Lilom Resort

Anilao, Mabini, Batangas

Lilom Resort
4.5 Stars

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Tina F.
5.0 Stars

A perfect and peaceful place to unwind. Spent my 22nd birthday here and it was awesome. The room that was given to us was Pawikan. It costs 2,800 per person/night which includes breakfast buffet, lunch buffet, snacks, cocktail, and dinner buffet.

First day - ginataang tilapia, misua with meatballs, and friend chicken
Second day - vegetable kare - kare and grilled squid and liempo
Breakfast - tocino, danggit, omelette, and pancakes
Snacks - suman with hot chocolate
Cocktail - toast with salsa dip and calamansi mojito
Dinner - sweet pork adobo, tanigue steak, monggo, and ginataang saba for dessert

The food was fresh and delicious. I personally liked their suman, hot chocolate, toast with salsa dip, and sweet pork adobo with mushroom, yup mushroom!

Our room had 2 beds, one single and one double. The beds and pillows were comfy but the blankets were thin. Our room was under (an) Indian mango tree/s so there were incidents where we would wake up in the middle of the night because some of the fruits fell on our roof.

The beach is a marine sanctuary. You can borrow their life vests, snorkeling gear, and aqua shoes for free. If you want a white sand beach, you can rent a boat for 2,500 to Sombrero Island. The boat is expensive but worth it!!!

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Eloi H.
4.0 Stars

I spent my birthday here and I really wanted to LOVE this place and give it 5-stars but the food is a deal-breaker.

The place is wonderful, perfect for a quiet get-away. The rooms are quite small but well-designed, very homey feel and clean. You won't spend a lot of time inside anyway. They have two wading pools, some lounge chairs and beds. The view from the resort is beautiful. Plus point - they allow dogs!

The shore is very stony, not much sand but it's white. The place is in front of a marine sanctuary - Arthur's point (or rock). A lot of corals and big rocks near the shore - plenty of marine life. No need to hire a boat to snorkel.

Now my problem - food. The 3,300 per head for Satcho's room includes lunch, snacks, cocktails, dinner and breakfast. Good enough? Yes, if the food is good.

Lunch was good - grilled pork & squid, eggplant w/ tomatoes.

Snacks - suman w/ hot choco. I don't eat suman. They should have a choice for this. When I informed the staff that I don't eat suman, she said they don't have turon. Not happy about that. Ended up hungry the whole afternoon.

Cocktails - mojito w/ toast & dip - ok.

Dinner - tinola (good but only had a few pieces that included some chicken neck pieces that were hardly edible), pork (I don't even how they cooked it bec it was just oily and the meat was too hard), sotanghon (decent).

Breakfast - longganisa & omelet OK. pancake (our dog liked the pancake).

Coffee is complimentary and available during our whole stay but you have to look for the staff to get some. They also don't have milk available for the coffee, just some cheap tasting creamer.

Like I said, I really want to love this place. We'll go back but I hope they improve the food.

  • No. of Comments: 3