Le Chalét

Rizal Blvd., Dumaguete, Negros Oriental

Le Chalét
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Anna F.
5.0 Stars

Fine swiss food and international dishes...
AND real home made italian GELATO (ice cream)
Thursday native swiss grill buffet is a mist for all home sick europeans... ;-)

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Vinia V.
5.0 Stars

Le Chalét is a quaint little restaurant in Dumaguete facing the calm boulevard and the sea.

My family, boyfie and I had dinner here the night before we left Dumaguete last Wednesday. (Sorry for the late review)

The place had a warm dim lighting and the airconditioning was just right. What I noticed first when I stepped inside were their adjacent red brick couches. They were very homey, reminiscent of old red brick houses with fireplaces. It sure gave the restaurant a very cozy feel. 10084128522

We didn't sit there though, coz we couldn't all fit unless we'd eat in separate tables and couches. All 12 of us were seated in 3 wooden tables put together.

On the picture, clockwise from bottom right:
Filet Mignon with Mushroom sauce and Buttered Rice (mine128523), Seafood Paella, and Tenderloin with Lemon sauce and Buttered Rice.

I had my steak done medium and so did boyfie who had the tenderloin.

Their steaks were excellent! Perfectly cooked and tender, not bloody. Juices just oozed out from every cut I made. The sauce was creamy and flavorful, plus, mixed with the yummy buttery (but not oily) rice it simply melted in my mouth! 100841008410084

I had a bite of my Mom's paella and it was rich and creamy. Plus the cheese on top of it had melted through the rice and seafood, it was just delightful.

Their servings are huge! My Mom's solo order of Paella was served in a deep wok and the serving took up 2/3 of the wok. The steaks were thick and roughly just slightly bigger than my palm. You know what's even better? These huge opulent steaks they serve are no more than P500! 128525 You get to choose your side dish and whether you want it with rice (plain, garlic, java or buttered), potatoes (wedges, chips or mash) or salad.

The waitresses were nice. The Swiss owner/chef was nice and courteous, too. He was having beer with his foreign friends outside on the al fresco area and on our way out after dinner he greeted us and asked if we enjoyed our dinner.

"Yes, sir! We sure did!"


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