Lita's Seafood House

Pan Philippine Highway, Gumaca, Quezon

Lita's Seafood House
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Tommy T.
4.0 Stars

This road side eatery is frequented by motorist plying the Manila, Quezon province, Bicol route. Food is served turo turo style, open 24/7, except on Good Friday. Must order is their sinigang na pacific salmon, inihaw na pusit, ginata na yellow tail tuna wrapped with mustasa leaf. The kinilaw na tanigye , gata na sigarilias are also good.

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Tommy T.
4.0 Stars

Decided to take a long road trip to Bicol during the Apec holidays. This roadside eatery is frequented by motorist traveling to Bicol, this resto served turo turo like dishes. Their sinigang na pacific salmon is something to die for, just the right sourness for the sinigang. Another must try is their ginata na yellow tail tuna wrapped in mustasa leaf, their inihaw na pusit is fresh, tender and juicy. Other dishes are adobo na pata, fried freshly caught dilis, sisig na baboy, menudo, giniling na baboy, fried chicken , fried fish fillet, ginisang ampalaya or whatever fresh vegetable is in season.
I have dined in this place many times, the resto has grown in size compared to its humble begining. There are nearby roadside eateries as well, but I rarely see any vehicle parked there for its occupants to dine.
Another plus factor is this roadside eatery is fronting the sea, it is also open 24/7

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