Le Amoretto

NAIA Terminal 3, NAIA Rd., Pasay, Metro Manila

Le Amoretto
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Ana S.
3.0 Stars

There were a lot of food places but only this place seemed to offer non-greasy foods (save the uber expensive deli place that said it offered healthy food but its display window had wall-to-wall boxes of cigarettes and wine... LOL!).

My business partner and I were traveling to pitch a project in Cebu. Man, it was hot at NAIA3! The aircon was NOT working and people were sweating their butts off.

This place had its own air-cooling fan and the staff were happy to direct it to the table we sat at. I ordered chosu ramen and, it wasn't bad. The taste of the soy somewhat overpowered the broth but it tasted "clean" like how Japanese food should. :) The noodles were of commercial quality (hoped for at least some Hong Kong style yellow ramen noodles). But the chosu/pork was soft and comforting.

The fresh orange shake was nice. Took away the feeling of melting inside the friggin' airport... Haha.

The price was pretty fair (spent about Php400 on the ramen, and 2 fresh orange shakes).

The wait staff were very nice and helpful. So, the experience was a good respite from the disappointing general facilities of NAIA3.

Will go back to this place just 'cause the wait staff were friendly, helpful and nice.

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The Food Scout N.
2.0 Stars

While waiting for our flight, we chose to stop by Le Amoretto Cafe & Bar.
One word - Frustrating!!!

The Food:
Fish & Chips - generally ok but when we asked for ketchup and mayo, they didnt have any.

California Maki - no lime or calamansi for our kikoman.

Tuna Sandwich, the simple sandwich took more than 15mins. :(

Overall, I'm not coming back here.

Pray, Eat and Love.

The Food Scout

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