Lexxusa Forever Young Beauty Salon & Spa

1 Corumi St., Masambong, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Lexxusa Forever Young Beauty Salon & Spa
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Anrey C.
4.0 Stars

In this salon is where happened the craziest thing I did to my hair., I asked them to cut my hair very short... It appears like I am immitating charice..honestly I am irritated to her even nung hindi pa sya totally tomboy.. Ala lang..trip ko lang hahaha...

But in this photo it gets a little longer because this was taken just a month or less after it was cutted... I'm a little out my mind when I asked them to cut it that way..good thing mabilis humaba hair ko...
Ok yung service nila,. Malinis yung salon , fully airconditioned.. at may konting parking space 128663128664128665128102128103128556128540 sinashampoo din ulit hair at binonlower bago gupitan.. Far better kesa sa mga ordinary salon sa tabi tabi hehe...

PS: comment me when you are going here, I'll accompany you :)

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