just right for 2 foodies!

Will I be dining here again? Oh yes! :D

P.S. not a paid review

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Eboy D.
4.0 Stars

Bought a box of butter and lemon cookies/biscuits out of curiosity. I have to say, I enjoyed it. It is not as soft as the Danish cookies we are used to but the lemon taste is evident, although very faint. Best paired with a cup of coffee or tea. Recommended.

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Shaine M.
4.0 Stars

Filling! Soup and lava cake so yummy!!!
Price worth? Nope.
Will I comeback? Maybe. On special occasions.

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Pat D.
3.0 Stars

I heard about this place because of their butter cookies. Initially, we wanted to eat at Providore but we decided to eat here instead.

I chose their Annette Menu. For the appetizer, i ordered the traditional onion soup. I didn’t like it that much. For Dessert, I ordered the bourbon vanilla creme brulee- it was okay. Nothing special. Their caramelized apple tarte tatin was also just ok.

What I really liked was their pan roasted chicken breast with bearnase sauce. I super love it. I’ll give this dish 1108811088110881108811088

Price- We spent almost 2k. It’s quite expensive and I was not impressed. Because my friend ordered the traditional menu which has the pan friend jumbo scallops (1200 kasi un traditional menu)

Can you recommend other items in their menu I can order next time?

Kudos to their staff. Excellent service. Friendly and accomodating staff and ang gwapo ng chef nila haha

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Mr Berchmans B.
5.0 Stars

Have you been wanting to experience a little bit of authentic French cuisine? Then La Mère Poulard is the place to be.
Situated in SM Aura Premier, La Mère Poulard is the hottest new restaurant in town. No wonder, Kris Aquino herself was enthralled with the place.
And so we decided to order exactly what she had.

First stop, bacon and potato puff omelette soufflé. Hands down, this was the best omelette I’ve had in my entire life. It literally melts in your mouth. That soft, velvety, rich and creamy beaten egg texture. So intricately cooked. The thick bacon bits and marble potatoes are the perfect combination to this airy soufflé. I’ll never look at having omelette for lunch the same way again.

And then we feasted on beef caldereta in burgundy style - a Pinoy dish with a French flair. The meat was tender and soft. The wine is undeniable in the rich sauce. This was not much of a hit for me. I guess I’d prefer the traditional way of cooking caldereta.

And we capped off our lunch with some caramelized apple tarte tatin. It was sinfully delicious! The apples were perfect and not too sweet, just the way I’d prefer my dessert.

French cuisine might sound intimidating, but the not so formal ambiance of the place makes it a good place to relax and enjoy your French food cravings.

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Reich T.
3.0 Stars

I spent four days reading Case Studies while trying a lil hard to be cute so that Prof. &@*#$£ would notice me. Tried my darndest to rock an Angelina Jolie pout with my scanadalous lipstick. Flirting aside, One of topics discussed are Biases and HBS’ forte - The Case Study Method, so how is this relevant to my review? Well, let us try to create a case and incorporate some of the well known Cognitive Biases known to man.

Case Study: Ang Butter Cookies at si Kris Aquino.

Krissy visited La Mere Poulard and made some enticing comments about the following:

French Caldereta
Omelette with Cheese (?)
Chicken Thingy (??)
Butter Cookies

Compelling Statements by Tita Krissy:

“You are allowed to make me fat”
“Ang saraaaaap grabeeeee, and saraaaaaap! you can really taste the 26% butter my gosh!"

Q: Which one of the four items mentioned will you try and why?

Bilang petsa de peligro at nakalimutan ko ang PIN ng isang kong debit card at ang kalagayan ng traffic sa Makati, feeling ko sa cookies lang ako magtatagumpay. Salamat sa tip nila Clarissa P Jairus d Ruth D meron daw sa Starbucks (Php 65)

Took one bite and......Nasaan yung 26% butter??? Bakit hindi ko malasahan??? Hindi ba ako kasing shala ni Tita Krissy to quantify the percentage of butter used by way of my tastebuds? Took another bite....may butter pero hindi ko alam kung ilang percent eh??? 🙄🤭🤓

So, bakit ako gumastos at naglakad sa initan?

