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Little Owl Cafe
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Jellybeans i.
5.0 Stars

Hidden away in New Manila is a haven for lovers of coffee and comfort food.

Renovated from one of the previously worn-down houses along Broadway Avenue, Little Owl Cafe is nestled among lush greenery. Started as a coffee shop but now a full service cafe, it serves food that features a fusion of Italian and Asian cuisines that professionals working in the area or families residing nearby can enjoy.

I was recently invited to a Blogger's Dinner at this restaurant where I was able to sample some of its delectable offerings:

Omelette Chorizo Rice (Php270). Part of the resto's All-Day Breakfast Menu, it consists of homemade longganisa rice, delicately wrapped in a thin omelette and topped with onion gravy and aioli.

Sisig Tacos (Php210). Three pieces of soft-shell tacos topped with crispy sisig and a savory liver aioli sauce. A great start to the meal!

Glazed Cauliflower (Php210). Cauliflower covered in a sweet and spicy soy glaze then deep-fried to crispiness. A great way to get the kids to eat their veggies!

Truffle Mushroom Pasta (Php350). Al dente noodles tossed in a rich homemade mushroom sauce made with three different kinds of mushrooms - shiitake, enoki and shimeji - topped with fried enoki and drizzled with truffle oil.

Shrimp & Aligue Pasta (Php330). Pasta noodles tossed in a creamy tomato sauce incorporating shrimp aligue and served with plump grilled shrimps.

Beef Tapa & Cheese Sandwich (Php295). A Pinoy take on the Philly Cheesesteak which showcases savory slivers of beef tapa, it is accompanied by a hefty serving of crisp shoestring fries.

Chicken & Waffle (Php270). Chicken thighs covered in batter then fried to a crisp then served with sriracha coleslaw over cheddar waffles.

Lechon Kawali Bibimbap (Php320). The classic sweet-spicy Korean fried rice served with sauteed mushrooms and spinach accompanied by deep fried pork belly and fried egg. A great combination of Pinoy and Korean flavors!

Chicken Satay (Php280). A bowl of Indonesian- inspired fried rice served with grilled chicken thigh and its trademark peanut sauce.

Beef Rendang (Php420). Tenderchuck slow-cooked in aromatic spices and coconut cream. A little too spicy for me but a sure winner for those who like their food with lots of kick!

Kimchi Salmon Sinigang (Php420). Salmon belly and loin seared then served in a spicy and sour soup.

Iced Mocha (Php170). A rich yet refreshing blend of chocolate and coffee flavors, it is among the Toby's Estate beverages served in this restaurant.

Pink Owl (Php180). A fruity cocktail of vodka, lychee, watermelon and mint. A suitable drink to chase away the workday stress.

Little Owl Cafe's food offerings provide its diners with an adventurous break from the everyday meals but with enough familiar flavors to make them appealing to those with more conservative tastebuds.

Its premises are well-appointed, tastefully furnished and prettily lit, great backgrounds for foodie shots and group photos.

Since this resto is conveniently located a short distance from my workplace, I definitely can drop by again for dinner with friends after office hours.

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James B.
5.0 Stars

Little Owl is located along Broadway Ave., Quezon City near St. Joseph College and Quezon City Sports Club right beside Mcdonalds, E. Rod. The interior was simple and minimalist and the parking can fit up to 12 cars. For the food, they serve fusion of different cuisines and they really pulled it off! I really loved the Glazed Cauliflower, It’s a coated cauliflower glazed in a sweet and sour sauce. And if you like the spicy food you should try the Beef Rendang, its flavorful and really tender, the level of spiciness would get you extra rice. Lol. And the star of the night! The Kimchi Salmon Sinigang, I never thought Kimchi would complement Sinigang, but yeah they really did it!
Sisig Tacos – Php210
Glazed Cauliflower – Php210
Omelette Chorizo Rice – Php270
Chicken and Waffle – Php270
Beef Tapa and Cheese – Php295
Lechon Kawali Bibimbap – Php320
Chicken Satay – Php280
Truffle Mushroom – Php350
Shrimp and Aligue – Php320
Beef Rendang – Php420
Kimchi Salmon Sinigang – Php420

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EatsCMT Carlo  T.
4.0 Stars

[2018-11-06] If it is the first time you’ll go to this restaurant like me, if you are driving from Gilmore/Aurora, it will be easy to miss. The signage is partially blocked by leaves so just slow down when you are near the corner of E. Rodriguez or you see the BPI Family bank on your right. Little owl Café should be on your left.

