Little Flour Cafe

4th Ave. cor. 31st St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

Little Flour Cafe
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Christina R.
4.0 Stars

Looloo just had to tweet about carbo loading and discounted carbfest this afternoon. Ayun, napadaan tuloy kami 128523128523128523

Got ourselves a box to go. 50% off 7PM onwards. Tried the guava something bread and I liked it! It has a chunky streusel on top guava jelly.

Found the most sosyal 128120🏻 na polvoron I’ve ever seen - powdered, in a bottle, and with a spoon 128514 for about 70 ata. I didn’t try it. Maybe next time.

You’ll really have to wait til 7 to get a discount. Plus if you decide to eat here, you can’t eat the discounted purchase inside, or else they’ll charge you the full amount.

Last time I was here with Angela Marie C, Kristin A, Jayson J, and Sandy P, we didn’t get our take out box until we paid and we’re about to leave haha. So no sneaking allowed.

So I’ve been here a couple of times na. The chairs still creep me out.

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

Breakfast food will always always be my favorite. I love all things breakfast related.. they make me so happy and kilig. #NoFail 128525💯

Last week, I asked Ony if we can have lunch together and because he loves me so much, he “suggested” we eat here (I kept on mentioning Little Flour the week before so yup, marunong siya makiramdam!). 128514128514

I let him order for the two of us and the following are his “chosen ones”:

| SISIG RICE BOWL (Half order - 280php)

I am not eating rice anymore but for this sisig rice bowl, I just had to try a little (or more? Hahaha). This was really savory and would leave you wanting for more. The egg was perfectly cooked and omg, when you mix this w the rest of the ingredients, it just made the whole dish yummier. Ang sarap kasi how all the flavors paired really well w each other. 128525

BUT though really tasty, I think this would be even better if the sisig was crispy. It would have been a different experience.. yung maririnig mo yung crunch sa bawat kagat. 🤤

(PS: Maybe we’re just biased because the best sisig for us will still and always be from Ero’s. 128523)

| SSS: SOUP + SALAD + SANDWICH COMBO (Half order - 495php).

I think SSS stands for SUPER SULIT SET because this is a really sulit dish. 500php for this set? YES PLEASE!!! 🤗

🥫: Clam Chowder. Ony liked this. He said it was good but I found it to be salty. I still prefer their Tomato Soup.

🥗: Ceasar Salad. We both liked this. The greens were fresh and crips and the dressing was just enough. Will try the salad w mangoes next time. 127819

🥪: Croque Madam. When served to us, we were both surprised w the size of the sandwich.

128129🏻‍♀️: “Half lang ‘to???”
128129🏻‍♂️: 128563128563128563

Because it was big that it can be already shared by 2 persons.

I really liked WF’s Croque Madam before so I was excited to try LF’s version. But sadly, this was different. It was still a pretty good sandwich filled with sliced ham and topped w a perfectly fried sunny side up egg but unlike WF’s version, this was not as cheesy and the bread was toasted (WF’s version is just slight toasted with majority of the bread still soft).

Good sandwich but I guess, I expected a different version.

| GRANOLA BOWL (350php). Though really pricey, I really enjoyed eating this one. Super! 128155128155 I was hesitant to order this because mahal but Ony still insisted and ordered this for me (and I’m so happy he did!!!). 🤗

Honey + Granola + Fresh Fruits + Greek Yogurt

The granola was interesting and not like the usual granola made w just rolled oats, some nuts, and dried fruits. LF’s granola is also made w sunflower seeds, cornflakes, and lots of cashew nuts. It was sweet so it paired really well with the Greek Yogurt.

Good thing, I asked for the honey to be separated because the granola was already sweet for me. Plus the generous fresh fruits (kiwi, mango, dragonfruit, and banana) were also very sweet. But if you like all things sweet and sugary, go ahead and pour all the honey (or not ask for it to be seperated).

Lastly, I liked how generous the serving size it. Yes, pricey but you get what you paid for (sort of hahaha). 128539

And oh, we also got to try the (surprisingly still) “famous” LF exclusive dessert/pastry, the Ube Bombolomi.

| UBE BOMBOLONI (110php). I was not really expecting that much anymore because of the mixed reviews..... and the bomboloni was just okay. It was not that bad but it’s not something I’ll get again or something I’ll recommend? The donut is like the sugary donuts from our local bakery filled with Ube jam inside. The Ube jam was sour. I have no idea whyyy. 128563 And the consistency is almost like Good shepherd’s Ube Jam which kinda made me wish they used that instead. 128517

I remember liking the default vanilla custard bomboloni before since it tasted almost like a cream puff but I guess, the Ube is a different version. Oh wellz.

