Lee Ga Jang

Aguirre Ave., BF Homes, Parañaque, Metro Manila

Lee Ga Jang
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Paolo S.
4.0 Stars

Lee Ga Jang is a korean chinese restaurant that took the spot of Kulpy Chicken beside Carpe Diem. A bit of a background on this first. Much like how we have our filipino chinese dishes like pansit, siomai, mami, lomi... well so do koreans! Its basically what they'd refer to as their chinese food.

Walking into a chinese resto in korea, dont expect the laureat sets, dimsum, the roast ducks & pork... expect dishes like jjajangmyeon (noodles in black bean sauce), mandu (gyoza-like dumplings), jjamppong (spicy seafood noodle soup), and tang su yuk (their version of sweet and sour pork). And Lee Ga Jang cooks up all these korean chinese staples to a T! 128076

I really like how their jjamppong's broth has a strong seafood flavor without being "malansa". They're generous with the seafood portions too, as my bowl was filled with mussels, clams, and big slices of squid! The mandu and the jjajjangmyeon i'd come back for any day. Plus points for the friendly and attentive owner who gave out free bowls of makgeolli (korean rice wine) that evening after someone walked in and gave her a bottle 128522

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