Lingayen Gulf

Alvear E. St., Lingayen, Pangasinan

Lingayen Gulf
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Mc S.
4.0 Stars

Lingayen Gulf

A very serene place to unwind. You get to run for fitness. They also have street stalls day and night. You can buy as much grilled barbies and fried finger food. If you have someone with you or your friends you can enjoy watching the seaside while you eat and sit on bleachers provided fronting the sea. Although, it is really very hot during the day so i suggest to visit during the night. It will surely be breezy!


Un lugar muy tranquilo para descansar. Llegar a correr para el gimnasio. También tienen puestos callejeros día y noche. Usted puede comprar como mucho a la parrilla a barbies y dedos comidas fritas. Si tienes a alguien con usted o sus amigos puede disfrutar viendo el mar mientras comen y se sientan en gradas siempre frente al mar. Aunque es muy, muy caliente durante el día así que sugiero visitar durante la noche. ¡Seguramente será ventoso!

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Roegan T.
5.0 Stars

Had a hard time taking a photo of the beach. So I took a photo of this hardworking magtataho at the beach instead. 128517

Went here on November 1st and it was surprising to not see a lot of people. I was expecting a big crowd since it was a holiday. It looks like everyone spent the entire night of the 31st partying 128527

Sand is very fine as always. The shores were very clean. But the water itself had a couple of wooden debris, most likely because of the recent storm that passed (signal #3 in Lingayen).

How I wish I brought a skimboard or bodyboard. The waves were pretty big that morning. Pero medyo KJ yung lifeguard that morning since when the waves started to get really big, he asked everyone to get off the water. 128514

Well, he was just doing his job. Kudos to you KJ lifeguard! 127881

Place is perfect for skimboarding, bodyboarding, and maybe even a great place for playing frisbee. The only problem is no one's doing it. 128517

When I go back, I'll bring a bodyboard and show everyone that it can be Lingayen's adventure activity! And maybe bring a skimboard as well! 128545

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Shayne B.
5.0 Stars

Long drive from Manila, and yesterday was my trip here for work, not for leisure. 128555 However, before we go back in Manila, we dropped to Lingayen Gulf first to relax a little since we were up and alive and working for almost 16 hours already.

Lots of families and group of friends, even couples, were hanging out here to unwind. Some were even having picnic by the sand, or playing guitar.

How I wish we have more time to explore. I didn't expect to fall in love with Pangasinan-- that place was so simple yet the people were so kind.

I remember one time when my team was already dead tired. It was brown out, we were all sleep-deprived and I offered to get my team some coffee and water to keep us up. The place where we had to do our training and conference doesn't have coffee, and there were no coffeeshops nearby. I went to a sari sari store which was a bit far from our conference place to just go for instant coffee instead. I told the seller, that we don't have cups cos we were just "day visitors" of the place and guess what-- she offered to lend me the teaspoon, the cups, and the plate (to serve as a tray) and just told me to return it after. Sabi nya pa sakin siya nalang daw magtitimpla. Awww. 128522128149 They were so kind! Some were even offering a free ride to tricycles since I looked so lost looking for stores that sells coffee and a bank.

Ahhh, I wanna go back. There's so much to explore. I promise I'll be back soon, for leisure naman. 128522

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Roegan T.
5.0 Stars

Wouldn't it be nice to go to the beach once in a while?

I had the chance to visit my province, Lingayen in Pangasinan and of course, I brought my bike with me. 128516

It's not white sand, not a lot of water sports aside from skimboarding, no nearby bars nor stores to buy alcohol, and most importantly, not a lot of tourists go here.

But it's still one of my favorite beaches. Probably because it was the first beach I've been to in my boring life.

Good to see that the local government was able to maintain it. The plaza or park before reaching the beach was dramatically improved. No wonder why the Miss Earth 2013 pageant was held in this area (or was it 2012?).

Can't wait to go back again tomorrow morning! 128077

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April H.
4.0 Stars

Great place to visit if you are in the area128077

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Roegan T.
5.0 Stars

Lingayen's capitol grounds is a must visit. It has a plaza that shows the historical significance of the Lingayen Gulf. They also display the cannons used ages ago. They have tanks, planes, flak cannons, etc.

People go here to jog too. Not a lot of cars roam this area so a lot of joggers jog (duh).

The beach is nice too. It's not one of those white beaches. But it's still worth the visit. Local government tried their best not to spoil the sand by prohibiting establishments near the shores.

The last photo is the Narciso Stadium. I included it since it's near the beach (well, almost). They have 3 full-sized basketball courts, 2 swimming pools, 2 tennis courts (or 1), and a full-sized sprint track. They also have a football field and a volleyball court. It's an all-in-one stadium/park/heaven! Parking is free!

They also have a lake where you can row a boat. I wasn't able to try it because the operator wasn't there 128561

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