SERVICE was fast and excellent. Shoutout to Kuya Ian for being so nice and extra helpful. 💯

OVERALL it was a lovely lunchdate w Ony. The dishes we had were all pretty good and we were so full that we didn’t eat anything for dinner anymore. 128517128518

****VALUE FOR MONEY. Yes pricey but since you’ll be eating a lot and would not have space for more food, nakasave ka na for dinner. 128514128514128514

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Marice A.
3.0 Stars

The place was Instagramable. The food were delicious. But the waitress started getting our plates right after we have eaten the food. She even wiped the table while we were still there sipping our drinks. I looked around to see if the place was crowded. I was thinking maybe somebody’s waiting for a vacant table or something. But a lot of tables were vacant. I don’t see the point. We felt like they wanted us out. In some culture it could be just fine. But we’re in the Philippines. It’s not right to make people feel unwanted. We are known for being hospitable after all.

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Charlzz C.
3.0 Stars

Having heard some raves regarding their UBE BOMBOLINI but as I've asked the server she told me its like a donut so I opted for the Custard Ube Cake.

The custard ube cake was good ,nice portion ,The custard lacked that smooth texture while the ube halaya deliver the distinctiveness in it,it will be better if the chiffon will be more moist ,yet the whipped cream's subtleness was spot on.As an ube fan I could say it was good tho not great.

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Charlzz C.
3.0 Stars

Little Flour's casava cake is delicious ,love the softness of it,especially when being warmed and poured upon with some coconut syrup .Deeply satisfying .
The issue is too expensive for a slice of casava cake.128530

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Jayson J.
3.0 Stars

Nothing’s gonna change my love for you, YOU KNOW NAMAN MY LOVE how much I love you; one thing you can be sure of, i’ll never ask for more than your love...

Yes, i was a disappointed this time, but then again, my love for WF will not tarnish.

128204 Ube Bomboloni @110PhP
If you have read Ruth S’s review on the ube cake, the filling inside the bomboloni is like that, only more fluid and warm. The filling got some solid bits too. What i love about the bomboloni is the dough. I guess i expected more ube flavor, it ain’t too sweet (which is good) but honestly, i would like baguio’s ube taste.

128204128525 grilled cheese PhP240/420 half/whole
I loved the simple yet yummy cheese. It got caramelized onions too. Eat while hot. The mixed greens were so deym good too!!

128204 Little Flour Chocolate Cake @190PhP
Huge serving, but it was already dry inside.
What surprised us was their service— we told them it was dry (though paubos na yung cake) and they replaced it!
Thing is, they did try to moist it, but they were not able to moist the middle of the cake. Then again, i finished the cake.

128204 Ube cake
Not exactly the name. Again, it was dry, the ube was thick and good, and this is the least that i enjoyed.

But still i will not stop going to this cafe. Maybe best time to order those cakes is in the morning till a little after lunch.

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Sandy P.
5.0 Stars

When I learned about this Little Flour Café from Jayson J and Peanut D’s IG story, I really find time to go!! As always, it’s better to eat with the foodie specials Angela Marie C Christina R Kristin A Jayson J Yay! Thank you guys! 128536

Being amazed by cozy places and stylish interiors, I instantly love the place! Felt like I was just in Wild Flour but this one is special. The chandelier centerpiece will defintely caught your attention. It has a number of wooden “school chairs-like” on the ceiling. I bet the interior designers made this well so you don’t have to be anxious that it might fall anytime while you’re eating haha

We drooled by the pastry section since they are on P50%!!! I got the Banana Nutella Danish and Pain au Jambon, jalapeño croissant with ham and cheese!! Uhhh so gooood! Sadly, the ube bomboloni is no longer available 128557

Since I was starving, I ordered for Sisig Fried Rice Bowl (P250/half P420/full) half serving and it was also recommended by Jayson, I would like to try it myself. Guess what? I should’ve ordered the full serving! Bitin! Haha! Just because it’s a little bit spicy and perfectly matched with sunny side up egg on top of the fried rice and sisig.

We tried the Ube cake, it has custard and leche flan! Heaven on earth!!! This is a must when you visit this place. It’s just perfectly made, not too sweet which I like it that way.

We also ordered for Salted Caramel Chocolate which is exactly the same with WF. At first, the cake tasted different, as if it’s an old stock cake, the staff instantly gave us a new cake which we appreciate. Funny cause we almost finished the cake even if it tasted different! 🤣

I’ve tried the Pistachio Au Lait (P230) at Wild Flour which I love and having it on the menu, I ordered again! I would recommend this if you wanted a non-coffee drink.

Overall, I love the place and their customer service (which I want to commend the lady who took time to separate our bills) and still smiling because we’re toxic customers hahaha!