It recessed location allows it to have parking for up to 12 cars. It can accommodate up to 80 customers at a time.

Among the 11 food items served, my favorites are the:

Sisig Tacos (if you like strong taco flavor, this may not be for you. I do not like wansuy/cilantro so I removed them before eating),

Glazed Cauliflower (delicious and crunchy coating, would be better if the cauliflower was less cooked & crunchy too),

Shrimp & Aligue Pasta (mildly spicy),

Truffle Mushroom Pasta (not as creamy as others but definitely strong mushroom taste and aroma)

The Omelette Chorizo Rice, Beef Rendang (spicy!), Kimchi Salmon Sinigang, Beef Tapa & Cheese, Chicken n’ Waffle, Chicken Satay & Lechon Kawali Bibimbap were all good too but the ones I listed first above were the ones I like best.

And of course, I loved the Pink Owl. Easy to drink, sweetly fruity refreshing drink.

I would comeback to try out some of their other food and drink items specially the coffee (I like good coffee!).

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Jam B.
5.0 Stars

I had dinner here in Little Owl Cafe tonight, and I enjoyed it! I was seated away from the noise, and everything was really comfortable. They serve fusion cuisine here, and here are my highlights:
1. The best dish here for me will be the Kimchi Salmon Sinigang (P420)
2. They will do late evening service soon, and one of the best drink to have while chilling here is their Pink Owl (P280) which is a concoction of vodka, lychee, watermelon and mint.
3. They offer event packages which is consumable, and can handle 80 people the most.

Here are the dishes that I enjoyed:
1. Kimchi Salmon Sinigang (P420) - seared salmon loin and belly in spicy and sour soup
2. Omelette Chorizo Rice (P270) - homemade longganisa rice wrapped in omelette topped with onion gravy and aioli served with atsara
3. Chicken and Waffle Sandwich (P270) - cripy fried chicken thigh with siracha coleslaw on cheddar waffle, served with french fries
4. Glazed Cauliflower (P220) - deep-fried cauliflower glazed in sweet and spicy sauce.

These are the dishes that I would go back for! Hope you guys could find the time to visit and dine in here! Their food are awesome! :)

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Ruth D.
3.0 Stars

Good food but it took 40 minutes for our orders to get served.

Do not order their Dalandan Juice. 128547

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Cherisse Y.
4.0 Stars

Quality of food is superb!! 1002410024

We ordered chocolate waffles and beef brisket tapa. Their servings are good for sharing. 128076128525

Service wasn't as good as I expected tho :( when we got there, we were standing and waiting to be seated but no one was entertaining us. (We were inside smack at the center na ah) The place isn't that big so it's easy to spot if a customer is calling for assistance but it took them so long. Also, there were only 7 tables when I was there and when I asked for water, they forgot. 128078

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Rex P.
3.0 Stars

Serving is big! Food is ok. Try the Buttermilk Chicken.

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Irene L.
1.0 Stars

Bourbon ribs🤢128078🏻128078🏻128078🏻128078🏻128078🏻

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

My first visit was when Little Owl hosted an event. I went back a few days after for their Grilled Cheese Sandwich. It was really good.

Other photos are from the event and I'm not sure if they're already permanently available.

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Clari R.
3.0 Stars

Are you familiar with Lola Cafe + Bar and Liberty Kitchen + Brew? Then you know that the team behind these two successful food establishments is the Lola Group of Restaurants. If you love both, you would be thrilled to know that they opened a new restaurant concept in Quezon City called Little Owl.

This neighborhood cafe is located at 65 Broadway Avenue in New Manila. Little Owl, as the name suggests, is little and tranquil. Yes, just like the noble creatures the Little Owl cafe is a small meeting place where you can relax and enjoy all-day brunch with family, friends and colleagues.

