Laguna Hot Spring Resort

315 Purok 3, Pansol, Calamba, Laguna

Laguna Hot Spring Resort
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Felina G.
4.0 Stars

Yes, fishies in the pool! Evidence that the water is clean, and the fish take quick bites at your feet. Doctor fishies! 128031128031128031128031

Amyxal V posted a review about this a long time ago and I got intrigued. And I was happy to discover it. Naturally warm spring water comes from one corner of the pool, which the elderly mostly gather. Sarap ng tubig! Hahaha. You should have recommended this a long time ago!

And the food was superb too... lutong bahay. Their biko was indeed good!

Not the best looking place but the best place to swim in the clean waters, swim with the fishies and hang out.

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Nievs G.
5.0 Stars

1. It may not be the prettiest nor the fanciest resort (it has just one swimming pool, with live fishies!) but Laguna Hot Spring Resort is the best for me. I've gone there since when I was in grade school during the 1990s.

2. Nostalgia aside, I love "swimming" there (I don't really swim and I can't). The waters are just 4 feet deep so diving is obviously not allowed.

3. As you can see in the pic, the waters look murky. But the truth is, the floor of the swimming pool is filled with reddish-brown volcanic cinders. Yes, that's right.

4. The waters are cool until you reach at one corner of the pool, where the "hot spring" naturally emerges and the waters are getting warm to hot. A lot of elderly people huddle at that corner, just relax and get some sort of a therapy from the natural heat of the water. I also enjoy staying at that corner -- sarap ng tubig, ang init!

5. This is the only pool where humans and animals co-exist. How these fishies came into the pool remains a mystery. The owners and the longtime patrons have said that no one put the fishies into the pool. I guessed they emerged out of the pool's corner.

The presence of the fish indicate how clean the water is. No irritating chlorine whatsoever -- all natural. The fish (I guess they're doctor fishies) will nip at your feet and legs so that gives a tickling sensation -- and some of the fish were frighteningly big! But I've gotten used to their snapping -- it's not painful, nakakakiliti lang!

The management forbids fishing in the pool.

6. No dress code! Weeee!

7. It is laid-back, has no annoying sounds (like booming videokes), and is utterly relaxing. Para ka lang tumambay sa kapitbahay hahaha.

8. Food is good -- pancit bihon, sinigang na baboy and especially their biko were superb when we were there.

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