Le Coeur de France

San Antonio Plaza, McKinley Rd., Forbes Park, Makati, Metro Manila

Sorry! We're closed for good.
Le Coeur de France
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₱35 - ₱275

Most Recent Reviews

Paul G.
4.0 Stars

Flashback Friday. Had breakfast here Frdiay last week after delivering the Pope Jeep at CSA.
Renovation finally done. Ordered my favorite Choco Croissant. But after tasting Paul Boulangerie's choco croissant, this comes as second best. Still have to try St. Mark's though.
My wife ordered ham sandwich while my food trip buddy Emil ordered Panini with Sardines. They looked happy in the phot so I guess they both liked what they ordered :D
Too bad they're not serving my favorite pumpkin soup and pizza sardines on ciabata bread :(

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Monique A.
4.0 Stars

Good they're open again .. Done with the renovation ... Nice dainty clean place ... Lesser tables 128560... But at least ACU is finally working 128077128077.. Almost 2/3 of the space is used for their prep & bakjng ... And why is my chocolate croissant getting smaller?!?!? OH NO!!!.. I got the chicken pandesal instead ... My reliable next option 128525... Pic taken at home

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Monique A.
4.0 Stars

Seafood gourmet supreme sandwich in croissant is one of my faves ... Craving for it... But the place is under renovation 128542

U can see that the filling is overflowing from the bread ... Mouthwatering .... It's a shame the next branch is just way too far from my place ... But it's about time that they fix the place up... AC is leaking & isn't working most days so it's always steaming hot....Plus the heat coming from the oven.... Excruciating to bear even... Making the place really stuffy... So I usually have my meals here to go....Can't wait for it's reopening

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Jon T.
3.0 Stars

Since all of the other restos on that area are full and we need to be back for our coffee talk setup in an hour, we tried this restaurant.

Place is so small ( have 2-3 tables only) but clean. The price of their lunch meals are more than 200php. I ordered their grilled chicken with mashed potato and vinaigrette salad. It took them double their committed time for the food to be served( 20mins to 40mins. We are going to be late!!) The salad was well prepared but the chicken is a little bit overcooked and dry. Their iced tea is good though because if the lemon! They have free breads with olive oil & balsamic sauce dip; but it's only free for one serving only 128532

I also like the French uniforms of the employees there. I think I 'll go back here again just to buy their pastries and not to buy their lunch meals.

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Edwin I.
2.0 Stars

Croughnuts, Le Coeur's play on the current Cronut craze. Three variants-- Parmesan, Wild Berry, and Chocolate. IMHO, their version doesn't even come close to Wildflour's and Yamato's.

I took home a box of 4 pieces of the Croughnuts. I knew the pastries were freshly made because I saw that the pieces that were put into the box have just been frosted.

I liked how they packed the pastries. They lined the box with parchment paper and topped each sweet with a cellophane sheet. A good way to prevent the frosting from sticking to the box's cover.

I sliced a piece of each variant. In terms of presentation, I liked the fact that the layered flakey texture held and did not flatten. A bit tough to cut though. I noticed that the prerequisite cream filling was barely there (i.e. just a dab was put in their version). And , their version wasn't rolled in sugar (common with other cronut versions). By looks alone, they looked dry.

Tastewise, I started with the Wild Berry . I found the pastry base oddly a tad bit salty. Moreso, I found the croughnut a bit tough to the bite. It didn't help that the cream filling was too miniscule. The berry frosting was ok. Sweet-tarty. The Chocolate (the variant that tasted the most passable for me)--same case with the pastry base. Oddly a bit salty. Tough to the bite. Near non-existent cream filling. The saving grace---the chocolate frosting was good (bittersweet chocolate ganache with mini choco chips). The Parmesan- I found odder. Same tough pastry base, near non-existent cream filling, a topping of a mix of parmesan cheese and sugar. It tasted like a really tough ensaymada.

Sorry, Le Coeur, your version was not something I liked. Perhaps my tastebuds have been used to the greasy, rich, sweet version of Wildflour's and the soft-flakey version of Yamato's. I am thinking that perhaps Le Coeur's version would be good for foodies who prefer a less richer/sweeter versions of the Cronut. I have not yet tried the original NYC Cronut of Chef Dominique Ansel (and look forward to trying them soon), but I am very sure that Le Coeur's version does not even come close to the real thing.

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Lala B.
4.0 Stars

Having Merienda with Mom.. Seafood Supreme Monsieur :)

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Donna K.
1.0 Stars

There is NOTHING to eat here! Most of the items on the menu are 'not available'. You're going to have to choose between their pasta salad, soup, saltless tuna pasta and a lame excuse for a sandwich. I went with the lesser evil - the Pasta Salad - and it tasted and smelled funky but yeah, I'm still alive.

I usually hangout here while my aunt is at her prayer meeting because Starbucks is full. This place has like 4 tables that are super scrunched together that it's really awkward if you need to get out of your table because you'd be bumping into other customers. I've heard of crammed spaces but this is ridiculous!

I wouldn't suggest you actually have a meal here. Buy bread and get the hell out.

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