Le Jardin Cafe

G/F Bonifacio Stopover Corporate Center, 31st St. cor. 2nd Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

Le Jardin Cafe
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Most Recent Reviews

Jae-t M.
4.0 Stars

3.5 11088

Its like a gem hidden in an obscure location. It would’ve looked quaint had it not been really new and polished. Very tastefully designed. I like how they have soft lights yet still very well lit.
They were very kind to inform me via sms that they can accommodate me at a table set up outside the first time I made a reservation. It gave me an impression that it was because I was dining at a discounted rate. After my return, I figured the tables were arranged in a different way that time, so we’re cool with that.
People were raving about the Iberian chicken, like they have finally found it. -_-
Its baked, so came out really really tender. Taste-wise, its flat. The menu says served with marble potatoes, there were like 2, quartered. At P320, a little too much for its size. It does come with turmeric rice and about 1 big leaf of iceberg.
Amongst all that Ive tried, the seafood pesto has got the biggest thumbs up. The pesto sauce itself was tasty yet not bitter but could still use a teaspoon more of oil. It had 2 med prawns, a small ring of squid and bits, small bits of fish. Its a small size so it wont suffice for a full meal (P320). Something not the most fond of green, bitter pesto sauce could actually enjoy.
Sooo way better than the 3-cheese penne. And that’s saying much. It looked like dessert, for one. I thought that the bread was stale but it wasn’t, cheese does that. Gives you a taste of LPG. Pun intended. I could care even less for this meal.
The pan seared steak was seasoned pretty well, I must say! At P360, one would think it’s beef. They said it comes w haricot vert and mushroom sauce. 4 small verts and 2 tbsp of sauce (411088️ on the taste of the sauce). Its really more like a garnish. There is no hint of rosemary on the turmeric-rosemary rice.
Most cafes get their cakes and pastries supplied, so I opted for something of their own.
Another set of rave reviews for their smoothie bowls. Like “so good!” and that it’s all you need as big breakfast! -_- and another -_-. If you weigh less than a hundred pounds, maybe!
Sure its a healthy meal. Sure the yogurt was good. Would I eat it again, sure! Would I crave for it? Lets finish this.
The staff are friendly and smart looking. Courteous.
Again, would I come back or recommend it? SURE. The discounts are widely available, so might as well. It could be a nice experience for a small group to have a fancy meal with a somewhat classy ambience. Its nothing id terribly miss.

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Manila E.
4.0 Stars

Had a pleasant meal earlier today and Gian deserves an Employee of the Month award for being candid and accommodating. I had quinoa breakfast platter and Ghirardelli Mocha Frap. Their hash brown is made with potato combined with quinoa and happy with the quantity of bacon that went with it! Will definitely be back to try more stuff.

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Jill T.
5.0 Stars

This smoothie bowl can be a meal in itself or dessert for sharing. Loved the vibe of this place. Also really enjoyed their mains, especially the Vietnamese Salad (not pictured). Will be back! 128512

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4.0 Stars

Started my day with Le Jardin Cafe's lunch invite. Team Kaladkarin went to their new home in BGC Stop-over. Le Jardin Cafe is a french restaurant serving breakfast and other comfort food. The restaurant is not that big but with nice interior inside.


🥞Cinnamon Dulce de Leche Pancake for Php190.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

🥞Chia Seed Pudding Bowl for Php180.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

🥞Le Jardin Signature Kale & Quinoa Salad for Php290.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

🥞Old Fashioned Corned Beef for Php290.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

🥞Iberian Chicken for Php330.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

🥞Club Bolognese for Php290.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

🥞Croque Monsieur for Php320.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

All the dishes we had tasted good. My favorites were the Corned Beef because of the tenderness and beefy flavor of it and the Chia Seed Pudding Bowl for serving it fresh and lite. Yum!

