La Vie Parisienne

G/F LPL Center, LP Leviste St., Salcedo Village, Makati, Metro Manila

La Vie Parisienne
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Gene G.
3.0 Stars

The Birdies Club (me, the best friend, her boyfriend and our close friend) decided to have some wine night before the year ends. Makati's the perfect choice for us since it's the common ground for all of us.

I've been to their QC and Cebu branch. I got to say that their Cebu branch is my favorite. If given the chance to live in Cebu, I will get that opportunity.

We ordered their 4 Cheese Pizza (525php), Prosciutto (525php), Aglio Olio (250php) and Fruits and Wine Strawberry (590php/bottle). Among the two pizzas served, I would really have to go for their 4 Cheese Pizza. I LOOOVE cheese. Esp. Bleu Cheese!! Their Aglio Olio didn't have that spectacular taste. I've tried better Aglio Olio out there. Their wine complemented the food we ordered. (Btw wasn't able to take a picture of their Prosciutto)

Their interior set up is just like the one in QC branch. You could see stack of wine displayed for everyone to see. Originally, I was going to rate this place 2 stars because a baby cockroach suddenly appeared on our table but decided to give it 3 stars for their food and service.

There's parking available right in front of La Petite but limited. It's either you take the Uber, commute, or find a nearby parking.

Am I still going back? Definitely but would love it if I could go back to their Cebu branch :)

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Meg M.
5.0 Stars

It's my first time to go in this branch. I usually go to the QC branch because it's closer to our home. Unfortunately, they closed last month but they'll transfer to a new location.

So yeah.... we went all the way from QC to Makati on a Friday night to just have wine in here. 128514 That's how much we love La Vie Parisienne! 10084️ HAHAHA! I'm surprised they have a broader menu here. I love the cozy ambiance of the QC branch though. 9786️

They staff are really nice and helpful especially for people like me who has no knowledge of wine. 128513 I just tell them I like Moscato or any sweet wine. 127863 (Ayan napapala sa mga katulad kong hindi nakikinig at puro picture lang ginagawa pag asa Napa Valley! 1285419996🏻️)

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Allen M.
4.0 Stars

The first La Vie Parisienne I visited was the one in Cebu where it was more of a bread and pastries place with wine and an outdoor seating area. It is quite popular since they designed the place to have an outdoor sakura-like setting.

When I heared that they also opened in Makati I was super excited since I really enjoyed the pastries and wine on my first visit. This review will be for my second visit in the Makati branch when we went here for lunch.

I opted to get the Parisien Sandwich (Php 190). It came with a baguette sandwich cut in half and a side salad. I'm glad I chose this one because I feel like their sandwiches are their most "sulit" item on the menu. An officemat got the salad combo and the Croque Monsieur that came with it was small and much more expensive than the sandwich at Php 270. Both orders had the same side salad too.

Back to my Parisien sandwich, I liked that the baguette is fresh, it had the right combination of soft center and slightly toasted with a bite outer layer. They also add quite a good chunk of emmenthal cheese which is the selling point for me. The side salad had good portions too and a yummy refreshing dressing. The salad and half of the sandwich already made me full so I saved the other half to bring back home to my mom. She liked the freshness of the sandwich too. The ingredients were simple but since they use quality ones, it made the difference.

Another reco ( from my first visit in Makati branch, sorry no photo) is the 4-cheese pizza. It is quite pricey at 500++ and has about 8 slices if I remember correctly but it a pizza for cheese lovers! It's thin and cheesy (not the kind of cheesy pizza of fastfood, a definite upgrade) and goes well with wine. :)

They also have a good selection for wine beginners and connoisseur at different price points so I think you would find something for you when you visit.

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Angel S.
5.0 Stars

Decent wine, good ambiance. I'd probably go back here.

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Raisa R.
5.0 Stars

Cheap wine, Affordable food, good place to catch up with friends. Just make sure to make a reservation. Place is quite small.

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Chieo O.
5.0 Stars

Wandering around Salcedo Village surely made me miss my corporate days back then where we would always be on the lookout for new foodies within the area, and fortunately during my intern styling session, we landed on this French themed bar called La Vie Parisienne 128522128077🏻10084️

I've always loved to gaze at the back of the building spaces along this street and how spaces are utilized, and this bar is a fine addition to the block! 128522 Don't get blinded by the faded signage and the glass facade with with graphics, because there's more to enjoy inside 128522128077🏻10084️

I love the intimate feel of the place, a bit rustic with lotsa soft yellow lighting and edison bulbs, wooden tables... It was almost peak hour for dinner so it was a chance to enjoy the bar stools at the high counter, having a view of their chalkboard inspired menu and more rustic happenings 128522128077🏻10084️

Savoring the Quarter Roast Chicken which had a very simple presentation yet very true to its flavorful & tender taste with a bit of its sauce and sprinkles of herbs, simply yummmmm 128522128077🏻10084️

Next that came in was the Parisien Sandwich, such a sucker for emmenthal cheese, combined with their fresh tasting ham, butter and cornichons 10084️10084️10084️ loved the crispy texture brought about by the lettuce and the light baguette 128522128522128522 and to enjoy this sandwich more was also experiencing the side salad that came with it...ohh so fresh and delightful 10084️10084️10084️

Prosciutto Pizza was super yum as well, we even had some for take out hehehe 12852210084️128077🏻 the toppings seemed fresh and to add some twist to our pizza we requested for chili and some honey 12852210084️128077🏻 yumyumyum 10084️10084️10084️

What can I say? Guess I'll be back for more! 12852210084️128077🏻12788111088️11088️11088️11088️11088️

