Lefty's Chick-N-Chops

Great Spot Arcade, JR Borja Ext., Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Oriental

Lefty's Chick-N-Chops
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Fried Chicken
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Reopens: 11:00a - 10:00p


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Most Recent Reviews

Ann M.
4.0 Stars

I love their chicken, it's juicy and so crunchy! It's like bon chon but not saucy but tasty. Even my baby girl bites a big piece she was able to munch it without having a hard time.

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Trisha S.
4.0 Stars

Burgers and wings, always a good idea! Loved the fact that they serve healthier options like salads! I got the the buffalo chicken salad, a piece of burger patty and shared with 4 pcs. Of lefty's wings with blue cheese dip while my friends got the blazing blue burger and the jalapeƱo burger. The salad was awesome! The spicy chicken was complemented by the ranch dressing perfectly. There was a generous amount of dressing, the leaves were all coated unlike in other restos where the dressing is usually not enough. The burger patty was yummy on its own. While I'm not really a fan of spicy food, the wings were sooo good with the blue cheese dip. Yuuuum. So far, our CDO food trip has been true to our motto of "no regrets, just love.".... Goodbye diet! See you next week (hopefully)!

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Kristine G.
5.0 Stars

It's burgers and wings kind of night! Their burger patties certainly improved. We tried the Cowboy burger and the Bacon Cheeseburger this time and both are good. Everytime we come here we always order the wings, the original one, not too spicy. 128077 By far I could say they have the best wings in town.

This place may not be at the center of the city but it's worth the trip. The food prices are also very affordable. 128522

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Adenais T.
5.0 Stars


where do i start?!?!

Their oh so awesome buffalo chicken wings!!
In classic ( hot128293) , garlic parmesan 128077 and asian ( sweet ) flavors.
With yummy blue cheese, mustard and other dips. They have boneless bites too! Youll never go wrong with their chicken! This is a place to be when in cagayan de oro!

Their signature roast beef will melt ur taste buds away. This dish in a sizzling plate only @ 105. Also in sizzling plates, their gambaz, sisig, and salisbury steak for only less than 150!!! 128293

Their budget friendly burgers will also make you come back for more. Cheese burgers, bacon cheese burger, gravy melt and others more.127828

Sandwiches 127838 and monster fries! Choco desserts as well.

Youll go gaga here!128525 youll have a hard time to order.. Because ud want to try them all!! This is my go to place when i wanna eat my heart out!! 10084

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4.0 Stars

I wouldn't be suggesting this place to Looloo if it wasn't for their gravymelt burger I ate just a few days ago.

And I wouldn't have discovered this place if wasn't for our (mine and my husband's) suspicion. There was a time last year when I thought I was pregnant. I had a constant cravings for spicy/buffalo wings and it lasted for, like, almost a month (?) My hubba and I went "best hot wings" hunting just to satisfy my cravings. Being in Cagayan de Oro, I wasn't given much choice. I've considered Big Flat Bread's and Yellowcab's as the best. Until one morning, I saw Lefty's Chick-N-Chops on the location of a friend's Instagram photo.

The words chicks and chops made it too obvious for us to figure out that it's a wings joint. So my hubba and I had lunch there. He ordered roast beef (P105; Served in a sizzling plate) and I ordered 4pc buffalo wings and 4pc garlic parmesan wing, ranch dip for my buffalo wings, and blue cheese dip for garlic parmesan wings (just so everyone knows, I'm a sucker for dips, specifically mayo-based dips!). My cravings were greatly satisfied at the time that we kept coming back to try their other food. I even brought my mom, aunts, sister-in-law there, and I got the reaction I was expecting: The food was awesome!

Have you guys ever felt this: You love a certain food, you always order it for the next couple of days feeling like it'd be your forever and all-time favorite, and then one day you realize that you're already sick of it, of ordering the same food over and over again? Haha! I actually felt that.

So let me just say just that my current fave are their burgers. Blazing Blue, Chili Cheeseburger, Arriba, and the reason why I'm making this review, *drum rolls* GRAVYMELT BURGER!!

The service though is not that A-okay, because of one waiter that isn't too accomodating. Mehh. But everything else.. Hmm, 4 stars for Lefty's.

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