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Little Owl Cafe
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Elmer R.
4.0 Stars

Two thumbs up for the grilled cheese sandwich with shoestring fries, rich and well done. The pesto pasta with rosemary chicken was sprinkled with shaved parmesan, bravo. Didnt enjoy the waffles though, it was hard as brick.

To access this place by commute, alight at the corner of Broadway St and E. Rodriguez (near St Lukes) in front of McDonalds. Little Owl is beside McDonalds. With a car no problem, the carpark can take 10 cars.

Nice new brunch place, an old house converted to a diner just like their Lola Cafe Bar in the Scout area in Quezon City but the AC needs improvement quite hot in midday.

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

When malls are packed and navigating to them takes time, we consider going around our neighborhood restaurants or cafes. It would be nice to have an accessible go-to spot nearby, one with a totally different vibe from the others, and not too far from where we live.

Little Owl, the newest member of the Lola Group of Companies is just around the corner of Broadway and E. Rodriguez streets. New Manila can now embrace another hub for an early breakfast, lunch, or dinner treat, or for a cup of coffee or a night out of drinks.

This house-turned-restaurant is quite spacious for an establishment, having two floors and a veranda. The upper area can host up to 60 people. The chairs are comfortable to sit on; the interiors looked clean, and the whole place is well lit. The restaurant’s ambience is truly inviting, moreso with a good number of parking slots available.

This sponsored tour of Little Owl is actually worth the experience. Their manager took the time to take care of us guests. Little Owl’s Chef Anton even sat down with us (me and a friend of mine) to hear out any constructive criticisms from our part, regarding the place. Well, there isn’t that much to say since the place doesn’t need to make major improvements in any way.

First up, their set meal started out with Crispy Caesar Salad, which was uniquely presented on Romaine stalks. This novelty item enables you to hold the salad with your bare hands. The Ceasar Salad is crispy and fresh, and it was accentuated with all the staple salad ingredients–bacon, croutons, and sour mayonnaise-based dressing.

The salad was followed by the Salmon Belly Benedict. The fattier portion of the salmon is distinct as it gave in more flavor. The crisp arugula delivered the right amount of bitterness to the food; the hollandaise sauce gave it its creamy and lemony taste, while the capers provided the needed spike of saltiness, which all-in-all kept a balance of flavors. I loved how the poached eggs were perfectly prepared, and they’re soft enough to burst at any given time.

Little Owl’s Bacon Steak is their best selling item in their menu, and there are reasons as to why it is such a hit among customers. The bacon’s strong flavor is prevalent in the dish, and they made it even more exciting with sweetened apples. However, the slab of the bacon steak was too thick. I suggested having the meat sliced in half and prepared in two, to make it even all the more tender. At Php 365, the slab can already fill up the cravings of two meat lovers. It also comes with two cups of garlic rice and two sunny side-up eggs.

For dessert, their fluffy and soft pancakes were creatively plated. They were stacked into threes, with each of them being more than an inch thick. I assume that the restaurant uses an egg moulder to achieve its given thickness. The pancakes were paired with fried bananas, alongside their really good version of maple syrup. This is hands down the best syrup I’ve ever had!

For the record, I have also enjoyed Little Owl’s cheesecake. It was the good kind of cheesy, leaving you with the right amount of sweetness that’s enough for you to crave one bite after another. The cheesecake was dense enough, with an unbelievable kind of softness to it. Its crust needs a little tweaking though. I think it would be better if it was a bit hard to bite into so it can create a little contrast to its softness. Oh, and instead of serving the cheesecake warm, I think it works out even better when it is served chilled.

Hoping that this post of mine will encourage you to swing by Little Owl. Who knows, maybe you can be one of their frequent customers in no time soon.

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

One Saturday, mah homies and I went here at LITTLE OWL for a foodie event. I love breakfast food so if there's anyone super excited to go here, it's ME!! 128518128540128155

While we wait for the food, we had drinks first. It was kinda hot outside so I decided to get something cold (for a change).

- According to the staff, this one is made with just carrot and freshly squeezed orange juice. No sugar added or anything else but I think they also added ginger. Anyway, it was good and very refreshing. Not too sweet and does not tastes "artificial".

They also have Strawberry Banana smoothies and watermelon and mint. I was able to try the watermelon drink and it was too minty, not something I like. 128517 If you prefer coffee, they also have coffee from Toby's Estate. 9749️ Yup, so you're guaranteed to have a good cup of coffee. 128521128077🏼


- "Omg!" that's exactly what I said because salmon + poached egg! How can you not "omg" to that!? 128514128541 I was so excited but sadly, I was not able to try this one. 128557128557128557 Oh well.

- Contrary to most of the reviews, I liked this salad. It's good and the dressing was tasty. Not the usual mayo-based dressing. Plus this was presented in a unique and unusual (but in a good) way. 128155

- I don't like sandwiches or anything, in general, with zucchini because I don't like the texture and taste. 128563128563128563 I just tried the bread and the scrambled egg w pesto and despite trying just parts of this dish, I still loved it!! The egg was so fluffy and creamy. Can I please have just the egg w pesto?? 128155128154

- I liked and enjoyed this sandwich!! 128155 Instead of the usual tomato soup, this was served with tomato jam. The bread was toasted just right and it was not too buttery as well (yay!!!). And with the right blend of saltiness and sweetness c/o caramelized onions and tomato jam. Best enjoyed with the arugula and w some hot sauce for some spice. 128149

Side note: After a lot of thinking and deliberation 128518, this is now included in my top 3 grilled cheese sandwiches (my 1st is Borough and 2nd is Wildflour).

