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Diego S.
4.0 Stars


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Bernisse C.
4.0 Stars

Dimsum in Chinese actually means snack (點心) or “merienda”. But because it is so good and so loved by the Filipino-Chinese community, it became a go-to order for any meal at anytime of the day. Others even make this into a full course meal!
My friend was craving for Chinese food for the longest time. So when he saw that there was a voucher for four at deal grocer, he immediately bought it. The retail price for the DIMSUM BUFFET at Li Li was P988. At deal grocer, I believe it comes in a package of four and when you divide it, it’s only around P840 per person (around 15% off). To be honest, I didn’t want to go at first because I’ve been eating Chinese food since I was a kid so I was very sure there was nothing new there that I haven’t tried. But they were short by one person so I said, "Why not?"
PLACE 11088110881108811088
When we got there, the first thing that popped in my mind was how Chinese128114🏼 the restaurant looked (duh128517128514) It had a mix of red and dark brown color all over. Walls had round mirrors and burgundy curtains. The place had a modern Chinese design with its high ceilings and round tables.

FUN FACT❗️The reason why Chinese people prefer round tables instead of the usual rectangular ones we're used to is because with round tables, everyone can see each other. This gives off an intimate dining experience. Also, in a round table, the food is placed on the center and it’s easily accessible to everyone.
Once we were seated, we were handed with their menu and a pencil. The menu was placed on a hard paper shaped lengthwise. You have the “All Time Favorites” 10084️ section at the front page while everything else (such was the big plates, desserts, etc.) was at the back. Dimsum is ordered per piece while the big plates are ordered per plate. Big plates are available in S, M, and L.

Based from those we’ve tasted, I will be dividing this review into three for easy reading and reference – recommended, average, and bad. Although I do have to apologize because there were some items on the menu that we didn’t order since it didn’t sound appetizing to us.
RECOMMENDED 1108811088110881108811088
🦀 Steamed Fresh Scallop Dumpling, Crab Roe
This was an elevated version of our usual pork siomai. They added scallop and crab roe on top while the rest of its body was regular siomai.
127844 Har Gao, Steamed Shrimp Dumpling (a.k.a. Hakaw)
The shrimp inside was HUGE. Thumbs up 128077🏼 for that generous serving! The breading was thin enough that you get to concentrate on the shrimp but thick enough to hold the dish together.
127812Steamed Black Truffle Dumpling, Wild Mushroom, Vegetable
I wasn’t really sure what this was but I liked it!
128036 Steamed chicken feet, XO sauce (basket)
I personally don’t like the taste of chicken feet but my friends said this was good and they would definitely recommend it. They even went for round two for this one!
127840 Deep Fried Taro Dumpling, Minced Duck, Black Truffle
Crispy breading with generous filling 128588🏼 Flavors were good too.
128055 Honey Roasted Barbequed Pork (a.k.a. Asado)
Pork was tender while laid under its bed of sweet sauce. Really good!128069
128060 Glutinous Dumpling, White Chocolate, Crushed Peanut (Dessert)
This one is so YUMMY! 128518 It’s shaped like a buchi but has a refined crushed peanut coating instead. The glutinous dumpling was super soft and the insides were just heaven. When you bite into it, you'll be greeted with a warm white chocolate surprise! Everything just went so well with each other.
I heard the mango cream dessert was also very good but sadly, it was not available during our visit 128532
AVERAGE 110881108811088
128055 Steamed Pork Dumpling, Porcini (a.k.a. xiao long bao)
⭕️The good: The filling was just enough for you to get a bite of the dish. Sauce was juicy and flavorful.
❌The bad: The breading was too thick, especially the top part. It just ruined everything. So sad 128557 To save the dish, I removed the top breading and enjoyed the rest of the dish like how I would normally do.
❗️Another FUN FACT: To know whether a 小龍包128050 is a good one, poke the top coating. It should feel super soft. The filling should be right amount - not too little and not too much. When you bite into it, a warm savory liquid should burst inside your mouth. To eat, scoop the whole thing in your Chinese white spoon (bangka) and consume everything in one bite.

