Las Farolas Fish World Museum

Frontera Drive, Frontera Verde, Pasig, Metro Manila

Las Farolas Fish World Museum
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Open: 9:00a - 7:00p


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Most Recent Reviews

Ana S.
4.0 Stars

Las Farolas is an interesting place to visit. But after you've gone through the ground floor, that's pretty much where the excitement is. The staff are generally nice. I explored this place having stumbled upon their ad in a Smiles magazine while I was airborne on a Cebu pacific flight to CDO, if I remember it correctly. I wouldn't have found out about this place otherwise.

My son and I went to this place the first week it opened. I was exploring it as a venue for his first birthday. Alas, they have no way of accommodating parties here. Too bad...

There's a fish shop outside for those who want to take home live souvenirs though the prices are higher than if you went to Greenhills for a pet fish, I think...

Ticket price worth the escape from busy Ortigas.

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Abegail H.
3.0 Stars

On our way to tiendesitas, we saw this attraction near the Avilon Zoo. It wasn't an attention seeker but for those who are looking for some unique water animals, this should appeal to them. Actually am writing not for the attraction itself but for the stores outside, the area which sells different types of aquarium fishes from arowanas down to the cute colorful fighting fishes.

The outside stores can be an attraction itself, without any fee. We were supposed to go inside and seek for what is in but the price was kinda steep for us who aren't such fish lovers. 400 pesos for a self tour with their aquariums inside, ummmm no! No! 128070Not a kiddo anymore. I don't know if the place is new coz I haven't heard of it that much but, sad to say, is it looks unmaintained. Outside was decorated with this long tubes filled with water which bubbles and which I think is lighted at night but some cracked leaving drain tubes and some are already filled with algae.

Well, let's go to the one that got my 3 stars. The fish stores were gorgeous, different kinds of fishes, cute little items and it was good that the boutiques wore different accents and they were cute. Also found this adorable turtle pin which I got for 25pesos only.

The fish prices were really shocking 300,000 for an Arowana?!?!? 128176128184 Who the hell will buy with that price? Really?!

But there were this cute ones, and the one that attracted me most were the fighting fishes that had different illuminating colors from their gils and tails, were placed on plastic cups and displayed outside on one store window, wondering why, boyfie gave me some lessons. They were called fighting fish because they knock out each other when placed on one place, really?! That's cool!

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Lizanne S.
3.0 Stars

Escaped the afternoon heat at this place one Sunday. No queues, no crowds (at least when we were there). And the aircons were on full blast. Good place to while away some time. Kids will like seeing the various freshwater fishies, while adults and history buffs may appreciate the display of different church facades (although to be honest, I didn't get the connection or I may have missed it somewhere). It's alright, although quite pricey if you ask me. You'll need a guide with you to get your money's worth. Or just go to Manila Ocean Park instead.

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