Lava Mocha

97 Doña Aurora St., San Roque, Angono, Rizal

Lava Mocha
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Nievs G.
3.0 Stars

1. This place used to be Popsy's, a school supplies store. It is located just several walks away from my alma mater, Angono Private High School. So this restaurant/cafe is also aimed for students looking for affordable meals. It still has vestiges of Popsy's as it sells school supplies, although much fewer now.

2. The decor of the place is a tad too tacky for me, but that tackiness is part of the restaurant's charm, I guess. Lots of seats, lots of room, and customers can also dine at the second floor. I love the variety of seating there.

3. You have a lot of things to do here. You can read stacks of magazines, play sungka, and surf the net. Yes, it has free WiFi, and you have to ask for the password.

4. Food is affordable and you will be left with LOTS of choices. They have set meals particularly for the students.

5. Food is OK naman. Adobo was a bit too sweet for me. But the siomai was perfect (I loved the sauce too). I was disappointed at the tuyo pasta. I thought the tuyo was flaked but instead the whole fish was lying on a bed of pasta! I liked their frappes all right. I'm glad that they have upped their desserts as they source them from Swirls and Sprinkles bakeshop. I liked the salted caramel cupcake.

6. You'll absolutely feel comfy here in this cafe. Only they should make the place a bit brighter.

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Niña L.
5.0 Stars

Yay! Thanks Looloo for adding this place! This is my new found place. I'm not quite sure when did they open but I heard, just recently. 128522 I always want to try new places because for some reasons, food loves me so much and so do I. Haha!

Anyways, been here with my relatives. Here's my rating..

Food: 9/10
Very good food. We just ordered pica pica and a sandwich and milk tea. What I love is their calamares! I would recommend this because it's not the typhical frozen/instant calamares that others usually serve. Planning to try their other menus on my next visit 128522

Service: 10/10
Eventhough we wait a lil bit, the staff is, I may say.. Patient too! Haha. We can't actually make up our mind because it's our first time here. So, for them not to wait too long, we ordered one food at a time. Yes! One at a time pica pica. Sorry but we didn't mean it. I swear! 128584

Ambiance: 9/10
Not so huge but well enough to accommodate customers. What I love here is that they have this "sungka" game. Not sure about the name but it's way way back native game which I don't remember at all. But still did my best to remember. 128540

Full review will be available soon on my blog 128522

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