Little Bear Diner

23 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig, Metro Manila

Little Bear Diner
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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

While walking in kapitolyo and looking for a place to have dinner we spotted Little Bear Diner. A small restaurant just beside Mad Marks. The neon lights saying "Tikka Chance on Me" caught my attention saw we gave it a chance. Hehe..

The place is really with 2 tables on the first floor and I think another 3-4 tables on the second floor. The place was very simple with that neon lights giving a yellowish highlight to the 1st floor. While the second floor was much brighter and highlighted by the cute teddy bears on the polka dots wall. Simple yet lovely.

So for the food I wasn't really sure what to expect. At first hindsight I was expecting something like burger pasta kind of dish. Pabebe kind of dish but to my surprise the place serve legit good Asian cuisine with specialize modern Indian cuisine. So here are the one that we ordered.
128523Spicy Toro (235PHP) - Asahi tuna belly with spicy mayo and poke sauce on a Nori chips. Love the crunch and flavor of this one. Love their take on sashimi giving it a twist and a delicious texture.

128523Ama's Chicken Briyani (385PHP) - wow this one if full on Indian flavor. Love that flavorful mix of spices. This dish is a hit or miss for people who love or hate strong flavorful indian spices. For me its a big Hit!!!

128523TNT Chicken Wings (255PHP) - a sinfully good version of chicken wings. Who doesn't love taba nang talangka (TNT)? MIxed with peanut, cilantro and orange and its good to go. Love it!

Overall this place is flying under the radar. Look so humble and simple but once you've tried their dishes you'll be surprised how good they are. Also kudos to Pammie for the super good service.

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Ruth D.
5.0 Stars

Best. Spam. Dish. Ever.

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Bibien T.
4.0 Stars

We stopped by Little Bear Diner for our dessert with our parents, but we couldn't resist ordering an appetizer even if we were already full from dinner. 128517 #thisiswhywearefat

We got the Spicy Toro for the appetizer. It was really good! The nori was perfectly crunchy and it held the tuna well. The tuna wasn't as spicy as I would have liked, but it was tasty.

The Sweet and Salty, a huge half-baked belgian choco chip cookie with ice cream, was presented beautifully. However, it was too sweet. I could taste the granules of sugar, sadly. There were a few pretzel pieces that should've comprised the salty part, but it was overpowered by the sweetness of everything. This dish could use some improvement.

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Jomarie A.
4.0 Stars

Josh and I are less busy now, so we're starting to reconnect with some of our closest friends whom we haven't seen for a while. We invited his org buddy, Peter, to join us for lunch today.

This restaurant was initially not part of our restaurant bucket list, but since it suddenly become one of the high ranking restaurants in Booky's Top 100 (They're in Top 13 for March 2017), we decided to try it out.

We ordered 2 starters, 2 melt collective (their collection of grilled cheeses), and 1 main course (rice meal). Here's the verdict! 127860

Spicy Toro (Php 235) - 11088110881108811088
- This would have easily been my favorite dish, since I am a big fan of Japanese food. While I appreciated the texture and crunch of the nori chips, and loved how different but complementary the taste of each component (ahi tuna belly sashimi, poke sauce, spicy mayo, microgreens and nori chips) was, the quality of the tuna failed to meet my expectations. The color of the tuna was a bit dark and you would know at first glance that it's not as fresh as we hoped it was. I would've gladly given this 511088 is the freshness of the star, the tuna, was at par with my standards for tuna sashimi.

TNT Wings (Php 265) - 1108811088
- Honestly, I had high expectations for this dish, because it's the first menu item that caught my eye when I was reasearching about LBD. It had no taba ng talangka taste, which is unfortunate since it's there in the menu item's name! 128557 I would have preferred it to have a thicker sauce or glaze than what was served. It was supposed to gain a 311088 rating, but the chicken was undercooked, too.

Spam Kimchi Fried Rice (Php 295) - 1108811088110881108811088
- MY FAVORITE DISH FOR TODAY! 128156 Every component (crispy spam, musubi sauce, pineapple jam, pickles and sous vide egg) helped in making this dish a success. The serving is also quite big, so if ever you plan on trying out other food items, you may share this with your companions. It might be a bit nakakaumay if you try to finish this on your own while enjoying other dishes as well. People who are not that used to eating spicy food can also relax, since the spice it's just right and not overpowering.
Note: Mix in the egg with the rice! 128521 You'll thank me later HEHE

Classic (Php 185) - 110881108811088
A mix of mozzarella and American cheddar, it really is a classic take on the grilled cheese sandwich we all love. Josh chose the Sour Cream flavored Cassava Chips to be served with the sandwich. I LOVE the cassava chips! 128525 Josh said that the chesses did not really have a distinct taste, thus the rating. (But the chips -- 1108811088110881108811088 for me!)

Wakey Bakey (Php 275) - 110881108811088
This one had the same cheese with the Classic, though it has scrambled eggs and smoked bacon... Which we did not remember tasting with every bite of the sandwich. Quite pricey for a small sandwich, the upside is that it was served on croissant toasts which tasted HEAVENLY! Cheese was also not as gooey as the Classic. The roasted tomato soup that came with it, according to Peter, was too peppery; while Josh thought it lacked acidity. (I'm not a tomato soup fan, though.)