The cafe features a simple and clean al fresco and indoor dining as well as function room perfect for small gatherings. As you can see below, Little Owl is indeed “Instagrammable”. The white walls match the black-framed mirrors, arched windows and other elements in the room giving diners a relaxing and picture-worthy ambiance.

When it comes to food, Little Owl has a lot to offer. Below are some of their lovely meals!

Caesar Salad: You can never go wrong with a classic Caesar Salad especially with some bacon bits. The lightly grilled romaine with bacon bits and Parmesan shavings offers a great flavor and texture.

Salmon Benedict: If you don’t like rice, Little Owl’s Salmon Benedict is definitely one delicious breakfast/brunch meal option. It’s made with cured salmon, poached eggs, arugula and hollandaise sauce.

Mushroom Tartine: What I love about pesto is its versatility! You can add it in pasta or bread like the Mushroom Tartine. It is topped with creamy scrambled eggs and a flavorful kale pesto sauce.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich: Little Owl’s version has three cheeses – mozzarella, cheddar and gruyere complete with caramelized onions served with side salad. This one I did not enjoy that much because the cheese wasn’t enough. It doesn’t have to be overflowing but this one did not have much cheese on it.

Chicken Waffle Burger: If you love chicken and waffle, this is a match made in heaven. The only problem is it’s too dry. Yes, there’s coleslaw in the middle but it was overpowered by the crunchiness and heaviness – perhaps a thinner slice or more coleslaw?

Wild Mushroom: We had a little discussion with this one as we all thought it was Bolognese. This is in fact little Owl’s Wild Mushroom pasta. The taste is pretty average and was more on the sour part.

Banana Pancake: This reminded me of the fluffy Japan-style pancakes. Little Owl’s Banana Pancake is moist and is even more delicious with maple butter and banana.

Thick Cut Bacon: If you failed to eat breakfast, this is the perfect choice! Enjoy THICK Cut Bacon Steaks with apple marmalade served with eggs and rice or with scrambled eggs and toast.

Fish ‘n Chips: The fried dory fillet and shoestring fries with tartar sauce is a great snack. Sadly, I didn’t taste anything special here.

Tarts: Little Owl has four offerings – Calamansi Tart, Cheesecake, Chocolate Tart, and the Warm Apple & Pecan. I was able to try all except Calamansi Tart. The best one for me is the Chocolate Tart because of its rich and bittersweet flavor and cappuccino cream.

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Evita G.
4.0 Stars

Lovely place.128149128076
Yummy food esp their aglio olio pasta.
I hope that their buttermilk vhicken is boneless. Tho its yummy.128522
Excellent service.128154
Will definitely comeback.128522

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Foodcrawl P.
2.0 Stars

Quaint cafe with Chic interiors
Marble tables and high ceilings
Shoestring fries
Cauliflower soup

Inefficient service. It was hard to call server's attention.
Expected a lot from Waffle N Chicken but failed to deliver.

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Xyberdoc M.
2.0 Stars

Ordered a beet orange salad and pasta bolognese. Both are not available.

Ordered aglio olio with shrimps. Pasta overcooked and seasoned lightly. Shrimp was the only saving grace.

This is New place and having some items in the menu that is limited to a few things, is quite a disappointment.

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Elmer R.
4.0 Stars

Two thumbs up for the grilled cheese sandwich with shoestring fries, rich and well done. The pesto pasta with rosemary chicken was sprinkled with shaved parmesan, bravo. Didnt enjoy the waffles though, it was hard as brick.

To access this place by commute, alight at the corner of Broadway St and E. Rodriguez (near St Lukes) in front of McDonalds. Little Owl is beside McDonalds. With a car no problem, the carpark can take 10 cars.

Nice new brunch place, an old house converted to a diner just like their Lola Cafe Bar in the Scout area in Quezon City but the AC needs improvement quite hot in midday.

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

When malls are packed and navigating to them takes time, we consider going around our neighborhood restaurants or cafes. It would be nice to have an accessible go-to spot nearby, one with a totally different vibe from the others, and not too far from where we live.

Little Owl, the newest member of the Lola Group of Companies is just around the corner of Broadway and E. Rodriguez streets. New Manila can now embrace another hub for an early breakfast, lunch, or dinner treat, or for a cup of coffee or a night out of drinks.