Will I be back? YAAAS! I need to try that Ube Bomboooooloni!! 128514

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Peanut D.
5.0 Stars

Learned from a couple of foodie friends and Elmer R. here on looloo that Little Flour opened sometime last week. It's from the same people that brought us Wildflour and Farmacy. I’ve always been a huge Wildflour fan so I knew I had to make time one Sunday afternoon to try this one out.

It can be a bit hard to find but my marker is the Tori Ichi in front of Kuppa - it's in front of that hehe. They also have a big sign that says they have free Wi-Fi.

Inside is a very pretty "very Wildflour" restaurant. The chairdelier (coined by Giovan T.) is in the middle of the room, with the tempting baked goods just right by the entrance calling you to carb out. I feel like their baked goods here aren't as extensive as WF but hey, they don't have the ube bomboloni now do they? 🤔

The menu is also smaller than WF but they do have some Filipino dishes like the Sisig Rice Bowl and the Arroz Caldo which I got. I ordered the half size thinking it will be enough... it's enough for merienda haha. It was tiny for me so I recommend to get the full size if you're ordering their Arroz Caldo for lunch/dinner.

Their Arroz Caldo here is well-made. It's not your typical Arroz Caldo with that thin broth. This one is super creamy, the chicken pieces small enough you won't have to cut them with your teeth. The crunch of the crispy garlic also adds texture and the poached egg - all so good.

Note that their half size is Php 260 while the full size is Php 420. For Wildflour fans, this price point shouldn't come as a surprise haha.

Also got some Spanish Bread to go - their breads and pastries go half off when the clock hits 3PM on Sundays so I was lucky to grab a bag for only Php 70 or something. Brought it to the office and the team loved them! A combination of cheese and what tasted like dulce de leche inside a pandesal. Yum!

I may not have gotten the elusive Ube Bomboloni but hey, I got croissants and Spanish bread half off!

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

I am a big fan of Wildflour so when I heard that they opened a new restaurant, I knew I had to visit soon.... but because of work (i hate you reports) and no money (huhu), I never had the chance to visit. 128533

One not so busy afternoon, my ube loving friend craved for something sweet so I suggested we buy here. Since she loves all thing ube, she immediately agreed! Yayyyy!! Was hoping to buy the SUPER FAMOUS ALWAYS OUT OF STOCK UBE BOMBOLONI but surprise surprise, they were again, out of stock (at 2pm). We were advised by their oh so nice and helpful servers that we should go earlier next time (best to go at 6am) for the bomboloni. But soooo early. 128555 She even gave us a calling card so we can call first (but we cannot reserve 128530). Btw, the ube bomboloni is exclusively available here in Little Flour only.

Anyway, since we were here and took so many photos already, we decided to get the UBE CUSTARD CAKE (195) instead. Ube pa rin naman haha. 128517

UBE CUSTARD CAKE: Ube (chiffon?) Cake + Ube Custard + Leche Flan.

The cake was surprisingly good, liked that it was not too sweet. I enjoyed the rich yummy ube custard/halaya at the middle the most. Reminds me of Good Shepherd’s Ube Jam but with a different consistency. The leche flan, though thin, was good too. My kind of leche flan, it was creamy and not overly sweet. The ube cake wasn’t that moist though. Best to eat this cold.

PLACE: I liked this one better than Wildflour. Loved how they designed the place, the hanging chairs, the black sofa, the red chair, the “sala area”, the pastries, the kind of open kitchen, and I liked that this one’s more spacious. Not as crowded unlike Wildflour. It’s just darker here. 127775127775127775127775

SERVICE: Excellent! Staffs are all nice, courteous, and helpful. 127775127775127775127775127775

FOOD (Ube Custard): 127775127775127775127775

PS: Must must come back for the SISIG FRIED RICE and UBE BOMBOLONI. 128518128518

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Kwokie K.
5.0 Stars

While walking past the road on my way to the next meeting, I saw this new place and I really thought that Wildflour opened another branch. I said to myself wow, business must really be good since it's just about 5 blocks away from the original branch - but no, it's actually Little Flour!

Fortunately for me, Ms. Ana de Ocampo was there too tending to her newly opened restaurant. Aside from entertaining her own guests, she was walking around asking folks how their food was and if things are great as they should be. (With how she was getting her staff to work - you knew that she really is the boss!)

I was the first to arrive, and while waiting for my friend - I was able to take a few shots before the lunch crowd arrived. The centerpiece was a "chair chandelier," so I curiously asked one of the managers on duty what the inspiration behind it was - since the idea for Little Flour is for business meals and conversations between minds, the lights are the ideas formed as you dine in for inspiration. Nice little tidbit on how much thought these guys have put into their concepts and the lengths they do to make there ideas artistic, while blending in still with the overall design and theme.