The lapses in the food were compensated by the good service we got from the courteous staff of the restaurant. Overall, we enjoyed dining here, but it might not be a place we would come back to soon. I hope they can improve more on the quality of their food, so that it will be worth every penny we pay. (This meal costed us around Php 1500, including service charge. Quite pricey, if you ask me.)

Thanks to Josh and Peter's collective efforts for the photos! (I think they were already hungry but they still let me do my kaartehan so I can post my review HEHEHE)


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Reich T.
5.0 Stars

I once bought a book at a thrift shop with the ugliest cover art. I cant remember how much i paid for it. Then i started reading. Well, the writing style and excellent story line made me forget about the atrocious cover art. Why am i saying this? Simple, it sort of relates to the succeeding sentences.

Little Bear diner reminds of the the book. The facade is not as appealing, truth be told. But once you step inside, you will be blown away by the lovely interiors. The place is intimate as it only has a few tables. The second level is straight off a design magazine. The miniature teddys adorning the walls caught my eye. It is cute but not tacky. Some of the wall decor comprises of wooden frames, a fork, a plate with a rooster print. I know it doesn't sound cohesive but it works.

On to the food, shall we?

Spam Kimchi Fried Rice (Php 295). Crispy Spam, masubi sauce, pineapple jam, pickles, kimchi infused rice and sous vide egg. I will never see Spam in the same light. From this day forward, i will only eat Spam if it is Panko-infused. At first glance, it would seem that this dish has a lot of elements in it. Yes, that is true but everything works well together. The pineapple jam for instance creates a flavor contrast with the spam. The pickles is light and refreshing, it sort of cleanses the palate. The kimchi fried rice is divine. A symphony of flavors on every bite. Add a lil texture by breaking the egg and voila! Nirvana!

Til we meet again, Little Bear.

Peace Out!

  • No. of Comments: 2
Clarissa P.
5.0 Stars

Our 4th stop yesterday was this quaint little place with a second floor - Little Bear. Located between Cookie Bar and Mad Mark's, the place was adorable bordering Papemelroti + Blue Magic cute because of all the trinkets, scrapbook worthy stuff displayed as well as the little bears happily hanging by the walls. We decided to utilize their second floor which was small but definitely had a relaxed homey ambiance. White wall, well lit, throw pillows - it was such a cutesy place without being too girly pink!

We tried one best-selling dish: Spam Kimchi Fried Rice. Kimchi fried rice, musubi sauce, crispy Spam, pineapple jam, pickles and a runny poached egg. It was delicious! Nothing too spicy here - just some kick of heat. The Spam slices were breaded with crispy panko breading and drizzled with musubi sauce. Loved the contrast of sweet and salty! The pineapple jam wasn't really needed, IMO! Make sure to cut open the runny egg and mix it up with the Kimchi Rice 128521

Overall service was good, we had our own "butler" lol but this was just because there were no other customers when we visited.

Definitely going back soon!!!

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Katie Kaye C.
1.0 Stars

Overpriced with very limited option. Taste of food is ordinary nothing special.

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Julienne Y.
3.0 Stars

Little Bear Diner has so much potential. The menu is minimal with comfort food offerings that they put their own spin on. I hate it when restaurants overwhelm you with all sorts of dishes but LBD does the opposite which is great! Their menu is focused on grilled cheeses and breakfast. With that, we had high expectations.

We started with the Tuna Poke crisps. They were delicious but the nori crisps were not at all crispy. They were almost like when chips are deep fried then left to sit, solidify and harden. So we had to send these back to be re-fried. Other than that, this was a lovely dish. Expensive at P235 for 6 pieces so even if I wanted to order more, I held back.

We also got a corn beef hash and wakey bakey sandwich. Warning, the two taste similar. My companion and I agreed that we would enjoy each dish better had we not ordered them together. Both dishes are indulgent, rich concoctions. Share them with a friend because they are difficult to finish on your own.

The corn beef hash is not a meal but more of an appetizer, similar to nachos I suppose but instead it was pancetta and egg over yummy crispy fries.

The WakeyBakey is okay so I'm not sure I can eat this again. there are alot of elements to this sandwich but you lose the flavors. I don't know where the cheese ended and the eggs began. I tasted a lot of butter, maybe from the croissant. None of the bacon taste ever came through.

We got a cold brew and it was way too sweet. According to server they put sugar already. Why? No amount of water made the sweetness go away. It was just syrup and no coffee. Sad.

Next. You have to walk or uber here because there is no parking. If you have a car, forget it.

The prices here are for people with cars. Our meal for two came to around P1000+ and while we were full, I don't feel satisfied.

Worth a Visit I Think but they definitely have a lot of points for improvement.

  • No. of Comments: 3
Bonch S.
5.0 Stars

I needed a light dinner before my game and my friend Lisa suggested the place. The place is quaint but adequate. I like that they were able to maximize the limited space. I think it also helped that we were the only diners at the time so it was quiet.