Simple. I fell victim to (1). The Bandwagon Effect and (2). Argument from Authority.

(1). Since three of my homies tried the cookies, i might as well follow their lead.

(2). Tita Krissy claims that the cookies are good, i assumed that they are indeed are. She abused vowels to describe them. Despite my mixed feelings about her, i cant deny her influence when it comes to product endorsement.


~Hindi ko kayang i compute ang percentage ng butter sa pamamagitan ng tikim. Kahit anim na butter cookies pa ito.

~Kris Aquino can sell sunglasses to a blind person. That is how strong her influence is.

~Wag maglakad sa initan para sa butter cookies


Gusto ko pa ding i-try yung French Caldereta. #DiNaNatuto

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Clarissa P.
3.0 Stars

Ung nag open ka ng FB and you saw that Tita Krissy went to La Mere Poulard and you watched the video sabay may message sa chatroom (hello Food Society homies LOL) asking you if you've seen Tita Krissy's latest video LOL very timely!

Ung pinanood mo ung buong video at sarap na sarap si Kris sa lahat ng kinain nya pero dahil mahal at medyo not so good reviews nag-aalangan ka kumain mag-isa and you want your homies to join you para damay damay na...

But you can't help it! The Fluffy Omelette, the French Caldereta, the Chicken something - aba lahat masarap daw! But what really got you were the cookies!

La Mere Poulard's butter cookies made them famous, according to the PH franchise owners. The Classic Butter cookies contain 26% French butter but there's a version with only 22% French Butter. Pegged at around 200Php per box of 8 packs, I thought - medyo mahalya to ha.

One bite of Tita Krissy and she went "ang saraaaaap grabeeeee, and saraaaaaap! you can really taste the 26% butter my gosh!" And it got you! Jairus d. agreed and we shared it with Ruth D. because, you know, BUTTER lol

Next saw the cookies in Starbucks!!!! Reselling for 65Php per pack with three cookies inside! Happy happy dance! Moment of truth --- I took a bite expecting to be blown bite after the next until all three pieces were gone! SAN NAPUNTA 65PHP KO?!? Sad to say that they weren't mind blowing.. I was expecting to say the same "ang saraaaaap grabeeeee, and saraaaaaap!" but nahhhh... Mesherep nemen but not super sherep...though I liked the texture and yes the butter was evident, some more salt will help enhance the flavor. TBH, lalaban ang local butter cookies!

Also found out from the label that these were the 22% French butter version...wondering if additional 4% would make a huge difference? lol

Out of curiosity and maybe #katakawan too LOL Jairus d. and Ruth D. went to Starbucks as well to try the cookies...and yesh same feedback!

So, what did we learn today?

1. c/o Ruth D. - "Matindi pa din mag endorse si Tita Krissy! #lookwhatyoumadeusdo
2. Wag mag papauto kay Tita Krissy
3. Starbucks ang sagot sa lahat #charot


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Lizanne S.
2.0 Stars

Had high hopes for this place, with all the hype and all. Turns out, you should really lower expectations.

The ambiance is quite nice. Not stuffy French, but homey French. The food, hmmm...

First, their bread was served cold. As in fridge cold! We politely told the staff to heat it, which they did.

We had the omelette which was really fluffy and Instagrammable. But it was lacking in the flavor department. Not to be a party pooper, but it’s really just an oversized omelette. The bacon was hiding in there somewhere 🥓 128061

Ordered their scallop dish, which was ok — until one of my friends noticed a strand (which was rather curly) of hair in between the greens. Sacre bleu! We informed the waiter of this mishap, to which he apologized and said that they won’t charge us for the dish. So we ordered this shrimp dish on rice which turned out alright.

Didn’t order dessert, but as another way of apologizing, they gave us mousse on the house. Not bad. But not mind-blowingly good either.

Would I go back? Not sure. 128553

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