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Camille S.
2.0 Stars

Lagoa Restaurant is one of the two restaurants inside Pico Sands Hotel. It’s the restaurant that gives you a slight cozy feel, especially right after taking a dip in the pool. You can also opt to order food in the al fresco area.

We had our brunch and dinner during our stay here.
For brunch, we had ala carte orders because we haven’t checked in yet. My sister and I shared a ham and cheese sandwich which was served with salad on the side. The ham and cheese inside the sandwich was too few and industrialized; it only had a single slice of commercial ham (the one you usually buy in the supermarkets) and a few cheese slices inside. For a hotel restaurant, I expected to have a different kind of ham and cheese sandwich.

For dinner, sometimes they have buffet while on some days they have ala carte ordering. It was an ala carte ordering probably because the hotel was packed with guests for the long weekend. We had our dinner table reserved earlier in the afternoon so we were able to take our seats right away. Some guests had to wait for their turn because the place was full. After placing our orders, the server told us to wait for at least 45 minutes because of so many guests. I didn’t expect that the waiting time will be like this. We were really hungry by the time our food was served.
I got an order of salpicao and it was meh. It was indeed garlicky but it lacked the saltiness an order of salpicao should have. Good thing the meat was tender and soft.

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Wennifer C.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Andrew C.
5.0 Stars

This is what happenes when the foodtaste great. ... Pinakbet and Binagoongan Lexhon Kawali.

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Mr M.
1.0 Stars

Ordered the chicken katsudon. As my 5 year old nephew would put it... "YUCKY!!!!!!!!!!" Service was ok. They were friendly but forgot certain orders my friends ordered. Not too many choices here. Best to bring your own food to cook in your unit. Resort is very nice though. 11088110881108811088128512

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Kamai M.
3.0 Stars

Even though the staff was more than accommodating the food service was horrible. Everything was so late and the taste was really bland. Not only for me but for the rest of my family. Considering this is apparently "one of the most popular" resorts now i must say i'm glad we didnt get a membership because we arent coming back.

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Anne F.
2.0 Stars

Hooboy. We were torn between eating here and in Pico Restaurant so we decided to toss a coin. Food is expensive so we asked if their serving is for solo or good for sharing. The waiter said it was good for sharing... Apparently not. Sharing for 2 people siguro. 128530

Service was quite poor -- while the crew were smiling and all, most of the time it took them quite a while before noticing that we needed something. Serving time for food was sooo long. Took them 15 to 20 minutes if we're not mistaken. It felt weird for us since we were the only customers at that time. It was past 9PM but closing time was still at 10PM.

Moving on to the food... Nachos and Herbed Potato Wedges were just okay. Same with the Southern Chicken.

We were saved by their pasta dishes though! 127837

For Lemon Chili Prawn (linguine, prawn, lemon, chili), serving of prawns were generous and I love the kick of spiciness that came with each bite.

Their Macaroni Gratin (baked mac & cheese) tasted sooo good. Though lahat naman ata ng mac & cheese sakin masarap. 128540

Still giving this resto 2 stars since they have so much to improve on the food and service.

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Theresa L.
2.0 Stars

So this was our not so good dinner happen to us in Lagoa, Pico de Loro's Restaurant. 128533

- In fairness, the place was well lighted with yellowish light effect. Though, not that ventilated. I loved the coffee beans placed in the cup per table. Walaluungs! I find it cute! 128541

- The servers was accomodating enough, but we're having a hard time calling their attention every now and then. 128542

- The price was gold as expected considering their itsy bitsy serving size. We asked them for how many pax per dish it can be, then they told us it's for 3-4 persons. To our surprise, yes! It really is! 3-4 kids!! 128561

❎ Nilagang Bulalo (500+)
- A meat full of veggies with knuckle like size. The bulalo soup was serapated on a tiny bowl as in really small!!! You know Jollibee's Macaroni Sopas container? Yes! The size is like that! You might think that I'm exaggerating, I wish I am. But I'm not. 128557 It was served in front of me, I thought we will be given individually, but we were shocked when they told us it's the Bulalo Soup already! Sayang! It tastes good pa naman!

✅ Pinaputok na Bangus (330+)
- I must say, flavor wise, i like it! Since I'm a fan of dishes like that. But the size was really bad. Reyes BBQ's bangus is much bigger. 128547

❎ Chopsuey (190+)
- I like the thick and flavorful sauce it has. But it was not cooked properly. Some veggies was still uncooked. 128542

❎ Crispy Pork Slab a.k.a Lechon Kawali (360+)
- Not the best I've tasted. Josephine's LK is way way better! It's crispy yes, tasty yes, golden brown yes, overcooked yes! The meat part was tough already that will end up like a bubble gum in your mouth? Jeez. 128553

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Pat L.
2.0 Stars

According to the staff of pico de loro this is the only place we can dine so we don't have any other choice..

We got there at around 7:15 pm, they told us immediately that they would be receiving orders until 7:30 only. 128552

Before ordering I asked our waitress if the serving is for how many people and she said 2-3 persons. We were surprised when they served the food, Definitely not good for 2-3 person! Everything was served in small bowl/plates, and with that price we were expecting a lot.

Nilagang bulalo (P512) 128077128077
Pinaputok na bangus (P331) 128077128077
Crispy Pork Slab(P362) 128077128077128077

Photo Credit: Theresa L. :)

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