Lee Hak

Pioneer Centre, Pioneer St. cor. United St., Kapitolyo, Pasig, Metro Manila

Lee Hak
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Gj A.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Nathalyn Q.
3.0 Stars

You can make your own bibimbap which is 10084️.

Japchae 110881108811088
Samgyeupsal: 1108811088️ (The pork wasn't fresh, but the lettuce is 128077🏻)
Kimchi 110881108811088
Pajeon 128534
Dessert 11088

They didn't have Galbi Jim, Tteokboki with fish cakes, or ramen which is sad. But I'm not one to complain considering the price for a buffet.

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Aldwin D.
3.0 Stars

Korean buffet for p322 m-th.

What would you get.

5 kinds of soup
3 kinds of Fruit dessert
Some korean dessert (potato and sweet kalabasa etc)
Two kinds of iced tea

Fried rice
Seafood about three kinds
Friend chicken
Vegetable tempura

Grilled meat

Share ko lang :

Just did not have a good start, since we have no plan of eating out. I was just wearing pambahay. Short and shirt and slippers. Good thing i have an extra shirt and a pair of shoes to make myself more presentable. Since i was in shorts and shirt this waiter insisted on sitting us iat the far end. I have told him that i was assigned table number 2, while he was guiding us i was asking him if i could take the tables near the buffet. He said it was reserved( eh wala naman tao) Just because i was just in almost house clothes he placed us in the far end. Luckly i saw the desk reception officer and asked her to transfer her and she asked us what was the table number assigned to us, as i said 2 she carried our plates and gave us the right table near the buffet. I was very upset. I was about to complain but i cant remember the waiter anymore.

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Jackie S.
1.0 Stars

I am never going to eat here again!!!

To begin with, this place was filthy, you can look at the photo I uploaded and you'd see that they just used newspaper to cover up the oil under our table.

You'd see in the photo, shots of the buffet. It takes forever for them to refill the dishes. It's as if they don't want you to eat at all. I was there for only an hour cause I couldn't stand the place. The only thing they refilled was the Chap Chae. The trays that were empty when I arrived were still empty before I left.

Service was no good too. I ordered soda and had to follow-up 4 times to get it. And when you ask them when they are going to refill, their standard answer would be "It's coming".

The meat they serve is more of fat that beef, and just look at where they store it.

Make sure you're not going anywhere if you dare try to eat this place, cause you'll smell like oil when you leave cause they don't have a good exhaust system.

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Blu A.
1.0 Stars

The restaurant smells like a pet shop. They have the worst service. They kept on accepting diners even if they don't have enough servers. They gave us a portable stove where the piping hot pan almost slid down the floor because the pan was not compatible with the stove. Will never eat here again. Worst dining experience ever.

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Kara G.
4.0 Stars

HR Team dinner 9786128525128079 thank you po!

Really loved the food but the service was meh.

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Airene L.
2.0 Stars

I found out about Lee Hak a couple of months ago and was finally able to give it a try today with my friend, Jade. In contrast to its positive reviews, we didn't like this place. We've been to numerous Korean buffet restaurants before and we've never had this kind of experience.

Staff - 2/5 (Not accommodating)
Ambiance - 2/5 (I appreciate the fact that their place is airconditioned but they should have a ventilation system so customers won't smell like smoke when they leave)
Food - 2/5 (We came here for the pork, which did not meet expectation. They did not serve fresh pork, as the meat already has a stench so we weren't able to finish it. The egg rolls are salty. Their mandu and japchae though are really good. Lemon water was nice, but their iced tea didn't taste like iced tea, more like lemon water with sugar and coloring. Meh.)
Overall - 2/5 (Don't think we'll return, nor recommend this to any of my friends)

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Jade A.
2.0 Stars

I'm a Korean buffet kind of girl. Both my friend and I are, so we decided to try Lee Hak since we've been seeing it for a while now plus one of our friends have already tried it and said it was okay for the price. They currently have a promo at the moment for P322 (dinner) so why not right?

The place is big and can definitely accomodate a lot of customers. Their staff are just a bit... meh, not very accomodating I may say..

