La Playa Restaurant

Corregidor Inn, Corregidor Island, Cavite City, Cavite

La Playa Restaurant
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Mary Love S.
3.0 Stars

R and I got this great deal from CashCashPinoy which includes a day tour of Corregidor, buffet lunch, overnight stay at Corregidor Inn and breakfast for two. Each coupon costs us around 2,150 but since I have promo coupons, I got it even at a lower price.

Anyway, after some research, I found out that Corregidor only has one inn and that's Corregidor Inn. It's restaurant La Playa was also our only choice since it was already part of the deal.

After a nice morning tour of the historically rich island, we headed to the one and only inn for lunch. And the buffet was... kind of sad looking.

There were very few viands available. If I remember it correctly, our options then were pancit bihon, veggies, fish fillet, and some chicken in coconut sauce dish. The salad bar had no lettuce or any leafy vegetable. The dessert options were watermelon and biko. The only thing I liked from the spread was La Playa's Cream of Corn which was really creamy!

After our mediocre lunch, R got worried for our dinner and started reading reviews of the place. After some Googling, he read some reviews that La Playa's ala carte dishes are pricey and definitely not good. There was even a suggestion to pack your own meal. But we read the reviews a bit too late. So off to La Playa for dinner.

We ordered Sinigang na Bangus (Php220) and Carbonara (Php170). Okay, I know it doesn't exactly match but hey, there are only a few dishes to choose from.

When the dishes arrived, we were surprised with the generous serving.

We decided to eat sinigang first since soup's best enjoyed hot. And it was pretty decent.

It had a nice tangy taste which was not really from real tamarind but it tastes familiar since that's how I do it... with Knorr! 128541 The milkfish they used had a nice size too and one order is definitely good for sharing.

The sinigang filled our tummies fast so we opted to have the carbonara kept for lunch the following day instead. (And the pasta was creamy and quite oily. But still okay and very filling and again good for sharing.)

To sum it up, food's not really terrible to the point of going through the hassle of packing meals for an overnight trip. La Playa's dishes are definitely not superb but it's good enough for a meal or two and it's also not overpriced given its serving size.

Oh, and it has a wonderful view too!

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Joan Dominique M.
2.0 Stars

Inefficient service.
Undercooked sinigang na bangus.
Underwhelming buffet.

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Diane S.
4.0 Stars

Your view from their restaurant 128522
Again, the only restaurant on the island but i think they have like a bar down by the dock 128522
But for the hotel it's their only restaurant.
We had a buffet lunch here, their food is good.
Service is good too.128522128077

but food is kinda pricey, since it's an island they need to transport food to and from i guess? And since sila nga lang ang nandun no choice ka 128517
Their serving size is okay as well sakto lang sa food ung drinks lang siguro ung mahal talaga.

And btw, before we left the next day i think their chef was so happy that day and natuwa siya samen. 128522
or baka kasi kami ung table na malapit sa kitchen?128514
he approached us and made some kwento, then later on after we ordered he gave us desserts for free 9786
Heyyy who doesn't want free food?128514 and it tastes good and ang dami 128514

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