Lemon & Olives

26 Outlook Drive, Baguio, Benguet

Lemon & Olives
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Chili G.
5.0 Stars

Saw this place on my cousin's feed when she was in Baguio a couple of weeks ago and was pretty excited too since I love Greek food.
It's great how the food community is always progressing in Baguio and this resto in particular is no exception. Situated along outlook drive, it's an old residence turned into a very warm and cozy restaurant which just the right Mediterranean touches.
We were afraid that we won't be seated cos there were so many cars already outside but we were led to a table on the balcony which was perfect. We enjoyed the crisp night air and view.
Service was really great, above par than most establishments in the metro. Food selection was also good and with reasonable prices as well! I tried their version of saganaki which is more like fried cheese instead of the flaming cheese like in Cyma. I also got their souvlaki platter (php270) which consisted of chicken, pork and beef. The meat were all tender and tasty and I wasn't able to finish it! Hubby tried their kebab which was also very tender.
So happy to have a new fave restaurant in Baguio 128522

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Billy Ray B.
4.0 Stars

Very nice ambience.
Great view.

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Mintzy F.
3.0 Stars

Food: 9/10
We ordered their greek salad and their souvlaki with lamb, beed and chiken. I'm not an avid lover of salad but Lemon and Olives' salad is my favorite so far. I love the feta cheese mixed with their balsamic vinegar and olive oil. I'm sure people who loves salad will enjoy their version. As for the souvlaki, we couldn't distinguish the lamb from the beef sonce they both look alike from the way they are chopped. The chicken is tasty and tender but the souvlaki had 5 or pieces of semi-cubed chicken. These two are the meals me ordered so far, soon we'll try their lamb racks!

P.S. You can enjoy cakes and pastries from Patch Cafe here! (Same owner of Patch Cafe so you can try their sweets here too. Don't forget their baklavia, I heard it will satisfy every sweet tooths)

Staff and Service: 3/10
Bad staff service. Really. Like we've been there for 2 times and all they did was stare at us and sometimes ignore us. From the moment we entered, they had this zombie look on their faces. Their uniforms are trendy and actually nice but the servers are just not friendly. We sat their for about 20 minutes and no one was entertaining us while the servers stood tjere and roamed around as if they were actually doing something. They also like to notice customers who were taking selfies and pictures of the resto but leave the rest of the usual customers waiting for their attention. My mom had to actually go to the counter and ask for our bill and menus because the servers were too busy daydreaming. During our first time the owner himself even scolded and called tje attention of one server who was just standing there near us pretending no one was with him inside the resto. Slow service and the staff aren't attentive at all. So please try to manage the staff for the resto to have a effective service.

Ambiance: 9/10
The place is actually homey and eye catching. Interiors were great as well as the execution of the chairs and decorations. The only downside is that the resto is superficial and somewhat an imitation of a trendy resto somewhere. The whites and blues makes the place pop but the painting are dull for our taste. If you love to take photos of restos, this place will satisfy your instagram.

Over all rating:
Olive and Lemons is a feast for everyones eyes, the place is rustic and cool for the young and old. Every food on their menu is a must try, although the steaks and lamb rack are pricey for some; I would recommend their Gyros, Salads and Souvlakis for people who like to budget their money. It's one of the many new restos in Baguio city and with the location I'm sure locals and tourist will visit this resto. Great food! Nice owner! Pet friendly! (They let dogs inside the resto from our experience) and great for your Instagram feed!

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Hazel A.
5.0 Stars

The place is very Instagrammable. From the food to the tables and chairs, wall designs and even the comfort room! Foods served are very generous with lemon and olives, i guess that's why they named it that way.

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Scy L.
4.0 Stars

So we headed to have lunch at this cool place. It's a Greek restaurant called Lemon and Olives, located at Outlook Drive (going to Minesview Park), The exterior looked amazing, it is in the edge and you have a view of the mountains in the distance.