The food... I love samgyupsal, and I am very disappointed with their samgyupsal, even though we have grilled the pork well, there's just this foul taste to their meat, the meat is not fresh at all. We have tried several korean buffet restaurants already and they always serve fresh meat for their samgyupsal, I just don't know how Lee Hak does it :/ Their egg roll and kimbap is disappointing too, it's too salty 128557 The only thing we liked is their mandu and japchae, and their white rice is perfect so that's good. But still this is the first time that we weren't able to eat a lot, considering our huge appetite for Korean food.

Are we going back? No.

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Alessi Ponty S.
5.0 Stars

I was looking for a restaurant near our place to celebrate a special day and came across Lee Hak (via Looloo) since I was also craving for some Korean Tepanyaki and gave this restau a shot. I wasn't expecting much since the buffet costs Php 322 per plate but I was so surprised with the variety of Korean Dishes they offer for the buffet. They serve marinated chicken/pork and the regular one for the Tepanyaki, it was sooooo GOOD that we only availed for the grill and a plate full of Kimchi! Will definitely go back, would recommend this place to satisfy your korean food craving! Will try bibimbap and kimbap next time 🤓

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Ygie M.
4.0 Stars

Jgh from here! Lee Hak is a Korean Buffet in Pioneer just across Unilab. :) Idk if it's just for today but sad to say there is no beef for the Samgyeopsal :( It's all pork and chicken. :( Then drinks are only juices. :( And then lots of people are eating in here maybe because it's a Sunday... & Then since we were 14-15 pax and reserved a week ago we were in a separated room.

We had two tables with grillers but unfortunately the other griller wasn't working which is bad and an inconvenience for us. Another is that the aircon was dripping water so it kinda flooded in the part where the aircon was located. We were cautious on that part so we wouldn't slip.

Overall experience would be 11088110881108811088️ I didn't expect much cause their price of korean buffet is just affordable. 9786️ But some foods were delish!

Food 110881108811088
Service/Food Restoration 1108811088
Cleanliness 1108811088

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Ellaine D.
4.0 Stars

Loved cooking my own food and eating it like in those korean telenovelas. There were a lot of people lining up and confirming their reservation, but you wouldn't notice them especially when you're eating.

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Zia M.
4.0 Stars

Celebrating Chinese New Year in a Korean bbq restaurant! 128517

After working out the whole day, we decided to splurge ourselves with MEAT. And so we're here.

The resto is not open for lunch, however the buffet upstairs is open for a price of Php322/pax. It was sulit. 128077🏻

We had organic pork belly and marinated chicken for our korean bbq. Also, I like the beef bulgogi and yangchow rice (yes omg rice heaven). I also like their onion rings and calamari! 10084

One thing though, the staff were not around. We keep on looking for them when we need them. Plus they don't refill the dishes attentively.

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Veanney V.
4.0 Stars

I didn't get the chance to take a picture of the buffet itself cos I was too hungry to function 128514 We dined in here on December 23, 2015 for our company's Christmas lunch since we were to busy we opted to try the buffet here rather than going to KPUB at the Fort since this was much nearer to our office. We got the rate per head at a discount (P435) as it was a weekday. There's a wide spread in this buffet considering that it is less than 500 pesos which pushed me to giving this place 4 stars. Taste wise I would've just rated this a 3 since I only liked around 5/20 (?) of the food items available.

Don't forget to get a lot of meat from the grilling station. That's the meat you wrap in the lettuce with some veggies. Most of their marinades taste similar. Sweet and a bit savory. I was happy to find lechon/liempo-chon in the buffet since it's not something I would expect from a Korean/Japanese buffet but it's something that I like eating so that made me happy HAHA (yes I eat a lot of fat 128547) they also have unique items in their tempura station such as cali Maki in tempura batter. I wasn't able to taste it because I was too full but my sisters kept coming back for it so I guess it was good. Their only dessert is ice cream but they do have like 4 flavors of it. So I guess it's okay plus the fruit slices they have those too.

They also have karaoke if I'm not mistaken and they have private rooms that can also accomodate 10-15pax.

The bathroom isn't that clean so 128078 for that.

Overall, friendly staff, good food and good company gives this experience a 4 star rating 128522

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Jasper T.
4.0 Stars

For 499 unlimited Sumgyapsal and order all you can from their menu, plus the fact that they have free unlimited appetizers, it's really best value for your money.

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