Lantaw SRP at Il Corso

Cebu South Coastal Rd., Cebu City, Cebu

Lantaw SRP at Il Corso
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Reopens: 11:00a - 11:00p


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Most Recent Reviews

Anthony M.
5.0 Stars

Lantaw .... even for a Monday night , this Filipino island decorative large restaurant was very busy & even more customers were waiting in the carpet

Our Filipino meal tonight, was the Fiesta Sa Sugbu Platter - P480
- 1/2 Banga
- bBQ Pork - Lechon
- BBQ Chicken Bacolod
- Dices tomatoes & zucchini
- Dried Grated Fish - tasted , didn’t like
- Green Mango
- Baby Shrimp
- Bihon Noodles
- Small Spicy Filipino Vegetable Salad with chilli in a bowl
- Egg
Beer - P65
Ice Tea - P60

The total meal was lovely- except the Buwad

I found the raw green chilli in the salad the hard way 128561

As a result of being very busy , it was very hard to get service

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Bernisse C.
4.0 Stars

As we entered the restaurant, my inner Filipina jumped with joy. I loved the interiors! Even if they kept the design simple, the jeepney wall and the seaside view really made it pop.

Being an infamous kid with a habit of sleeping in, I wasn't able to catch breakfast. So it's no surprise that I'm starving. Another thing I'm known for is to order way too much than I can consume which explains the really long list moving forward 128517

CORDOVA EXPRESS [165] 1108811088110881108811088
Vegetables cooked in coconut sauce made it so creamy and delish! Loved how it was seasoned just right. Flavors blended really well too 128069 Loved the presentation as well 128077🏻

BAKED SCALLOPS [P160] 11088110881108811088
Soft and juicy scallops topped with cheese and garlic. Yum!

TALABA [P160] 11088
Good thing I didn't eat this one. It had a malansa smell and taste. My friend even had a bad stomach ache the day after 128547

KINILAW [180] 110881108811088
Average. I've tasted better.
TINOLANG HALAAN [P170] 110881108811088
The ginger was a bit overpowering.

GRILLED TUNA PANGA 1108811088110881108811088
Super juicy and flavorful tuna! Very recommended 128077🏻

GARLIC RICE PLATTER [P160] 1108811088110881108811088
A cup of garlic rice costs P45 each but a platter costs only P160 and it's already good for five people. Super sulit!

CORDOVA COOLER 1108811088110881108811088
Pitcher of mixed orange and mango juice with calamansi and watermelon. I loved how they drop a few pieces of fruit to make it look even more tropical 127865

BANANA TURON [P115] 110881108811088
Sweet and crispy turon paired with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Turon was huge but not the best I've tried and the dish could use another scoop of ice cream.

BUKO PIE [P95 slice • P750 whole] 110881108811088

It took a while before our orders arrived. But to be fair, the staff did inform us that it would take approximately 20 minutes before our orders are served. Service was okay. They even provided candles to drive away the flies. I'm not sure if the place is really visited by flies often or if it's due to the rain these past few days.

Lantaw definitely had a few hits and misses. Aside from the baked scallops, cordova express and grilled tuna panga, the dishes were on the average side. Although a good thing about this place is the affordability of their dishes. Servings are for sharing but the price can be easily shouldered by one 128077🏻

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Dada M.
4.0 Stars

LANTAW! Since we are super overwhelmed with Lechon Cebu haha we decided to get SEAFOOD for dinner 128540128540128540

We tried their Tinolang Halaan ( ang laki, like extra large ata) hahaha 128077128077128077 , Buttered Shrimp and Tuna Belly is sooooo fresh, cooked in perfection! and to top it all i love the idea of intstead of using mason jar, they used mayo jar for there drinks hahah

PS I LOVE THE ACOUSTIC SOUNDS played by a not so young guy but he is really good. kudos to you kuya! :)

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Kersey Ivanne Mae P.
4.0 Stars

Perfect place under the sun but mejo madaming flies 128029

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Kiko G.
5.0 Stars

We didn't have much time to go to Lantaw's Busay or Cordova branch since it's too far off. We opted for SRP since it's closest to our hotel.

It was packed when we got there. We waited for annhour before we got seated. Patience is definitely a virtue, after the wait, we were settled facing the bay. It was relaxing together with the music playing.

We had Manok Bisaya, Cordova Express and Buttered Prawns.

I enjoyed the Manok Bisaya the most. To some, it's not as good as the usual chicken since it's meat is tough. Not for me, dahil masarap magkamay.

Cordova Express is Cebu's version of the Bicol Express. It's not as spicy but it's delicious.

Their Buttered Prawns were to die for. They overwhelmed it with butter and a whole lot of herbs.

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Jean Verna M.
3.0 Stars

Well it's in Srp easy and fast access Ahahaha

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Hazel F.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Cette D.
4.0 Stars

Our hired taxi driver dropped us here in Lantaw to have lunch. Public vehicles are often driving around the place. So only private cars passed through here. You might find it hard to look for a ride.

Place is quite big. It's sort of an open air restaurant by the sea. 128076 I instantly noticed the place designs. From the bangcas on the ceiling to the jeepney bar. 128513 Service was a bit slow. We waited for 10-15mins. Ordered seafood platter, kangkong, pork sisig, pancit canton, shanghai rolls, rice and mango shake for me. 128522

Seafood platter - This must be the most recommendable for groups. It comprises of calamari (just the right crisp), tiny shrimps were you're supposed to take off it's shell or skin which is a total hassle for me, seaweeds are okay, the fish I haven't tasted and the mussels were my favorite in the platter, I like roasted garlic and the cheese in it. 128076

Pancit canton is good! It's actually a seafood pancit.

The shanghai rolls were also my favorite. 128513 Full of meat. Hindi puro taba. 128514

The pork sisig was so-so. A little spicy as well as the kangkong okay lang. My mango shake was pretty in mason jar. They use mason jars for their drinks.

This is best compared to Dampa in pasay. 128522

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Nehpets O.
5.0 Stars

A not so expensive food for a very superb quality.

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