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

Back at Le Jardin again! This time w mah @FoodSocietyPH Homies! 128155 Btw, if you guys want a fun and hassle free foodcrawl, follow @FoodSocietyph in Instagram. 🤗🤗🤗

For this visit, we ordered the following:
- Homemade Yogurt Granola Fruit Bowl (200php)
- Chia Seed Pudding Bowl (180php) --> AGAIN!!! 128155
- Croque Monsieur (320php)

The yogurt bowl was good. It's the "better version" of the yogurts we can easily buy in groceries. Better because it's "homemade" and they added fruits, nuts, and granola. Perfect healthy breakfast or snack! Or dessert! 128521

Croque Monsieur was also good. Just the right amount of cheese to make you happy. Haha! 128521 The bread was thick but still soft and tasty. Para siyang ensaymada minus the sweetness (sugar and too much butter). We loved the ham inside - not that tender though but the flavor was good. We liked the kamote chips on the side, too!

Mommy Cla also ordered the Mocha-ish chocolate drink (not sure with the exact name but it's the hardest one to pronounce in the menu 128514128123). We were able to taste it and it was good. Creamy and not super super sweet.

Will I go back here again?? OHHHYES!! 💯 This is a really nice all day breakfast place. Most of the dishes are affordable, too. If only the location isn't that far from my office, I'll have breakfast or lunch here as often as possible! 128518

Service is good but slow. Be patient because it's worth the wait. 128521128077🏼

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

So Anne R and I had lunch earlier and yep, it was fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!! 128111 I liked everything we ordered and of course, I enjoyed her company. Naks! Haha but seriously, thank you looloo! 128153 I've gained a lot of foodie friends because of you! Naks ulit! 🤗128540 HAHAHA!

Anyway... I've always wanted to try this place because of the CHIA BOWL. I got super excited when I read a number of good reviews about this place... about how good and most importantly, affordable most of their dishes are! #alamnathis 128521 Good thing, I managed to convince Anne to have lunch here instead. Yayyy!! 128131🏼128131🏼

PLACE. 127969

The place is kind of hard to find since this is located at the back of BGC Stopover. Not near Starbucks, Jollibee, Recovery Food.. nope, not there. If you know Mozu, not near there too but it's opposite Mozu. Sort of. From Mozu, cross the street and go straight. You'll see the plants.. that's Le Jardin! 128517128521

When we finally reached the place, we were surprised to see that it's small. 2 tables outside, 2 tables inside and a long table. It's small but still pretty inside -- it's simple, very chill, garden-y, and bright inside. 9786


We were able to order right away as we already know what we want - CHIA BOWL for me, PANCAKES for Anne, and the "famous" CORNED BEEF for the both of us.

Service was kind of slow as we had to wait (I think) more than 20 minutes for our orders. We were the only customers that time so if you're planning to have lunch here and you only have 1 hour, best to call them first and try ordering in advance. Oki? 128521

After around 20 minutes or so, orders finally arrived! Thank you, Lord! 128517 But since we're both foodies 128518, we asked them to bring our orders outside so we can take better photos first! Hahaha #priorities. 128540

And finally, it's eating time!!! 128588🏼

🥝 CHIA SEED PUDDING BOWL. Made with homemade yogurt, granola, honey, sunflower and flax seeds. 180.
- this was really good! I actually loved this bowl because it's healthy, it's not super sweet, and it's yummy! 🤤 I wasn't expecting any fruits at all but was surprised to see kiwi and mangoes inside. Sana they added banana slices na rin! 128518

🥞 CINNAMON DULCE DE LECHE PANCAKES. Fluffy pancakes with caramelized bananas and homemade cinnamon dulce de leche. 190.
- The pancakes were not too thick, they were light and fluffly. I liked that it was not too sweet, as well. But though good, I don't think I'll order this again. 128517 And hmm, I wasn't able to taste the cinnamon flavor that much. 128542

