Liam's Lomi House

Recenos Compound, Gen. Luna St., Sabang, Lipa, Batangas

Liam's Lomi House
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Sandra Y.
5.0 Stars

2 Hours travel from Makati to Batangas, for a taste of Authentic Batangas Lomi? Why not. Tis few days before Xmas(Dec 22) everyone is busy either on last minute shopping or is out for travelling either out of town or out of the country, its perfect time for a quick foodtrip getaway.

Liam’s is one of the famous Lomi resto in Batangas. Known for its Lechon Kawali toppings. Ohhhh! The resto is now fully commercialized, I think the place was renovated already with cemented structures and wooden chairs and tables, more pleasant to dine. You can see pictures around the area of what their dining place looks like before, its in a nipa hut.

Orders are taken and paid at the counter. We came for their famous Lomi with Lechon that costs P75 per bowl. Its quite a big bowl. The sauce is not much sticky than what I had in a different batangas lomi resto. I like Liam’s better, it has more flavor and distinct lomi taste. In terms of the toppings, lechon kawali is crunchy! Its good! You can order additional toppings for P40.

Verdict: worth the 2 hours trip. Generous servings at a very affordable price and quality lomi 128522128076🏼

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Haidee C.
5.0 Stars

For 60 pesos this is worth it

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Jeremy P.
5.0 Stars

First of all, I want to greet everyone a Happy New Year and Welcome 2016! In the same fashion of my travels, I spontaneously downloaded the looloo app and join the review frenzy community. Allow me to do my first ever review for the first day of 2016. This distinction goes to this lomi house.

Backstory: Given that I am currently on holiday break, I just want to go somewhere and since the plan of going to Hulugan Falls did not materialized, i've decided to accompany my food blogger friend to go to Lipa, Batangas to pick up a parcel from her uncle. I've invited a mutual friend of ours and along with him is his childhood friend who just recently arrived abroad also taking a break. Since this friend of mine is a food blogger and has an appetite for anything savory, I quickly whipped out Google and search what is Lipa famous for aside from balisong. Lo and behold, the results yielded Lomi much to my friends' resounding agreement. So what I did next is to search best Lomi in Batangas and most of the results points out to this place. After our parcel business is done and over with, I quickly used Waze and Google Map for directions making our way there.

Location: Fortunately this is near on our current location. It is found along the busy thoroughfare and provided clear signage of the place. Have to enter a short driveway towards the spacious backlot parking since it is not the standard rush hour yet at that time.

Food: There are options aside from the many different flavors of Lomi being offered. Food items in the menu are indicated whether Must-Try and Best Seller to guide new customers like us on what to eat. I ordered Original Lomi (pictured) while the rest tried the Lechon Lomi. True to what the attendant said, it has a generous amount of meat and noodles. The broth is served hot and thick as what an authentic Lomi should be though it is bordering on the bland side which can be easily addressed by the condiments ready for our disposal. Feeling more hungry, we decided to add Pork Sisig which is a league on its own at least on that place. Though it can be mistaken for having a small portion, the supposed serving for 3 persons surprisingly filled up 4 bellies since most of the components are (lean) meat combined with its usual ingredients. Those two food items, are incomparable on what we have here in Metro Manila which made me think we are eating less superior lomi and sisig most of the time.

Price: For a well known place and with generous food serving, price and food value is unbeatable. It is not that often you get a big serving of lomi ranging from P50-65 and sisig for P130 that leaves you fully satisfied.

Service: There is still room for improvement. Though the staff are very attentive, it seems that they are not on a mood to speak with the customers -- doing their work just for the sake of it (not sure if it is because they went to work on a holiday). A smile, a happy face and a little perkiness would not hurt at all.

Over - All Experience: Exceeded my expectations. I will definitely swing by again if I had a chance and will recommend this should you ever found yourself in that area.

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Paolo C.
5.0 Stars

Lechon Lomi.

Need I say more?

It's the perfect place to eat after a good hike on Manabu Peak or Mt. Malipunyo.

Having won the 2012 Lomi Festival Championship, you know it is legitimately good. It's just like any other lomi but the lechon just sets it apart and is therefore the best lomi I have ever had.

Give it a shot if you are in the Lipa area.

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Corinne E.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Maria J.
5.0 Stars

Went all the way to Batangas to try the Special lomi of Lipa. The 1 hour drive is worth it! We tried the Special Lomi, Chicken Chami, and Lechon Sisig! The lomi was great paired with the soysauce, calamansi and chili sawsawan! My friend said that was how you eat Lomi, the Batanguenyo way. :) 128077128513

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