I ordered the Popper. It had mozzarella, cheddar and 1 other cheese I can't recall plus bits of Jalapeno. It comes with a side order of your choice: soup or chips. I chose soup. Their Popper grilled cheese sandwich passed my standard with flying colors. I like my grilled cheese with a crunchy crust and oozing with cheese. The tomato soup was good, too.

We also tried their sole dessert on the menu - the Sweet and Salty. It's a classic chocolate chip cookie served with vanilla ice cream topped with a pretzel. The cookie had generous helpings of chocolate and it was a perfect sweet ending to my grilled cheese sandwich dinner.

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Bibien T.
4.0 Stars

UNLIMITED. GRILLED. CHEESE. DAY. 128561127838🧀127838128561

Full disclosure: Little Bear Diner is owned by my sister's friends, but we paid for everything. Ayaw kami ilibre.:( This review is as unbiased as I could possibly make it to be.9786

Another note, if you visit Legazpi Sunday Market regularly, you might be familiar with the owners. They are the same owners of The Melt Collective.128512

My sister dragged me along to Kapitolyo to check out Little Bear Diner for their week-long special, Unlimited Grilled Cheese. From outside, I was shocked to see the place. It was so tiny!128514 It's in the former Thai Dara spot, in between Poco Deli and Mad Mark's. From the inside, I was again shocked. The place was so cute! It was unsurprisingly bear-themed, and they made use of the space well. They have a seating capacity of 20-25. There was a tiny bar, where they have a good selection of alcohol. Also, their restroom was beautiful.128525 I wanted to copy it for my own bathroom hehe.

I was still full from merienda, so I opted to get the normal Grilled Cheese option. It includes 3 variants, plus unlimited soup or chips. You can pay 40 more to get 3 more variants.9786

I tried the Mario first, and it tasted so much like a Margherita Pizza haha! It had mozzarella, ricotta, tomatoes, basil and a balsamic reduction. I liked it! It wasn't crunchy as I would have liked, but it was cheeesy.

I tried my sister's Popper, instead of ordering another one for myself because I was too full already (I semi-regretted that merienda). I liked this one better, because it was so much cheesier. It had cheddar, mozzarella, cream cheese and jalapenos.128539 But I was too full, I was just able to eat a quarter.128546

They also served Tomato Soup. I think I got full more because of this. I had 3 bowls because it was just amazing.128539

I tried the chips from my sister, and it was super crunchy. Too crunchy for me. :)) These were homemade.

The owners were very hands on, one was cooking in the kitchen, while the other one was managing the guests. They also had 1 server who was very nice, and 1 other cook.

I was too full to sit down after our meal.128517 I couldn't say it was sulit for me, because I was really full that time, and I just ate 1 sandwich, but if you could eat 2-4, I think the price would be justifiable. Upgrading would be a better choice if you could eat a lot of sandwiches.

Will come back here after their Grilled Cheese Week, so I could try their regular menu. 128522

You could view their rules and menu by checking their Facebook account, Little Bear Diner or search for the event, Grilled Cheese Day 2016.128512

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Ramon P.
5.0 Stars

super sarap chicken wings! one of a kind flavor that you should not pass on, desserts are a must try cause i love moist cookies. give your friends a holla and come over! recommending it :))

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Kat P.
5.0 Stars

Good thing we arrived in a van. Our family of 8 would have had a hard time if we came in 3 different cars like we always do when we come from our work. It was a saturday and we wanted to try something different, light and fresh for our palates.

The place was the former Thai Dara between Poco Deli and Madmarks. The sign outside that says eat made me want to try it out. Because thats what i wanted to do. Eat. We were the first customer to arrive so we had a chance to get the biggest table. It can only sit around 25 people but the place looked bigger as the lighting and the funiture was very minimalist. One of the owners greeted us with a smile and we know for sure we would have a good time that night.

So as we looked at the menu, not much to look which is great because im lazy to read (i really prefer snooping into the neighbor's table and seeing what they ordered). We ordered every on the menu. There are only 5 dishes that they serve. And 1 dessert.

So lets start with the orders

Elote - corn tempura fritters with elote dip
TNT Wings - fried chicken wings tossed in caramelized taba ng talangka (TNT) THE STAR OF THE NIGHT, we ordered 4 of these. 12815512815412815312815610084
Mahalo Bowl - caramelized spam on top of sushi rice
Full Monty - croque-monsieur with a twist - refreshing served with homemade potato chips. 128076🏽
Little Bearger - quarter pound burger - it was good but i prefer my meat medium well it was too rare for my taste. Though my brothers all loved the juicyness.

Lastly the Sweet & Salty - chocolate chip cookie skillet with homemade vanilla bean ice cream and pretzels, potato chips and salted caramel on top

All in all, we had so much fun. Service was fast and very friendly. i even liked the subway tiles inspired WC plus the peppermint hand soap is love. I recommend you come visit. Because i will definitely come back for more.

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