127835 OLD FASHIONED CORNED BEEF. Made from scratch. Served with 2 eggs and salad. 290.
- ahhhhh, the chia bowl was yummy but this was AMAZING!!! Loved the tender, very tasty, and not at all salty corned beef. Masarap siya guys!! Loved the fried small potatoes and onions, too. Sana my mom or aunt can try doing this at home because it's really good! 128076🏼 And of course, the EGG!!! Omg, it was cooked perfectly. Runny and yummy! 🤤128525128155 The side salad was kind of bitin but it was refreshing! 128077🏼 And oh, this is also served with Turmeric rice. Tasted it and it was just okay?? 128517

And oh, they also gave us complimentary CARROT CAKE. 127856 It was just okay. The cake was not moist and not sweet. You can skip this one. 128563

PS: can't wait to go back and try the yogurt bowl and their smoothie/fruit bowls next time! 128525128525128525

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Cindy S.
4.0 Stars

Le Jardin French Restaurant is now Le Jardin Café located in BGC Stopover Pavillion, Taguig. According to their marketing manager, one of the reasons behind this change was that the owners wanted it to be a more intimate and homey place serving homemade recipes and organic dishes, thus turning it into a café was a great concept.

Their new place is very well-lit and cozy. It's akin to one of the quaint French cafés we see on TV or in magazines.

I had an amazing time as a "Guest #TeamKaladkarin Foodie" for this particular visit! They served us some of the items on their new menu, and below would be my favorites:

🍽 Chia Seed Pudding Bowl — Homemade yogurt and granola, honey, sunflower and flax seeds, mango and kiwi.

Aside from being healthy, it's really refreshing and delicious. I loved the combination of the fresh fruits together with the chia seeds and granola, their soft and chewy texture is a delight to the tastebuds! It may also look small but it's really quite filling!

🍽 Le Jardin Signature Kale and Quinoa Salad — Organic kale, mixed greens, quinoa and strawberries, figs and dates. Topped with almonds and tossed in their homemade truffle vinaigrette.

I've never been a fan of salad, it would take a really good one to make me enjoy it. And Le Jardin's salad would be one of the few that I really liked! I think the quinoa and the amazing truffle vinaigrette did it! The burst of flavors was delicious and it didn't feel like I was eating greens. Hehe!

🍽 Old Fashioned Corned Beef — Made from scratch. Served with 2 eggs your way and a side of organic green salad.

Not kidding but this has got to be one of the best corned beef dishes I've ever had! The beef is tender and soft, full of flavor. And the fact that it's made from scratch is amaziiin'!

🍽 Iberian Chicken — Roasted quarted chicken leg cooked in garlic and herbs. Served with baby potatoes and green salad.

The chicken leg was very tender and it has that melts-in-your-mouth texture! I think the different herbs and spices they used in this dish were plain superb, making an ordinary roasted chicken a knockout dish.

🍽 Club Bolognese — Capellini in their chunky meat sauce topped with creamy cheese.

One of the indications of a legit red-sauce pasta is if it has that "slightly maasim" kick. Le Jardin's Bolognese definitely had it! It may not be enjoyable to some but I really liked it. The pasta was al dente and the meat sauce was downright flavorful!

🍽 Cheese and Salted Dark Chocolate Cookies — These babies are the perfect ending to a hearty meal! I honestly couldn't choose which I liked best between the two flavors because both were seriously heavenly yummyyy!

They use French cheese on the cheese cookies and you can actually smell the cheesy aroma upon cutting it in half. The salted dark chocolate cookie on the other hand was rich and sinful! Their cookies are soft and chewy and perfect! You'd be tempted to bring home a box, or two! 128514

The next time you'd be around BGC Stopover, don't miss out on Le Jardin Café!

