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Most Recent Reviews

Jellybeans i.
4.0 Stars

As I’ve said, time and again, taking a lunch break is crucial for my continued sanity. :-)

Every once in a while, when our schedules permit it, my coworkers and I come together on culinary adventure to explore the gastronomic possibilities offered by the foodie-friendly Tomas Morato area.

One such place is Lazat Fil-Asian Resto-Bar. Recently rebranded from its former name Cercchio, the restaurant offers a fusion of Filipino and Asian flavors to be enjoyed in a modern, well-appointed and relaxing place. “Lazat” means “delicious” in Malay, which, I think, sums up the synergy of all these elements.

Some in our group have dined here before and were raving about the Crispy Tadyang (beef ribs), so, of course, the rest just have to all go there to taste it for ourselves.

Even before tasting its food, I was impressed with Lazat’s interiors. A spacious floor space, high ceilings and large windows that let in lots of natural light make the space seem expansive and airy. The combination of sleek, black-and-white furniture with green elements such as large potted plants and hanging greens added a feeling of freshness to the place. Upstairs are function rooms that can serve as venues for private parties, corporate events or grand family reunions.

Given the size of our group, we ordered a feast from among Lazat’s offerings:

Pakbet (Php265)
Chunks of grilled bangus (milkfish) belly are added to this classic Ilocano vegetable stew.

Spicy Kangkong (Php185)
Water spinach is sauteed in garlic and chilis.

Thai Spring Rolls (Php165)
These Thai vegetable rolls are served with sweet chili and Thai fish sauces.

Crispy Tadyang (Php495)
Crispy on the outside, fork tender on the inside, this beef rib dish is served with Pinakurat (spiced coconut vinegar).

Beef Kare-Kare (Php525)
This signature Filipino dish made of oxtripe and tail stewed in rich peanut sauce and served with Lazat’s house-made bagoong (shrimp paste).

To cap off our meal, we had a cup of Coffee Jelly (Php165), a Chocolate Dome Cake (Pho280) and a Mini Sans Rival (Php200), along with Cafe Americano (Php90) and Cafe Latte (Php100).

Lazat’s food and decor make it a great place for a relaxing, re-energizing weekday lunch or a festive Sunday family brunch.

Lazat Fil-Asian Resto-Bar is located at 76 Scout Limbaga Street, Laging Handa, Quezon City, open daily from 11am to 3pm and 6pm to 11pm. For inquiries and reservations, call +63 2 3515279 or email

Did you know that Lazat provides free valet parking? No need to stress yourself trying to find parking space just to enjoy great food.

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Unisse C.
5.0 Stars

A new favorite Filipino restaurant for me!

SERVICE 128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻
We reserved a function room at Lazat for a surprise baby shower for my friend. The servers were quite attentive and they would offer the menu to the latecomers for their drink order. We also had some odd requests because of the games we prepared and they were kind enough to accommodate us.

FOOD 1008410084100841008410084
I loved their food! My friend’s husband did all the ordering for us because he was the one who booked the place and knew what dishes were good. I enjoyed their CRISPY PATA, SISIG and SINIGANG na baka (with guava) the most! They were quite generous with the KARE-KARE sauce as well, but of course, you can’t eat much of kare-kare without eating a lot of rice so I stopped myself. Their PANSIT was also a winner for me but it came later during the service so I wasn’t able to eat as much, but we did take the leftovers home. 128539

All in all, this is a new favorite for me because it has really good crispy pata 10084️ I also may be somewhat biased because I just came back from the West and there’s not a lot of good Filipino out there. There’s really no place like home.

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Mannix M.
4.0 Stars

Ate here last night. Had the Sinigang Bulalo, Stuffed squid with Ink rice, KFC chicken & Spicy Kangkong. Food was OK. Maybe it was a mistake on our part not to order the house specialties, Sisig & Tilapia but overall, still enjoyed the experience. Nice ambience. Staff were very attentive. Wouldn’t mind coming back if I’m in the area. Sorry no pics

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

Cerchio has rebranded and is now named Lazat.

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Chieo O.
5.0 Stars

If you're a very religious follower of Cerchio, you might be surprised by the news that it no longer exists by its name ( except for the placemat which they are still using and probably finishing up )

Now, it is reborn with its new brand name, Lazat. Fil-Asian Restaurant & Bar! Before I could recall the white and black modern lines dominating the scene. Now it becomes more alive with its moderne chic theme, having pockets of lush, tropical greens!

The Menu? Of course there's a bit of change as well, they retained the bestsellers and further added more gastronomic twists....both new to the palate and reminscent of the classic Cerchio12852210084128077🏻

Without hesitation, I tried the Resurrected Cerchio Classics.... Crispy Tilapia and their Signature Sisig! I have to say the Tilapia Fingers were crispier this time around, and the Sisig still fabulous in its crunchy style state with a touch of mini- fried egg on top!

So what are you waiting for? Relive your Cerchio experience and get ready for a Fil-Asian dining adventure in the new, Lazat!12852210084128077🏻

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