They still have the pastries, since they are known for their baked goodies - I spy the chocolate cake! (Pictured) I didn't get to order it though! I blame it on the heavy breakfast I had so I was still feeling a little full during lunch. I asked what the specialty was - they said that they have a new creation with the Ube Bomboloni (I hope I'm spelling that right) but I didn't get to order it as they had a hoarder that morning so they were just in the process of making more. (Mental note - it's that good!)

For the meals, we ordered the Sisig Rice Bowl (Php250 - Reg /420 - sharing) and the Lechon Manok. (Php380)

The Sisig Rice Bowl (Braised Pig's Head, chopped with onions, chillies and fried egg) was actually pretty good. Each spoonful is flavorful, something like having a full "sisig flavor" infused with the rice. Hint of vinegar, spiced with chopped jalapeno for the kick! It actually reminded me of that Sisig Bowl I really raved about in LA. (More about this later!)

The Lechon Manok (Organic Chicken Thigh+Leg, fried egg, pickled vegetables on garlic rice) is a very nicely roasted chicken - still juicy and not dry. The dish is balanced as it was obviously properly prepared. One thing to note though is that while it's organic chicken - I don't really taste anything different from a regular chicken cut. Maybe yeah, it's "healthier" but I'm not sold on it. 128020

Now, on the tidbit about the sisig - I was eavesdropping on her conversation with her guests (just a little) and heard that Little Flour is actually the full concept behind Sari-Sari Store in Grand Central Market in DTLA! The Filipino food stall that buzzing with people! They're actually the ones behind it too! No wonder the sisig tasted similar - BUT - I still standby that the one in LA is still better. (I'm going to put my vote on better pork quality)

Judge for yourself with the picture comparison at the end. 128061

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

Are you a fan of really good pastries?? BGC Scores another point for another good pastry shop! It has something to do with Wildflour— the Little Flour Cafe— the best in pastries finally got its little sister!

A cafe that could accommodate around 100pax, this little wonder serves pastries and dishes that’s really similar with Wildflour, but here are some differences with its big sister... and little Flour mainly focuses on Brunch items.

Little flour got some pastries that can only be found there. That is, the rising star Ube Bomboloni which is absolutely making the crowd curious—so curious that it’s sold out even before they start their pastry discount hours!!! So the best way to catch this bomboloni is in the morning! (25% off on all pastries starting 5pm, 50% off after 7pm; also similar with WF, LF got to go boxes of 4 pastries @450PhP)

Little flour got bottled fruit juices, but unlike wildflour, little flour does not have milkshakes (quite some balancing there)

Little flour offers almost the same coffee options except for a couple of lattes— my favorite— the vanilla almond latte
128204 Vanilla Almond Latte @180PhP
BUT!!!! Lucky me, they have available ingredients at store, so they were able to serve me one!! BUT i kinda did not like it because the almond milk was sort of thinner. (Sorry i think ill have my VAL over at wildflour)

Finally, Little flour got bigger menu options for brunch— which got more options for rice bowls!! Filipino in theme, they got pork adobo, lechon manok, arroz caldo, and mushroom bowl. AND that night i got to try
128204128525 Sisig Bowl 250/420PhP (small/big bowl)
Whoa! Amazing taste! It’s like your vinegar infused (proportionately) in the rice. It got braised pig’s head bits (whoa i didn’t know i was eating one), onions, chili, and sunny side up egg. I love the salty-spicy flavor, the crispy and fatty texture! Truly their bestseller here. Could be a challenger for wild flour’s kimchi rice!! 128540

One more difference, in my opinion, the ambience here is less intimidating compared to the wildflour ambience. Not so sure, but maybe the staff here were a little warmer than those of WF?

Anyway, congratulate Wild Flour for this.
—yeah they have a CR just go at the end of the counter. The door couldn’t be locked maybe that’s why there were servers near the CR to guard your privacy. Lol.

Yes, visit little flour, they’re open until 10pm on weekdays.

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Elmer R.
5.0 Stars

Wildflour has a little sister! Little Flour just opened recently. Touches of Wildflour can be seen in its interiors and food display. What I like about this place is its opened very early for early birds like me where I can enjoy it at 6am.

As you enter you get to smell fresh baked breads and pastries that whets your appetite. I had the pastry platter where you get 4 pcs of this goodies at a discount. Im in love with their bombolinis both ube and cream and the nutella croissant oh wow. The corned beef bread is what I have been waiting for all this years. Ditto with the ham and cheese ensaymada. Im planning to give this for my christmas gifts.

I would definitely come back here as well as Wildflour because this for me is my comfort haven.

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