This house-turned-restaurant is quite spacious for an establishment, having two floors and a veranda. The upper area can host up to 60 people. The chairs are comfortable to sit on; the interiors looked clean, and the whole place is well lit. The restaurant’s ambience is truly inviting, moreso with a good number of parking slots available.

This sponsored tour of Little Owl is actually worth the experience. Their manager took the time to take care of us guests. Little Owl’s Chef Anton even sat down with us (me and a friend of mine) to hear out any constructive criticisms from our part, regarding the place. Well, there isn’t that much to say since the place doesn’t need to make major improvements in any way.

First up, their set meal started out with Crispy Caesar Salad, which was uniquely presented on Romaine stalks. This novelty item enables you to hold the salad with your bare hands. The Ceasar Salad is crispy and fresh, and it was accentuated with all the staple salad ingredients–bacon, croutons, and sour mayonnaise-based dressing.

The salad was followed by the Salmon Belly Benedict. The fattier portion of the salmon is distinct as it gave in more flavor. The crisp arugula delivered the right amount of bitterness to the food; the hollandaise sauce gave it its creamy and lemony taste, while the capers provided the needed spike of saltiness, which all-in-all kept a balance of flavors. I loved how the poached eggs were perfectly prepared, and they’re soft enough to burst at any given time.

Little Owl’s Bacon Steak is their best selling item in their menu, and there are reasons as to why it is such a hit among customers. The bacon’s strong flavor is prevalent in the dish, and they made it even more exciting with sweetened apples. However, the slab of the bacon steak was too thick. I suggested having the meat sliced in half and prepared in two, to make it even all the more tender. At Php 365, the slab can already fill up the cravings of two meat lovers. It also comes with two cups of garlic rice and two sunny side-up eggs.

For dessert, their fluffy and soft pancakes were creatively plated. They were stacked into threes, with each of them being more than an inch thick. I assume that the restaurant uses an egg moulder to achieve its given thickness. The pancakes were paired with fried bananas, alongside their really good version of maple syrup. This is hands down the best syrup I’ve ever had!

For the record, I have also enjoyed Little Owl’s cheesecake. It was the good kind of cheesy, leaving you with the right amount of sweetness that’s enough for you to crave one bite after another. The cheesecake was dense enough, with an unbelievable kind of softness to it. Its crust needs a little tweaking though. I think it would be better if it was a bit hard to bite into so it can create a little contrast to its softness. Oh, and instead of serving the cheesecake warm, I think it works out even better when it is served chilled.

Hoping that this post of mine will encourage you to swing by Little Owl. Who knows, maybe you can be one of their frequent customers in no time soon.

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

One Saturday, mah homies and I went here at LITTLE OWL for a foodie event. I love breakfast food so if there's anyone super excited to go here, it's ME!! 128518128540128155

While we wait for the food, we had drinks first. It was kinda hot outside so I decided to get something cold (for a change).

- According to the staff, this one is made with just carrot and freshly squeezed orange juice. No sugar added or anything else but I think they also added ginger. Anyway, it was good and very refreshing. Not too sweet and does not tastes "artificial".

They also have Strawberry Banana smoothies and watermelon and mint. I was able to try the watermelon drink and it was too minty, not something I like. 128517 If you prefer coffee, they also have coffee from Toby's Estate. 9749️ Yup, so you're guaranteed to have a good cup of coffee. 128521128077🏼


- "Omg!" that's exactly what I said because salmon + poached egg! How can you not "omg" to that!? 128514128541 I was so excited but sadly, I was not able to try this one. 128557128557128557 Oh well.

- Contrary to most of the reviews, I liked this salad. It's good and the dressing was tasty. Not the usual mayo-based dressing. Plus this was presented in a unique and unusual (but in a good) way. 128155

- I don't like sandwiches or anything, in general, with zucchini because I don't like the texture and taste. 128563128563128563 I just tried the bread and the scrambled egg w pesto and despite trying just parts of this dish, I still loved it!! The egg was so fluffy and creamy. Can I please have just the egg w pesto?? 128155128154

- I liked and enjoyed this sandwich!! 128155 Instead of the usual tomato soup, this was served with tomato jam. The bread was toasted just right and it was not too buttery as well (yay!!!). And with the right blend of saltiness and sweetness c/o caramelized onions and tomato jam. Best enjoyed with the arugula and w some hot sauce for some spice. 128149

Side note: After a lot of thinking and deliberation 128518, this is now included in my top 3 grilled cheese sandwiches (my 1st is Borough and 2nd is Wildflour).

