LAVA Cheese Tarts

2/F Main Bldg., SM City North EDSA, EDSA cor. North Ave., Quezon City, Metro Manila

LAVA Cheese Tarts
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Most Recent Reviews

Joanne P.
4.0 Stars

Gorgonzola and Honey 3s (PHP255)

Have I mentioned a couple of times that I am a certified cheeselover? This blew me away.

From the crust to its filling, each bite sends me to heaven 128523

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Rachel T.
5.0 Stars

My Oh My, this just changed my Cheese Tart game.

=Top to bottom flavours=
128073Gorgonzola and Honey - this one is my favorite 128150 (so far). I like the sweet and salty combination. Though the honey was a bit messy and it is placed on top of the cheese when you order.
128073Prosciutto and Melon Gelee.

I super love cheese and this is the most melted, flavourful and softess cheese tart I have ever tasted. Eat it while it is still warm. The cheese was oozing out in every bite. Even the crust was soft. I felt very guilty after eating it but at the same time very happy. #CheeseHeaven

The server was also nice and accommodating, she even gave me time to take a picture before wrapping it for to go. She also suggested that I post it on FB or IG and use the hashtag #LavaCheeseTarts.

Though I can't have this everyday because it is so sinful and expensive too! The box of 3 already costs 240 Php.

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Ruth D.
3.0 Stars

Honey and Gorgonzola variant wasn't available when I went. Original was good. Still the same as when I first tried it during their launch.

Three stars because of one staff. I have a pet peeve about non-issuance of receipts (and shortchanging), so I got really irked when this happened:

*I ordered and paid.*
*Server 1 handed over my change without the receipt.*
*Server 2 handed over the box of tarts. Sees me waiting for something.*
S2 to S1: Yung receipt ni ma'am?
S1: Okay na 'yun.
Me: Hindi ka talaga nagbibigay ng receipt?
S1: 128566128566128566
Me: Ha?
S1: Nagbibigay po.
Me: Eh sabi mo sa kanya "ok na yun."
S1: Yung change po yun.
Me: Ang sabi niya "yung receipt ni ma'am?"
S1: 128566128566128566


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Liezzy M.
5.0 Stars

perfect! 128076🏼 (better than their counterpart 128521)

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Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

Hey lava fans. This is to inform you they already got a branch at sm north edsa! Opened a couple of Friday's ago, it's a small stall opposite the stairs.

Lava has really brought their A game. They listened to the comments of the customers as it has really improved its cheese taste. The filling is not as full as Pablo's. It's rather airy m, but the crust, oh the crust, really contrasted with the texture of the filling. Lava cheese tarts crust are still crunchy even though it's purchased a couple of hours ago.

Congrats lava. Here's your hard work.

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