One more thing to point out was how the servers were attentive to our concerns, because since we were dining at the bar counter there was this lady who really parked her big bag on top of it thus eating up the dining space and making it uncomfy for customers to eat with your arms super close to your side, whereas on her left side was a large space to park away her "baggage" ....good thing the server caught our puppy eye moment and requested the lady to move her bag.., at first the lady was even rolling her eyes... But with the food coming in space is of the essence, and the server had to explain to her why she had to move her about dining ethics she should have her basic 101's on how to be considerate of spaces when dining, yes the wine had its prime value but you know, let's not own the place hahaha and good thing their servers were alert and polite on how to handle moments like these ... So aside from the good food here's where I also put my stars in! hehehe 11088️11088️11088️11088️11088️

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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

Titas night out with my college friends at La Vie. 128129🏻128587🏻128582🏼

When I first heard that they'll be opening a branch here in Manila, I was so excited because I have visited their Cebu branch a couple of times already and I really fell in love with the place. Imagine having dinner, snacks or simple just having a chill night in a wine cellar!! Titang-tita! 128514128514 But seriously, it's really a unique and awesome experience! 128513

Since we were all very hungry, we sort of ordered a lot for just the 3 of us - Parisien Sandwich (190), 4 Cheese Pizza (525) and Shawarma (Plated - 250)

The sandwich was just okay. The baguette was too hard, we ended up just eating the ham and cheese inside. You can skip this. The side salad was good, though. Plus generous serving size. Maybe you can just order the salad because the veggies are fresh and the dressing was good. 128077🏼

The Shawarma was good and interesting. But not something I'll not order again. It's chicken instead of the usual beef. Served with pickles, tomatoes, cucumber, onions and white sour cream or yogurt sauce.

The pizza was good but again, not something I'll order again. It was soft and chewy w the right amount of cheese. But not overflowing with so much cheesy goodness. The first slice was good but the 2nd was not that good anymore.

Service was good. The servers were kind of hard to call and a bit slow but were all nice. Only major comment would be.............. there were a lot of flies inside that we have to protect our food! 128530128529

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Albien G.
5.0 Stars

10084️10084️10084️ Cheese Platter!

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Dell C.
4.0 Stars

400th!!!!!! 127881127882127880127882127881127880128165 I am guessing this place is just new because the servers are not too familiar with the menu and still have to ask someone every time we inquire something from the menu. Also, the place is small so waiting to be seated may take several minutes which is also evident during this particular visit. Went there on a Saturday night and waited for 10 minutes for a table for 8. Not bad on our part but the following customers waited really long....

I ordered their Norwegian sandwich which has salmon, capers, lemon and lettuce and I think it is okay. Very much how it is described. No secret sauce or anything to make it special. But still good since salmon is really fresh and paired well with the lemon. Their 4 cheese pizza is yummy!!!! Oozing with cheeses and the burnt end crust taste is just amazing. Since cheese pizza are always salty, the freshly made chili flakes gave an extra kick which made this pizza extra yummy.

They ran out of good red wine and just offered sparkling wine and a fruity wine for 390 per bottle and we got 1 bottle each. The red sparkling wine is like a sparkling grenadine while the passion fruit wine is just okay but take note of the 7% and 5% alcohol for this wines no matter how pacute they are.

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Laarni d.
5.0 Stars

First time here and I am so impressed with this new place. It was an old Japanese restaurant called Tsukiji and I didn't know they are gone until last week. I used live across the this building and my view was this place.

I was having a meeting at Ayala Triangle and it was late lunch so we decided to go somewhere else for lunch and thats how we discovered this place. As I walked in I was already impress by the place and the ambience...

I feel like I was back in some of the little cafe's in London. The place is like small version of Wild Flour. The cheese selection and sweet slices for dessert is right in front when you walk in. I also like the idea of the book shelves but only it is not real bookshelves. Its actually the toilet door.

I also like their little wine cellar its so cool! Though i haven't tried any of their wine. I'll save that for next time.

As for the food...

OMG! I ordered goats cheese and honey sandwich.
It came out 3 slices of little sandwiches of freshly baked french baguette. On my first bite I was gone! I didn't talk til I finished my second slice and I struggled to get to my third one and also I wanted to bring home something for Marge to try it too.

Before the sandwich I had a cup of spinach soup and that soup was also sooo good. It was creamy and so tasty, another thing I liked about it is that they let you choose what topping you want in your soup. On the side thu gave you trio's of jar containing croutons, grated cheese & bacon bits. Loved that part specially the croutons and bacon. The bacon was not just the cheap simple bacon. (For me it tasted like special bacon) it just didn't taste like the usual bacon I used to have in the Philippines. Because of this it made me miss my time in the UK.

I ordered my usual black cafe americano.
The staff came in and gave me madeleines. Thats another good one I haven't had anywhere in Manila. I could eat more of it if only if I wasn't watching my sweet-tooth!

Im definitely going back there to try other food on the menu and cakes!

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Joshay S.
4.0 Stars

If you're looking for an inexpensive wines, visit this place and you will not be disappointed.

Visited here last night. The place is so cute and refreshing. It's only small and can accomodate few people but it' was awesome to be here last night.

We just ordered one bottle of wine. I haven't got the chance to taste their food. I already ate when we came.

We first sat on their non aircon area coz the aircon one was full. I really felt hot to the point that I asked the waiter to point the electric fan on me and she did. Thanks for that. Good thing after 30min there's an available seat on the other side. We transferred and feel refreshed.128522

I will definitely go back here soon and taste their foods and pastries.

Great night indeed!

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