Little House of Cheesecakes & More

L. Sumulong Memorial Circle, Antipolo, Rizal

Little House of Cheesecakes & More
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Most Recent Reviews

Christina R.
3.0 Stars

Cute-sy country style cafe right in a small strip of shops on the corner before the street that turns in to Pinto Museum. We came in famished having had no breakfast. We took a chance as it was near Pinto and the reviews were positive.

Here's what I liked -

Service - the 2 girls were attentive and very cheerful in serving us.

Decor - very small place filled with books to read which you can use while waiting. They have a box of questions you can ask each other, we had fun.

Food - got two salpicaos and a cheesesteak rice. I liked the flavor of my salpicao, it was very tasty.

Price - very affordable:

Salpicao 147
Cheesesteak rice 187
Oreo milkshake 137
Vanilla milkshake 127
Oreo Riot milkshake 197

Here's what I didn't like -

Serving - ang konti. I should've known as the price was too low. My H and I only got 4 pcs of salpicao in our orders. One of my pieces was pure fat pa. I was sooo hungry pa naman. I literally poured the sauce on my rice jus to finish it. Needless to say my son was super bitin with his order that was served in a cup.

Serving time - about 20-25 mins. Which makes ordering another plate from being bitin from the serving not worth it.

The milkshakes!!!! - they should just rename these as ice shakes. I swear, an order of Zagu, which I have not had in years tastes creamier. Even the halo-halo has more milk. Mostly ice and water. See photo. Not even powdered milk. We ordered 3 shakes and all tasted the same. Lugi. 2 girls came in to order a "melkshik" for each of them and I wanted to warn them.

We didn't bother to try the cheesecakes anymore. If you eat like a bird, do come here and try this place. Just avoid the milkshakes.

Btw, Waze erroneously directed us to go inside the village. This is on the main road lang, literally right before making a turn to Pinto.

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Casey D.
5.0 Stars

Loved the blueberry cheesecake!!! One of the best tasting oven-baked cheesecake I've tried. 12851810084 costs 90php for a small jar. 128521

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Trish S.
5.0 Stars

My friend and I just came from Pinto Art Museum, we were famished by that time so we asked the tricycle driver what food stall can he suggest near the area, Apparently manong is not too familiar with the place and tipping us to eat at the all famous jollibee. but man, fast food seriously? So we scrap the idea then as we alight the tryc, i saw a little cuban place a cross the street. i didn't think twice and so we decided to dine there.

As we enter the cute little place, there's 2 pretty servers that welcome us saying "Welcome home". what made me love this resto is the menu, they are movie inspired menu and its presented like a newspaper, me being a film buff, i find it very witty and im so hook up with the names of their food some eye catching names are

*Cheesy son of a Beef Caldereta (they said was the best seller)
*Harry Potter and the Salisbury Steak
*Tapa Tapa Pano ka Ginawa?

Though, i ordered Mockingjay Salpicao @145php and my friend got the Tapa @115php. we also ordered their house blended red tea, which i can say was the best red tea i tasted @57php served with crushed iced in a jar. Our orders didnt took long, and we were not disappointed by how it taste and how it looks, pero isa lang masasabi ko BITIN!

We haven't got the chance to taste their cheesecake, because we have no enough cash, walang ATM and they don't take credit/debit cards. Too bad! But i'm definitely coming back! This one must be on your list. 128077

Masarap! Maganda! Worth it! :)

Price ✔️
Ambiance ✔️
Food ✔️

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Triggerhappyfoodie C.
5.0 Stars

Delicious and affordable comfort food! 128525

On the table
🔹Mockingjay Beef Salpicao - tastes good and i liked the sauce. Would have loved it even more if it was garlicky. Their signature green rice (pandan rice) looked kinda weird but didn't taste weird or like pandan either.
🔹Don Corleone Pasta Spaghetti - super cheesy yummy spaghetti that Pinoys will love. The bread was good too and it reminded me of the Cheese Bread i get from Pan de Manila.
🔹Spammy Sticks - they had a problem with their fryer that's why this arrived after the dessert (which was already prepared anyways). Appreciate how they informed us of the problem. It was definitely worth the wait. Spam strips wrapped in crunchy breading, served with tomato catsup. We couldn't help but order rice hahaha
🔹Dear John Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich - tender beef and really good cheese, like the kind used for nachos but better. And of course we loved the fries!
🔹Oreo Cheesecake - hubby finished most of this haha

We're coming back for sure as long as we find a parking slot we can squeeze into 128540

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Triggerhappyfoodie C.
4.0 Stars

A book themed homey cheesecake place that also serves rice, sandwiches, pasta and more.

On the table
🔹True Believer Sandwich
🔹Ham and Egg on Safe Haven Sandwich
🔹Blueberry Cheesecake
🔹Nutella Cheesecake

They make mean cheesecakes served in cute jars. Not too sweet but i liked the blueberry better. Hubby loved it. They make equally mean sandwiches too. Very filling and tasty.

Curious to try their other food.

*parking is a bit of a hassle. Just a few slots in front of the building and there are trees in between
**i was going to take home the jars but when i saw the sign that they recycle and use the proceeds to buy books I left them there
***oh and they ask to take your photo and make the cheesecake sign 128516

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Bea G.
5.0 Stars

It was actually our first time to eat here kaya I had no idea pa about the food. We ordered spaghetti, carbonara, red iced tea for our drinks and of course, cheesecakes 128525 medyo nalungkot lang ako kasi when I asked kung anong flavor ng cheesecake ang available; strawberry, blueberry and oreo lang daw ang available out of the ten flavors (if I'm not mistaken) that they have on the menu. Pero it's fine, I think understandable naman yun kasi soft opening palang sila 128522 so okay, about the food.. Grabe, very sulit. The serving size of the pasta was good for two, and it was reallyyy tasty 128076 and for the cheesecakes naman.. We ordered oreo and blueberry cheesecakes on mini jars. And TBH, they were actually good! Hindi nakakaumay 128522

Aside from the food, what I really liked about the place was it's homey feel. It was cute and cozy. And if you're a book lover, this is the place to be. Daming books! Haha! 128525

So if you're a fan of cozy places, good food AND cheesecakes; you MUST try it here 128077 #instagramworthy

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