Again, thanks to EJ B for inviting me! Also, super nice to meet you Dennis O, Jayson J! Amazeballs to see you again Christina R! 10084️ And Norman Lester T, we see each other everyday.. but still! 128522128591🏻 Had an awesome time with #TeamKaladkarin! 10084

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

The former Le Jardin French Restaurant has made a daring change recently. Now on its new place over at 32nd street, they found a well lit and nice ambience that could accommodate at least 25 pax and now serving homemade dishes for you to enjoy. We were first to the food in their new menu and here are some of my recommendations:

128204128525 Chia Seeds Pudding Bowl @180PhP
Prepared overnight, this breakfast bowl will be a number one must try! It got healty granola, yoghurt, honey, sunflower and flax seeds. One order of this will give you tge energy that you need for the morning.

128204128525 Le Jardin Signature Kale and Quinoa Salad @180PhP
I love the medley of figs, strawberries and dates all mixed with kale, quinoa, and almond seeds. The truffle vinaigrette gives this salad a perfect taste!

128204128525 Old Fashioned Corned Beef @290PhP
They made this from scratch, so don't expect something canned-- theirs come in chunks, served with your style of egg (sunny side for me!) and a side of organic salad.

128204128525 Iberian Chicken @330PhP
Another must try from this cafe, a hood quarter portion of roasted chicken cooked with garlic and herbs. This is further enjoyed with baby potatoes and green salad.

128204 Club Bolognese @290PhP
I think this is a little above okay for me, but definitely not the best. This pasta is more of the sweet type, but the ground meat is really tasty.

128204 Croque Monsieur @320PhP
Thick whole wheat bread with slices of homemade ham. Enjoy this while hot to appreciate the cheeses and béchamel sauce. The sweet potato chips is also good.

They serve coffee too. They have cakes to enjoy it with the coffee, but what i like the most are their cookies

128204128525 Cheese Cookies
Made from French cheese. These cookies are really heavenly cheesy. I'll let you do the rest of the description after you try it.

128204128525 Seasalt Dark Chocolate Cookies
I have only tried a couple of this great combination of seasalt and dark chocolate flavors. I did not know that salt could be part of sweet endings!

Come and try the new le jardin cafe.

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Dennis O.
4.0 Stars

The famous romantic rooftop date place Le Jardin Manila in BGC have sadly quietly closed down last December but with that sad closing come a new cafe version of Le Jardin.

Le Jardin Cafe is located near the Bonifacio Stopover area. Still inspired by French cuisine this time more on the comfort food side of French cuisine. The place was cozy and perfectly located near the office building in the area. Perfect place for a time off from the stressful work or a quick lunch out with the group.

Their menu got some healthy feels item which I like. For this visit we got to tried the following amazing dishes.
9749Chia Seed Pudding Bowl - to start it off we got this lovely bowl chia seed. Hidden underneath the granola are the mango and kiwi slice. Such a simple dish but it was amazing good. This our the type of power food that I really enjoy.128077

9749Le Jardin Signature Kale & Quinoa Salad - Another healthy dish that I really enjoyed. A mix of organic kale, mixed greens, and quinoa with strawberries,figs, and dates. Topped with almonds and tossed in our homemade truffle vinaigrette. I enjoyed it but the dates gave the salad a bit of too much sweetness. Minus the dates it was perfect for me.

9749Cinnamon Dulce De Leche Pancakes - 3 fluffy pancakes caramelized with bananas and cinnamon dulce de leche. We didn't had this at its best since we took too long taking pic haha. Not a big fan of pancakes but for me this was okay.

9749Old Fashioned Corned Beef - this one is my favorite. A big fan of chunky kind of cornedbeef like this. Thick delicious yummy old school corned beef with 2 lovely sunny side eggs on the side.10084

9749Iberian Chicken - this one is another fave of the group especially EJ B. hahaha. A quarter chicken cooked with delicious herbs and garlic. The meat was juicy and flavorful. Perfect with hot steamy cup of rice. This will be a fave in their menu for sure.

9749Club Bolegnese - this one is a hit or miss depending on your taste. The sauce was a bit one the sweet end. I liked it but the others find it a bit sweet for a pasta.

