Lan Zhou La Mien

499 San Fernando St., Binondo, Manila, Metro Manila

Lan Zhou La Mien
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Most Recent Reviews

Chrisalyn T.
4.0 Stars

Since my work is located somewhere in Binondo and because it is too hot outside, I just wanted to order something and have it delivered at our office.

I've read a few reviews saying that they really have good food here and so i wanted to try it for myself. I mean okay, Binondo sure is the go to place for Chinese cuisine, but not every restaurants situated in Binondo really serves delicious authentic Chinese food. Anyway, one of the dishes that i've read that is usually being ordered here is their BEEF LAMIEN (Php 140), so technically this is hand pulled noodles, soaked in beef broth and has a few chunks of tender marinated beef, pechay, 2 round slices of carrots, and scallions as garnish.

Anyway, as expected, hand pulled noodles has this snap to every bite, it's soft, has the slight sticky texture and well it's just really good noodles. Fresh noodles does taste a lot better than those preserved ones. So i really prefer eating fresh ones whenever i can. Anyway, i the beef was tasty, tender, flavor was somewhat sweet and salty. As for the soup, it was light and was paired perfectly with that garnish. I actually enjoyed my lunch that day. However, I read something saying it was already good for 2 from a review, but it was just good for one. Either i have a pretty good appetite or the person who said it had a small appetite.

As for the service, well my only complain is the one who answered my call. She wasn't friendly, plus she wrote down that i ordered dumplings, so i had to call them back just to get my refund and return the dumplings to them. She even said that i told her i wanted dumplings, but i was sure i didn't say that and i had someone in the same room too when i called them up. My friend told me she just heard i ordered for the beef noodles, nothing else. Instead of apologizing for the mistake, she even blamed me for it. That's just bad service, luckily enough my mood wasn't ruined because the food was good.

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Hector J.
1.0 Stars

It's our first time to eat here. It was recommended by a client. Their specialty is beef noodles. They have several branches and this one is small but clean enough. I have tasted better beef wanton noodles. I don't know the other food items but what I ordered is a disappointment. I'll think twice if ever I'll come back.

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Ayran Nicole T.
3.0 Stars

While I've eaten at the Masangkay branch for the nth time, this was my first here at San Fernando branch. The place was kind of small but neat. The servers were attentive. My friends and I all ordered their bestseller, Beef La Mien. Serving is good for 2 people. Sulit na 128522
I've eaten this numerous times, but today I got disappointed. It was not as tasty as it used to be, at least for me. My friends liked theirs though. So I guess it must be just me, probably due to my colds, thus the blandness. On the other hand, the beef was extra tender. I heard that they cook it for a whole day.
I shall try again next time. 128522

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