128055 Bake crispy buns, BBQ pork (a.k.a. pork buns)
⭕️The good: Crust was flakey and the flavor of the BBQ pork was good.
❌The bad: Too little filling. I felt like I was only eating bread after the filling was gone.
(Tim Ho Wan still has the best pork buns in the Philippines!)
128036 Chicken Congee with Japanese mushroom
Not much to say about this except that it tasted normal. Nothing mind blowing but it wasn’t bad either. Would have been better if served with pork floss. Love that combination 128149
🌶Deep fried spare ribs, sweet chili sauce
(a.k.a. sweet and sour pork)
Loved the flavors in this one. However, the pork was a bit tough in my opinion. My friends don’t feel the same way though. They thought it was really good.
127836 Fried noodle, vegetable, soya sauce
Similar to the chicken congee, this is just average. Noodles were cooked al dente. Sauce was really just soy sauce.
🍽 Pan fried turnip cake (a.k.a. radish cake)
This would have been on my recommended list if the crust was more toasted. But overall, a great dish.
128055 Steamed bean curd roll with pork and vegetable
Flavors were good. Both the breading and filling were great. Just order more because the serving is so tiny.
BAD 128078🏻128078🏻128078🏻
When I say bad, I mean don’t even bother trying and save your tummy space for others.
•Steamed chicken dumpling, bay leaves, wolf berries
The breading was too pasty and it sticks to your teeth. Flavors were not even good at all.
•Steamed bun stuffed with chicken and mushroom (a.k.a. siopao)
This is 80% bread 127838 Enough said.
•Deep fried seafood pineapple roll, spicy sauce
Just by looking at it, I knew it wasn’t good. I was the last one to try it but my friends told me not to even bother. Yikes! 128563
•Deep fried ham shui kok stuffed with minced pork and chicken
10% filling⋯⋯ This is even worse than the siopao 128530
•Bake pastry puff, clams, mild curry sauce
I didn’t know what this was but it’s so bad I want to cry 128557
•Steamed bean curd, fish fillet, black bean sauce
By reading the menu, you’d think this would be good based from previous Chinese dining experiences. But this one was just so bad❌ It’s bland and had a very chewy texture. We had to cancel our second order of this after just taking a bite. I’m not entirely sure but I think Dory was used 128162
SERVICE 1108811088
I do need to comment that it takes forever for the food to arrive. Since it is a sit in buffet, you do need to order and wait for the wait staff to serve it. Maybe it’s because we visited on a Sunday lunch and the place was packed but it just took TOO LONG. My advice is to send in your second order (and succeeding orders) once half of your first order arrives. So that when everything on your first order do arrive, the succeeding orders will not take that long. I noticed that if the waiting time keeps on dragging, your mind will register that you are full and of course, the buffet will go to waste.
Overall, I think the food and place was great except for a few dishes that need a lot of improvement. But if you think about it, the recommended and average lists went way longer than the bad one 128077🏻

I think if you are really craving for dimsum, then this is the place to go. Sulit naman siya pag madami kang kainin. Just make sure to order only those that are good. It’s a waste to intake bad calories that aren’t worth it. However, if you want mind-blowing dimsum flavors, I don’t think this will be the place to go.


(1) Steamed Black Truffle Dumpling, Wild Mushroom, Vegetable
(2) Steamed Fresh Scallop Dumpling, Crab Roe
(3) Steamed bean curd, fish fillet, black bean sauce
(4) Steamed chicken dumpling, bay leaves, wolf berries
(5) Xiao Long Pao
(6) Deep Fried Taro Dumpling, Minced Duck, Black Truffle
(7) Bake pastry puff, clams, mild curry sauce
(8) Honey Roasted Barbequed Pork
(9) Place
(10) Glutinous Dumpling, Pork Buns, Peanut Dessert, Sweet and sour pork

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Maureen S.
4.0 Stars

I was told that I shouldn't leave this restaurant without trying their asado (so I had to break my no-pork consumption for 2 slices today) and the mango pudding.

To be honest, I lost my appetite for pork already that I do not find the asado delicious. But I really liked the mango pudding despite feeling so stuffed. The mango pudding (which I wasn't able to take a picture of 128541) was served with mango cubes on top, mango purée and cream on the side; garnished with sesame roll. It was just perfect! And a must-try on its own 128077🏻128079🏻

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Allison Y.
5.0 Stars

Awesome YumCha and excellent service from the restaurant staff. Guava iced tea is soooo good!

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Aimee P.
5.0 Stars

We have dinner here once a year for my granduncle's birthday. Food is good. Chinese food that's more upscale than usual. I just hate that I ate too much!

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Jasper S.
5.0 Stars

As expected, I had a great time eating here again. I dined in their sunday yumcha buffet. Their prepared dishes were still just as good albeit the same dishes were served (peking duck, chinese pancakes, congee, sweet corn soup, tea eggs, lechon macau, asado, pork and jellyfish cold cuts, hainanese chicken). Special mention for the lechon macau, it was absolutely delicious with the crispy skin on top. They could change the soup into something better than sweet corn though.

