Legazpi Four Seasons Restaurant

Magallanes St., Legazpi, Albay

Legazpi Four Seasons Restaurant
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Business Hours
Open: 8:00a - 9:00p


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Most Recent Reviews

Tina B.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Lara Monica B.
3.0 Stars

Seasoned chicken --- my tita's favorite..
But I agree with other reviews (matagal ang service + servers comments.. Haha!).

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Alex O.
4.0 Stars

Went here after our ATV adventure from Mayon. Really a perfect cap for 'lamon' ! Was very hungry! ;)

And this resto didn't disappoint! Best ever Chinese style fried chicken! We ordered one whole chopped into pieces! It was piping hot, crunchy, and I just love the sweetish soy and onion glaze! Comes with a litro of delicious honey calamansi houseblend tea!

Try also their sandwich tofu! Sarap! Their second best seller!

Go also with their Yang chow fried rice, lots of egg although it was a bit too wet for me.

The place is a simple 'Binondo ambiance' resto, but good comfort Chinese food! They have two branches. Hope I posted at the right one!

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Alyssa A.
4.0 Stars

Their avocado shake is perfect to kill the summer heat 128074128074128074

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Kiko G.
1.0 Stars

Wen I visit a certain city, I always check |ooloo and some blogs to know where the best places are for food.

Four Seasons is always included in bloggers' top list. Before heading to Cagsawa Ruins, we ate here for lunch last Sunday.

The place had a similar look to the restaurants in Binondo. It was clean, small but not cramped and well ventilated. We only ordered Sweet and Sour pork, Yang Chow Rice and their best seller, Seasons Chicken.

Their Yang Chow Rice was delicious but the Sweet and Sour Pork was bad. We didn't even get to savor the "sweet-sour" flavor. It was a different dish in my opinion. I cared to ask if we got the correct orders and the lady server confirmed it. Moreover, the meat came from Candy Corner, it was gummy.

Our last hope (haha), Seasons chicken. It had a similar look and taste to a Soy fried Chicken. It was good but nothing that would get me bowled over.

Food was a secondary issue to us but the primary one was their service. The servers were like casts of walking dead. They have this Shalani energy (as per Jamie G haha) and can't even speak up. When you ask them their best seller, ituturo-turo lang nila sa menu. Also, when they talk, ididikit mo tenga mo sa bunganga nila to check if there are words coming out of their mouths. Nghhumming lang sila haha.

We had a fight with the store owner as well regarding receipt. We gave the company name and they're asking for the complete address. Partly our fault because we don't know the exact because the address is overseas. We imposed that in other restaurants, they gave us receipts kahit walang address. And it started, pinagalitan niya kami haha. She kept discussing to us BIR rules. She won't give us an OR daw unless we know the address and she kept giving us that are-you-guys-stupid look. Well, we fought for our OR! Haha

Well done for a restaurant owner... I need this restaurant to be in chef Ramsay's kitchen nightmares haha

Wala bang negative star? Or Falling star ?

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