- Nothing wild about this dish. At first, we all thought that this was the bolognese pasta because of the color and taste but nope. Haha. 128517 You can skip this one.

- Not sure if the pancake I had was different from the others. 128563 It looks fluffy but it wasn't. It was thick and dense. It was good but I guess I was hoping for a fluffy soft pancake. 128566 Didn't tried it with the caramel sauce anymore.

- Juicy fried chicken + waffle + coleslaw. It's simple and actually looks too plain but the taste is not that simple and plain. I like how tasty the chicken was and although the coleslaw was a bit too "mayo-ny" for me, I still liked it as it added a different taste to the burger. The dish actually reminds me of a KFC burger, so it's masarap! 128521

- Meh. 🤐 As much as I would like to want this dish because BACON, I just can't. Bacon was not cooked properly, undercooked? It was tough slicing it and there were a lot of fats. 128532 But I still want to try this next time with the french toast and scrambled egg.

- Fried fish fillet served with shoestring potatoes and sour cream dip. This was just okay. You can also skip this one.

For dessert, they served us with 3 different types of tarts - WARM APPLE & PECAN, CHOCOLATE, and CHEESECAKE. They were all just okay. I liked the cheesecake the most because of the slight hint of citrus. 128154

Overall, it was still a pretty okay brunch experience. Not all dishes were memorable but if ever I come back here, I'll get the grilled cheese again and will try the salmon benedict and thick cut bacon. 128521

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Will C.
3.0 Stars

Tried dining here twice on sat night both fail to secure seats. First there was food scene happening on that night, second there was an event which the whole night was blocked off 128529

Third time was the charm i guess as were able to have our dinner here. The place have this lolas cafe vibe, full stack parking that will require you to tend to your car every now and then, wide dining area with open area outside and provision area upstairs.

For dinner we went for pork belly and sausages. Pork belly was kinda chewy, and lacks juicyness. While sausages was just okay and still it lacks juicyness that im looking for from a premium sausage. Both dish cost us 900+ 128529

Hmm... i know this is trivial to some but if more or less half of the staff that serves us have cough or colds, its really unappetizing, at least wear a mask 9786

Their still on their soft opening but i look forward to dine here again after that soft period.

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Steff S.
5.0 Stars

Brought my boyfriend this time! He ordered the thick bacon slab and said that was it was okay, a little chewy.. "but the scrambled egg's perfect!" I quote. As for me:

Grilled Cheese Sandwich - 11088110881108811088
I'm happy that they improved the recipe from the first time I came here. My friend ordered this but I didn't like it so much. The bread was just an ordinary white loaf bread and cheese was bland. Now, they perfected the cheese mixture and added caramelized onions. It's paired with sweetened tomatoes that actually puts an interesting complement to the flavor. I still wish they'd pair it with a good tomato soup though.

Chocolate Ganache Tart - 1108811088110881108811088
Consistently yummy! Now a little pricier though, from P160(?) to P210. But still worth it!

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Steff S.
5.0 Stars

Second time here because I love this place and it's super near! 128149

Fluffy Egg White Omelette - 1108811088110881108811088
Surprisingly yummy! The saltiness of the feta cheese, the crunchy arugula, and the herby pesto sauce gave the omelette a flavorful dimension. And it's sooooo fluffy!

Pecan Pie - 110881108811088
This was okay. Nothing special. So we move on to...

Chocolate Ganache Pie - 1108811088110881108811088
Heaven in a pie! Must try this! Silky smooth chocolate ganache that's not too sweet, perfectly topped with salt flakes. Loooove!

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Denise A.
4.0 Stars

Last December 2016 I was invited by Little Owl to attend their Media Launch while on Soft Opening.