For the to-be-ordered dishes, they didn't disappoint either. We had different varieties of dimsum that were cooked to perfection. There were also hot dishes that were remarkable. Most notable will be scallop siomai, ox stripe in salty type of sauce, seafood in a taro ball, shrimp & chicken salad, xiao long bao. I didn't like their bbq pork buns after having tastes tim ho wan's because their version was more bready and less crispy. I also didn't like their sauteed vegeable dish because it was a bit bland.

For dessert, I love their taro sago because it was oozing with that yam smell and taste however it was heavy on the tummy. There were an assortment of pastries/mini cakes, black gulaman, mango pudding, chocolate fondue and fruits. I liked the mango pudding as well and the fruits.

I, sincerely, hope they bring back the guava iced tea because it tastes so much better than their calamansi iced tea! Also, bring back those lettuce steamed with mushroom and oyster sauce.

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Jasper S.
5.0 Stars

We are a big fan of li li's yumcha buffet but this time we tried the set meal for 10 persons. We used a 30% discount from club at the hyatt. I can't quite remember all the dishes so I'll just mention those that stuck to my mind.

First was the cold cuts, it was exactly what it was supposed to be. It's hard to screw up cold cuts. The next dish was a delicious stir fried shrimp on a bed of assorted vegetables. They cooked the shrimp perfectly crispy. The vegetables consisted of asparagus, zucchini and bell peppers were also seasoned very well. The soup was japanese conpoy with lean meats. It's a thick brown soup. I'm a big fan of those chinese soups and I liked this one as well. My favorite of the set was the seafood taro! I love the crispy coating, the subtle taro taste and the generous serving of scallop hidden inside every ball. There was also crab cooked under some sauce but I didn't get to taste it. I got full with the taro because I had quite a few. The steamed lapu lapu was also good. They steamed it well and had the perfect black fish sauce for it. The fried chicken wasn't a big hit. Then, the last dish I could remember is my favorite e-fu noodle. I've had different variations of this noodle and Li Li's all about less reliance on artificial seasoning (vetsin) and more on bringing the flavor of the mushroom.

I didn't like dessert because I'm not a big fan od mango sago pomelo. It gives a bitter aftertaste. I hate tasting bitter on my dessert. There was also a buchi with white chocolate inside. It tastes just as good as it sounds.

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Samantha L.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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April M.
5.0 Stars

This was our second buffet in what turned out to be a month long eat-all-you-can marathon. 127860Had my birthday lunch here and I could not have been more pleased! My boy friend and I had a ball trying everything on Li li's menu!

Less than P1000 per head for their dimsum-all-you-can.

Quality of the food was EXCELLENT! 128077They only have about 30+ items on their menu, but this is composed of all sorts of dumplings! From the basics (xiao long bao, hakao, siomai) to more complicated ones (chicken dumplings with black mushroom, spinach dumpling with shrimp, deep fried prawns with crabstick meat)! 128561All served freshly made.

Another thing we love about Li li is that they don't serve their dumplings in sets of 3-4. You can specify the number of pieces you want per kind of dumpling. 128077 Our strategy was to order 2 of each, just so we can try all. Then ordered more of the ones we really liked! 128513

This place is a MUST TRY! The dumplings here are the best!!!

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Joy A.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Bernice U.
3.0 Stars

when my family heard about this restaurant that has a promo called dimsum buffet, we immediately tried it and had the chance yesterday.

i didn't expect that most of their food were very salty! but at least there are some foods that standout like the suckling pig sushi, tofu with scallop, mango pudding and red bean soup.

my uncle got disappointed with everything and told us that "its our last lunch here." tsk tsk my uncle and his food critics. (he's good tbh)

i had so many memories here since i was a child. i hope they'll improve their slow service, food and of course the management of the restaurant.

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Carlo M.
4.0 Stars

Very good dimsums! The buchi with white chocolate inside is very good!

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John Nicholas G.
5.0 Stars

Dimsum lunch buffet at it's best!

I would not say that it's near HK quality but this is the closest thing you can get to quality dimsum in Manila.

Burp! :p

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Ernest C.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Cybill U.
5.0 Stars

Go for the eat-all-you-can dimsum. Rivals the best dimsum you can find in HK, imo.

And don't forget to get the white chocolate masachi for dessert!

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