Lake Sebu Mountain Log Resort

Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

Lake Sebu Mountain Log Resort
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Flong 전.
5.0 Stars

If you fall in love with Batane's breathtaking cliffs, Banaue Rice Terraces' majestic highlands, Coron's tranquil and secluded coves, I am pretty sure that you gonna love as well the panoramic landscape of the Dreamweavers.

It was last year when I booked a flight to GenSan, but due to unforeseen circumstances, I was not able to pursue my travel. I was tremendously sad because I wasn't able to meet in person Lang Dulay, a National Artist, since she passed away last April.

When I arrived in GenSan, I took a bus going to Marbel, then to Surallah via van, then to Lake Sebu via jeepney and lastly, hailed a motorcycle going to Mountain Log Resort. It was pouring so heavily when I visited the land of the Dreamweavers, but it didn't cause me any sadness because the town is such a perfect place. At the Resort, it seemed that I owned the entire place because I was the only guest. Since it was raining all day, I just stayed in my room, watched TV and enjoyed staring at the scenic view of the lake from the balcony.

Personally, Lake Sebu is the true Summer Capital of the Southern Philippines. Its climate is pleasantly cool which is similar to Sagada, a beautiful place to enjoy. So if you plan to come there, better bring a jacket or a sweater.

It was pouring whole day, so instead of sitting beside rain while watching TV, I opted to go to the reception area and ordered their best Tilapia cuisine. The food was really yummylicious and affordable, though my mother warned me that eating too much Tilapia is not good because it is high in purines. But who cares, I love tilapia.

The next day morning, as early as four, even it was drizzling, I went outside for a walk for the love of photography. While I was wandering around the town and capturing photos of the lake, I kept on saying that wherever I stood at, the whole town is truly amazing, such a great place to explore with the serenity of daybreak while enjoying the spectacular panoramic view.

Though I was not able to visit the other two lakes, Seloton and Lahit, but to see the beauty of Lake Sebu is such a great experience that one shouldn't miss when visiting Mindanao. Its scenery and light of this panoramic place which is surrounded by serene waters is truly a traveler's paradise.


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