Lauro's Cafe

Shell of Asia, NLEX-Southbound, Guiguinto, Bulacan

Lauro's Cafe
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Khat R.
1.0 Stars

I would never recommend this restaurant!

We stopped by for a late dinner before heading home. The service is very bad, the cashier was very rude. I was ordering at the cashier when a costumer came, he told his server to tell the costumer “sabihin mo sarado na tayo, (wala na akong panahon sa kanila)”. So they just left. While in the middle of our dinner, the cashier turned off all the lights in the dining area. I understand that they were about to close but is it right to treat your costumer that way??

The food is very greasy, and pricey! Php300 for a 2pcs cut in half Buffalo Wings, Php120 for Bicol express! Its not that expensive but for the quality of the food that they serve its better to eat in a fast food chain. I’m a Chef and I would never serve a food that looks like its been reheated for few times. Bicol express looks like a shredded pork soaked in oil. 128530

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Andrea M.
1.0 Stars

Service: employees are looks frazzled in serving the orders it's all a mess
Food: 0/5
pork sisig it's all onion and carrots you can count the pork in it.
Mami and Lomi no taste at all
Sizzling oyster squid which should be Sizzing Squid in Oyster sauce by the way..over cooked squid there were more vegetables than the squid
Sizzling Bangus....what a laugh.

It's too pricey for that kind of servings and food they have. It's better to eat in carinderia than here.

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Jaevonne P.
3.0 Stars

If it's only for the looks of the place, Lauro's Cafe is definitely a pleasing break from your windshield's view of endless road in NLEX.

The interior is a splash of vibrant colors inviting such a festive mood and with the installation of the wooden furnitures, it's almost like a barrio style dining experience.

Then comes the food and the colors started fading down a few tones of dullness. I ordered their special lomi but found nothing really special about it. Though served generously, it was just short of flavors entirely missing the contrasts of its ingridients. Chicken Sisig, from their pina-sisig collection is pretty lame as well. It isn't something I hate but I felt like it entirely missed its charm of being a gastronomical sizzler. Not to go crazy over their tokwa't baboy but I thought it was the best dish served on our table. Fried to achieve just the right crunch poured with diced onions, chili and a well seasoned dipping, this is something I might want to order again.

For someone who loves Filipino food, Lauro's Cafe can both be exciting and frustrating. While it's true that it was able to establish a good ambience, falling short of flavors is a real blow against the whole filipino dining experience. I always think that the core of filipino food is its rich flush of authentic flavors and ironically, this is what their plates are lacking. Generally, not at all was it a bad experience, but not at all was it memorable as well.

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