The interior wowed us with the wooden flooring, light and cool shades for the wall and the jaw dropping view from the balcony dining. It was so jam packed though and I specifically wanted to eat outside to enjoy the cool Baguio breeze. So we decided to stay on the waiting list until a table was ready while checking their menu.

The restaurant was bustling with diners, there was really no available tables, we were forced to stand around and wait for tables to get cleared, which isn't gonna happen anytime soon. I did specifically asked for a table on their balcony/veranda. I like eating with a view, and I was willing to wait no matter how long it took, which was about half an hour. We were celebrating a special event you see. So what has to be has to be.

The great thing is, I asked if it was possible to have a table set up out there, since there was still space. A group just left and there were a set of tables they can move around. The kind waiter told us if he can do anything about it. And he did. After a couple of minutes, we were given a table. and we placed our orders.

Appetizer: Grilled Octopus
Salad: Greek Salad
Main Course: Souvlaki Mixed Plate (Lamb, Pork and Beef) & Greek Style Spaghetti
Dessert: Caramel Chocolate Cake

I will review these dishes one by one for you.

Grilled Octopus
Appetizer: Grilled Octopus

I was expecting a lot from this dish. More because it's hard to get authentic octopus dishes in Baguio. It disappointed me though. The texture was rubbery and hard to chew or swallow for that matter. The tasted was quite good. But it hurt my jaw before I can appreciate it further. I guess they overcooked this one. Too bad.

Greek Salad

Salad: Greek Salad

This is one of the winning dishes for me. Yes, it's your ordinary salad, with lettuce, onions and tomatoes, drizzled with olive oil, but what i loved was the olives and feta cheese. Those pieces closed the deal. The olives were quite fresh, zingy and salty, it even still has the seed in it. The feta cheese is quality and balances out the mix. I would reorder this again.

Souvlaki Mixed Plate
Main Course: Souvlaki Mixed Plate (Lamb, Pork and Beef)

Basically, it's seasoned grilled meat, drizzled with their secret sauce, served on Pita bread with vegetables and fries on the side, along with tzatziki dips of garlic and chili. I regretted ordering the mixed platter as it was crazy identifying the meats. You could if you wanted to, but Greek food is all about flavor and there was too much in one plate. It was a great idea for meat lovers, but I wish I should have just stuck to the lamb. The beef was not up to par, chewy and hard. Needed more time. We were too full to finish the whole platter so we asked for it to get wrapped up.

Greek Style Spaghetti

Main Course: Greek Style Spaghetti

Greek Style Spaghetti sounded unique, it is but your plain spaghetti with a beef chunks, which is again a bit hard to chew. I expected the beef to be melt in your mouth kind of thing. Topped with mozzarella cheese, so better eat it while it's melty! Taste was alright. Not something I would reorder at the moment. I wished I stuck to my gut and ordered the Pastisio or Moussaka pasta, but it was only I who liked bechamel sauce. Hence, the classic tomato sauce spaghetti.

Caramel Chocolate Cake

Caramel Chocolate Cake

Dessert: Caramel Chocolate Cake

This cake is awesome, moist and balanced. We saw it being served to a neighboring table and asked for a slice ourselves. Not disappointed at all. However, it depends on what they have in the fridge for dessert. Sometimes, it's not available. Like my first choice, Halvas.

By the way, the have a private garden where they harvest some of the ingredients they use on their dishes. Their balcony railing is lined with little herb planters, such as mint, tarragon, rosemary, etc.

Question is, would I still come back? For the view, yes. For the food, I have yet to try other dishes so it's not over till I have found what their best dishes are. That is what I do. That is what I am born to do. So hopefully, another review soon!



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Cai J.
4.0 Stars

Finally Greek resto in Baguio. If you've been to Geifsis in La Union then look no further. The chef is aunthentic greek. One of the 2 brothers is the chef.
Went there lunch time so the place is ok but i think its nice at night time.
Ordered their mix souvlaki. Forgot to take pic of the free dessert. It was their soft opening

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