9749Croque Monsiuer - a classic french cafe original. It was a cheesy ham sandwich that I really enjoyed. A perfect example of french comfort food.

9749Cookies - for the finale a must try!!! Their cookies are really yummy good. Both the cheese and salted dark chocolates are superbly good. Don't leave this place without trying those cookies.128523

Overall we are happy that Le Jardin reopened and made it more accessible to more people. A perfect all day breakfast place that will give you lots of healthy options.

Nice meeting you Cindy S. and fun time again with the Kaladkarin EJ B. Christina R. Jayson J. Norman Lester T.

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Jayne Marie W.
5.0 Stars

Located in a penthouse level, Le Jardin is a good place to celebrate occasions or simply to indulge in fine French cuisine with lofty views of the city.

We enjoyed the food here when we were invited to celebrate my partner's niece for her first birthday. We have a menu choices for the 3-course meal which included Iced Tea or Coffee for the drink, 1 appetizers, 1 main course, and 1 dessert.

Lasagne d'agneau (Lamb Lasagna)
I enjoyed this unique lasagna. Indeed a different twist to the usual lasagna, and the flavors in your mouth is just divine! Very different from the usual lasagnas out there!

Forest Truffle Chicken
Braised chicken in red wine with creamy mashed potatoes, French beans, and black truffles. I'm lost for words on how to describe this dish, the fragrance of the Forest Truffle Chicken echoes the allure of the French cuisine. The sauce is the highlight of the dish which enhances the flavor of the mashed potato and the tender chicken. I couldn't stop dipping the chicken to the sauce which had an intense and pungent fragrance to the point that I even savored the sauce alone.

Apple Cheesecake Crumble
The ultimate dessert could well be this combination. A shortbread crust that is layered with a cheesecake filling, cinnamon-spiced apples and a crumb topping.

Le Jardin was unexpectedly great, all of the food we tried was great! Each had a very unique taste. I'm glad that I got to experience authentic French cuisine. You all should go to this resto! It's all worth it! Oh, this place is also perfect for romantic dinner dates because of the overlooking view of the city. Whatever the reason may be, you will definitely have a good time.

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Tommy T.
5.0 Stars

Located at the penthouse of W building, this restaurant has a very nice ambiance, food is superb. Appetizers is soup de cittrouille et foie gras poele and coquilles St Jacques Poelee, followed by palate cleanser. Main dish was filet de Beouf Rossini and seared foie gras , followed with cheese plate, dessert was profiterole au chocolate, paired with chanpagne, white and red wine .

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

Two weeks ago, my former colleague M messaged me to ask if I was free the following day for food tasting at Le Jardin. Since Le Jardin is one of the restaurants I wanted to visit, I quickly replied YES! Who am I to turn down free food anyway?

Hello, Le Jardin.

I’ve read about this fancy French restaurant befores. I planned to have brunch here one time with a few friends but it never happened. But thanks to M, I get to try some of its bestsellers.

When I arrived, I was the only guest there. I thought I was too early for dinner. But throughout dinner, only two to three other tables were occupied. (All were couples except for the group of baby boomers near the bar.)

M and I tried the five-course dinner (PHP3,200) which includes amuse bouche, three entrée aux choix (appetizers), plat principal au choix (main course), assortment de fromage maison (homemade cheese) and dessert au choix (assortment of one dessert).

First served were a plate of freshly baked bread and a small serving of amuse bouche (truffled scrambled eggs).

The amuse bouche was delightful with its soft and silky texture. It went well with the warm bread.

It took roughly 30 minutes before the first appetizer arrived.

The Saumon Fumé Maison or house smoked salmon was quite ordinary for me. It was also not as salty as the other smoked salmon I tried before.

The Tartare de Homard au Pamplemousse was served next and it was quite bland. The lobster was fresh though and the chilled pomelo was refreshing.

It took almost another half hour before the Lasagne D’ Agneau was served. But it was worth the wait.