We were introduced to Sir Jonvic, the head chef and the Director of Lola Food Group - the team behind Lola Cafe in Quezon City and Liberty Kitchen at Eastwood.

I was really excited when I got invited on this event cause I consider Lola Cafe to be one of my favorite restaurants in Tomas Morato. I've been there twice and the quality of their food is really consistent. 128076🏼

Little Owl is located in Broadway Ave, New Manila which is just near St. Lukes Hospital and a few medical centers. A good place to spend lunch breaks if you work in the area and won't disappoint if you want a GOOD coffee cause they are in partnership with Toby's Estate. 9749

One more thing I like about this restaurant is the interior, the vibe is very minimalistic and homey. The white walls and high ceiling gave it a very welcoming feel.

Onto the food, here are my top 11088️Top 3:
127859 SHAKSHUKA P270
Eggs poached in Tomato Sauce w/ Whipped Cheese Served with Toast
- This dish really amazed me, served in a pan in skillet form it reminds me of DIY breakfasts on Tastemade. The ingredients were so basic yet it turned out really well. Love how the tomatoes tasted hearty and fresh! DIP THE TOAST in the skillet to fully enjoy this meal!

served with scrambled eggs and fondue
- This was Kevin and I's Top 1 on the list of food they served us during that day. The scrambled eggs where so soft and light it melts in the mouth together with the melted cheese, oooh! This is actually what I can describe as a GOOD BREAKFAST. It's light, healthy and organic.

w/ apple marmalade served with eggs of choice (paired w/ rice)
- Agh! For P365 I don't think I even deserve to enjoy a thick cut bacon as good as this! A must try!

Romaine, Arugula and bacon lardons tossed in ceasar dressing
- Honestly, this taste quite an ordinary ceasar salad. Nothing special, I hope they also add more dressing cause it was a bit dry.

served with Feta Cheese & Pesto, Arugula & Toast
- A little disappointed on this dish cause the egg is fluffy yeah, but literally taste nothing. The pesto helped a bit but I suggest they add more seasoning on the egg.

W/ caramelized onions served with fries
- I have mixed feelings about this sandwich. I love anything grilled cheese but this lacks in flavor. The cheddar was gooey and all, but really bitin. It cheddar lacks sharpness, I wish it was paired with a tomato soup. Haha.

127837 CARBONARA P295
Tossed in Bacon and Parmesan Cream topped w/ Poached Egg
- Taste like the usual Carbonara. Nothing distinct but 'twas fine.

W/ maple syrup
- Never tried banana pancakes before and I liked this one. It's drizzled with maple syrup on top and sided with fried banana. Perfect for banana lovers out there! Minions where you at?


Not going to elaborate how the tarts tasted cause i'm not a fan of tarts in general. But among the three I liked the Chocolate Tart the most probably because they've used dark chocolate on it instead of the usual, a little too sweet though which can be adjusted. The Calamansi tart is a unique one but it was too sweet that I wasn't able to grasp the sourness of the Calamansi anymore.

127864 ESPRESSO COCKTAIL P150 (Espresso Shot, Vodka, Caribbean Rhum & Amaretto)
- The espresso was too strong and wasn't really a good mix with Vodka. Just had a sip and didn't drink it anymore.

11088127864 PINK OWL P150 (Watermelon, Lychee, Vodka, Mint Leaves, Soda)
- SUPER LIKE. Good thing I ordered this, it's like the cocktails for pabebes ladies like me. It's very light, peachy, sweet and tangy. Love how the soda added some kick and spark to the drink! Plus it's PINK!

127864 GREEN SANGRIA P150 (Green Apple, Cucumber, Calamansi, Vodka, Wine & Soda)
- Hate anything with cucumbers but this was good. It's light and refreshing!

128204 A lot of Parking Space in front of the store and nearby
128204 They have a Mezzanine which is a good venue to celebrate small/ intimate events
128204 Hands Down to their customer service as usual.

This is my first event invite as a food blogger (naks!) feeling! Haha! 128514 Anyway, i'm so glad to see familiar Looloo fam faces - Abe and Clarissa.

For a more updated review on Little Owl Cafe check out Midz S and Dennis O review! 128076🏼

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