Linear Coffee Roasters

18 C. Rosal St., Cebu City, Cebu

Linear Coffee Roasters
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Russel F.
5.0 Stars

I’ve been following Linear Coffee roasters in Instagram for a while and I was really excited to finally try their coffee. Since we’re in Cebu, I promised myself that I’ll do everything to try Linear coffee before going back to Manila.

And as expected, I got the big chance to finally try it with my team during our day tour in Cebu. We came all the way from Busay and we’re heading down to Magellan Cross, so I asked them if they wanted to have some coffee and I immediately suggested this place - luckily, they said yes!

The space is so small and could nearly fit about 8 people seated inside. They have some fancy tables outside but could only accommodate about 4 people.

Their setup is very simple. The bar area where they make your coffee is sitting close to the high chairs where patrons are seated, so you can see them make your coffee. Their goal is to chat with their patrons while enjoying their cup of coffee, thus, they also don’t have wifi. The baristas are very enthusiast and very welcoming! I just love it that they all seemed to be passionate with serving high quality coffee to the customers which is truly evident when you had your cup of coffee. Oh by the way, their cup of coffee is just 100 bucks! Latte, Cappuccino, Flat white ~ name it! For 100 pesos, you’ll get a fine and high quality specialty coffee!

I got the Flat white and man, I love the strong but really smooth taste of my drink. It’s somewhat similar to Latte but Flat white has lesser microfoam which means more coffee and milk was less thicker. I love the consistency of my drink which somehow defeats Costa Coffee on my #1 favourite Flat White! One of my friends got the Latte and he loved it too! He never tried Toby’s Latte but he said that it’s his favourite Latte so far (aside from Starbuck’s and Bo’s).

Some of my other friends just tried their White Brew which also costs 100 bucks. It’s their version of Iced coffee that somehow resembles the taste of Iced Latte but with more sweetness as stated by my friend when I asked her how was it. She’s not a fan of strong coffee so I’m really surprised that she liked her drink.

They’re also serving cheesecake and cookies but we didn’t get one ‘cause we’re all full from the snacks we ate before heading here.

I will surely go back here when I get back to Cebu. Truly, one of the hidden gems in the city where you can enjoy high quality coffee. The place may not have that fancy looking interiors or design but the overall experience is enough to make you go back to Linear coffee!

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4.0 Stars

Linear Coffee Roasters is one of the coffee houses/brands in Cebu City. I am so excited when I heard the news and received an invite for their Pop Up Store in Hustle Cafe, Quezon City.

Before we got our favorite coffee. We were being tested like having a mini blind taste in Filter Pop Up event. 6 kinds of different coffee flavors were presented but we don’t know yet what’s the coffee on each glass.

Coffee Flavors:
1. Ethiopia - Misty Valley
2. Ethiopia - Guji Shakisso
3. Mt. Matutun
4. Bukidnon Typica
5. Eghiopia - Sidamo
6. Bukidnon Catimor

And almost all of us agreed, that the most favorite coffee will be the Ethiopia - Misty Valley. It has a bold flavor. You can drink the coffee even without the sugar.

Overall, it was a good experience knowing and/or the right thing to do on how to smell the aroma, mix and taste the coffee.

Thank you Dennis O for the invite.

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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