Though small, this dish was oozing with flavor. This is one of the tastiest lasagnas I’ve tried. I also loved that the lamb had no after taste. It would have tasted better though if it was served warmer and al dente. But apparently, French pasta is made to be softer or so what the chef told M.

Now for the main course… the Pavé de Thon et Foie Gras Poêlé Sauce aux Truffes or Grilled Tuna Steak with Foie Gras and Truffle sauce. (Whew, that’s a mouthful!)

It sauce was divine! I loved the salty and slightly creamy sauce and it went well with the grilled tuna, mashed potatoes and asparagus. I also loved the thick slice of foie gras (though I’ve had better foie gras in Tagaytay Highlands). The only part I was a bit iffy about was that the tuna was medium well. It has some red parts but the server said that it’s really served like that. Oh well.

We were already full when the cheese platter arrived. But since it looked tempting, we gave it a try.

The homemade cheeses were infused with flavors such as olives, red pepper, truffle and chives while one was made with ash from French wood. My favorites were chives and truffle. Red pepper was so-so while ash and olives were unbearable for me.

Finally, after more than three hours of eating, we finally reached dessert.

The Dessert de Gils is said to be Le Jardin’s bestselling dessert so I had high expectations.

The beautiful mess was made of strawberry sorbet with frozen berries, crust and nuts and it was a lovely way to cap the night. I now get it why it is their bestselling dish.

I will definitely be back for more!

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Julienne Y.
5.0 Stars

I'm gonna work 2x as hard so I can eat here 2x as often. splurge (calorie and wallet) mode: get their set menu. Tipid mode: go ala carte and tell them to split the meals. For example, my mom and i ordered the grilled tuna foie gras and had them split it into two portions. The half portion is in my photo. My mom's plate was identical.

We did the same "split strategy" for the fish soup. It was more than enough. Some appetizers like the St. Jacques scallops are only good for one however. So i guess it depends. But the waiter will be there to guide you. Their service is terrific. Their food is wonderful as well.

Tip: go for lunch for bright airy views. Dinner time for a more romantic sort of experience.

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Jesusa A.
3.0 Stars

Had the four-course meal. Everything was just okay except for Gil's dessert, which was quite fantastic.

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Daffodil C.
5.0 Stars

Dined at this restaurant with my girlfriends, we had the 3-course meal which included a starter, main and dessert plus their homemade cheese. We also ordered a bottle of red wine that the manager recommended. Food was okay, nothing great.

After having our dessert we were so full already that we couldn't eat the cheese anymore, so we asked the waiter to wrap it up for us. When it came back, it's in a really nice, "very sosyal" take-out box. Haha!128522

Beautiful interiors. Nice color scheme. Very fancy looking and spacious.

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Tara C.
5.0 Stars

Great food (foie gras, soupe de poisson, porcine and dessert de Gils). Super slow service, typical of any French restaurant.

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5.0 Stars

Atmosphere was very nice!! And foia gras was very delicious. Wine was a bit expensive. It was my most expensive dinner in Manila, but it's so delicious!!

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The Food Scout N.
4.0 Stars

A newly opened French restaurant at the Penthouse floor of W Building.
One Saturday evening was perfect for O and I to come by for our dinner date. The room isnt packed, only 1/8 of the space were occupied that night.

The Food:
We were given the menu to choose among the courses, 3 course, 4 course or 5 course meal.
O and I opted for a 4 course meal each.
My favorites are their Lobster Salad, french duck liver in 3 ways, braised beef cheek with pan fried foie gras and their incredible desserts!

To be honest, it's really pricey! Like youre having a buffet in a 5-star hotel.
But I guess you have to count the view from the penthouse with makati and fort view plhs the upscale set-up of the restaurant.

Not a good place for casual dining. Ideally for occasions you have to celebrate.

For more reviews, visit www.thefoodscout.net

Pray, Eat and Love.

The Food Scout

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