Little India

24-F Malingap St., Quezon City, Metro Manila

Little India
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Tiara A.
5.0 Stars

I never had thoughts about going vegetarian until I found this place! I never got around to trying it until now. I recommend their Paneer and their SAMOSAS. Best I've had.

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Julie L.
4.0 Stars

My sister kept mentioning she wanted to try this out and so we did. All of their dishes are affordable, flavorful and good. Legit Indian cuisine. 128079🏼

We ordered the following:
Mix platter (160PHp)
Mushroom Mutter Masala (175PHp)
Palak Paneer (210PHp)
Paratha bread (ranging from 20-50PHp)

They are also selling Indian products like spices, snacks and beauty products.

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Kat M.
3.0 Stars

For lunch, dined in at Little India in Maginhawa. I wanted to try this restaurant for some time now, but no one wanted to join me because it only offers Vegetarian/Vegan options (and my friends are carnivores lol). So finally when we ate here, we had:

* Mix Platter of Samosas, Aloo chop and Assorted Pakodas (160 PhP). Good enough for 3 people. The samosas were good. A bit on the oily side.
* Mushroom Curry (165 PhP). The curry game of this dish is not too strong. Love the mushrooms though.
* Paneer Korma (240 PhP). Typical Korma with cheese. It's okay.
* Veggie Chicken Fried Rice (195 PhP). We asked it to be spicy, and true enough it is! Love it.
* Naan Set (165 PhP) Two pieces of Naan with chickpeas and potatoes.
* Extra buttered Naan. NOT BUTTERY WHAT IS WRONG HUHU. The Banana Leaf Naan is wayyyy better.
* Pitcher of Salted Lassi (165 PhP) or their yoghurt drink.

Overall, our experience was okay. It's not great, but not bad. For an Indian restaurant, it's strange not to have an overwhelming spice level. 128533

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Bibien T.
2.0 Stars

I love Indian food, so I was excited to try out Little India. This is an vegetarian restaurant as well, so I was really interested in trying this out.

We got the Mix Platter of Samosas, Pakodas and Aloo Chop, the Chana Masala and another dish (forgot the name hehe).

The Mix Platter was just okay, but the chutney was really great. There was a hilo factor though, after consuming a lot of those fried stuff.

The Chana Masala and the other dish we ordered tasted the same.128529 I found the taste/spices lacking and maybe this is because I'm not used to vegetarian Indian food, but I have tried meat-free dishes from other Indian restaurants that I really liked.

The server was nice, and the place screamed authentic Indian. The music was interesting too. Will come back if someone I know wants to try this, but not going back there on my own accord.

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Dianne E.
3.0 Stars

I heard that Little India was yummy so naturally I went to check it out. My boyfriend isn't the biggest fan of Indian food, but somehow he was open to trying this place with me. We were both famished and I was looking forward to convincing my boyfriend that Indian food is good!

I immediately ordered samosas for starters. I looked for chicken masala but didn't find it on the menu; there was only a potato version. I tried to look for some kind of beef dish but there was none. The truth slowly dawned on me: this restaurant is vegetarian.

Since I had already ordered the samosas, there was no turning back. I proceeded to order the potato masala and some naan. When the dishes arrived (and boy did it take a while) we dove into the food as you would expect of any hungry hippo. We both decided that it TASTED good but there was something missing: meat.

I imagine my vegetarian friends enjoying the food here but the service needs improvement. No one greeted us when we came in, we found our own table, and I stood up to get our own menus. When we asked for the bill, we waited for 10 minutes only to discover it was just on top of their counter table the whole time. While it wasn't an awful experience, I probably won't be going back for a second visit.

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