- Nothing wild about this dish. At first, we all thought that this was the bolognese pasta because of the color and taste but nope. Haha. 128517 You can skip this one.

- Not sure if the pancake I had was different from the others. 128563 It looks fluffy but it wasn't. It was thick and dense. It was good but I guess I was hoping for a fluffy soft pancake. 128566 Didn't tried it with the caramel sauce anymore.

- Juicy fried chicken + waffle + coleslaw. It's simple and actually looks too plain but the taste is not that simple and plain. I like how tasty the chicken was and although the coleslaw was a bit too "mayo-ny" for me, I still liked it as it added a different taste to the burger. The dish actually reminds me of a KFC burger, so it's masarap! 128521

- Meh. 🤐 As much as I would like to want this dish because BACON, I just can't. Bacon was not cooked properly, undercooked? It was tough slicing it and there were a lot of fats. 128532 But I still want to try this next time with the french toast and scrambled egg.

- Fried fish fillet served with shoestring potatoes and sour cream dip. This was just okay. You can also skip this one.

For dessert, they served us with 3 different types of tarts - WARM APPLE & PECAN, CHOCOLATE, and CHEESECAKE. They were all just okay. I liked the cheesecake the most because of the slight hint of citrus. 128154

Overall, it was still a pretty okay brunch experience. Not all dishes were memorable but if ever I come back here, I'll get the grilled cheese again and will try the salmon benedict and thick cut bacon. 128521

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Will C.
3.0 Stars

Tried dining here twice on sat night both fail to secure seats. First there was food scene happening on that night, second there was an event which the whole night was blocked off 128529

Third time was the charm i guess as were able to have our dinner here. The place have this lolas cafe vibe, full stack parking that will require you to tend to your car every now and then, wide dining area with open area outside and provision area upstairs.

For dinner we went for pork belly and sausages. Pork belly was kinda chewy, and lacks juicyness. While sausages was just okay and still it lacks juicyness that im looking for from a premium sausage. Both dish cost us 900+ 128529

Hmm... i know this is trivial to some but if more or less half of the staff that serves us have cough or colds, its really unappetizing, at least wear a mask 9786

Their still on their soft opening but i look forward to dine here again after that soft period.

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Steff S.
5.0 Stars

Brought my boyfriend this time! He ordered the thick bacon slab and said that was it was okay, a little chewy.. "but the scrambled egg's perfect!" I quote. As for me:

Grilled Cheese Sandwich - 11088110881108811088
I'm happy that they improved the recipe from the first time I came here. My friend ordered this but I didn't like it so much. The bread was just an ordinary white loaf bread and cheese was bland. Now, they perfected the cheese mixture and added caramelized onions. It's paired with sweetened tomatoes that actually puts an interesting complement to the flavor. I still wish they'd pair it with a good tomato soup though.

Chocolate Ganache Tart - 1108811088110881108811088
Consistently yummy! Now a little pricier though, from P160(?) to P210. But still worth it!

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Steff S.
5.0 Stars

Second time here because I love this place and it's super near! 128149

Fluffy Egg White Omelette - 1108811088110881108811088
Surprisingly yummy! The saltiness of the feta cheese, the crunchy arugula, and the herby pesto sauce gave the omelette a flavorful dimension. And it's sooooo fluffy!

Pecan Pie - 110881108811088
This was okay. Nothing special. So we move on to...

Chocolate Ganache Pie - 1108811088110881108811088
Heaven in a pie! Must try this! Silky smooth chocolate ganache that's not too sweet, perfectly topped with salt flakes. Loooove!

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Denise A.
4.0 Stars

Last December 2016 I was invited by Little Owl to attend their Media Launch while on Soft Opening.

We were introduced to Sir Jonvic, the head chef and the Director of Lola Food Group - the team behind Lola Cafe in Quezon City and Liberty Kitchen at Eastwood.

I was really excited when I got invited on this event cause I consider Lola Cafe to be one of my favorite restaurants in Tomas Morato. I've been there twice and the quality of their food is really consistent. 128076🏼

Little Owl is located in Broadway Ave, New Manila which is just near St. Lukes Hospital and a few medical centers. A good place to spend lunch breaks if you work in the area and won't disappoint if you want a GOOD coffee cause they are in partnership with Toby's Estate. 9749

One more thing I like about this restaurant is the interior, the vibe is very minimalistic and homey. The white walls and high ceiling gave it a very welcoming feel.

Onto the food, here are my top 11088️Top 3:
127859 SHAKSHUKA P270
Eggs poached in Tomato Sauce w/ Whipped Cheese Served with Toast
- This dish really amazed me, served in a pan in skillet form it reminds me of DIY breakfasts on Tastemade. The ingredients were so basic yet it turned out really well. Love how the tomatoes tasted hearty and fresh! DIP THE TOAST in the skillet to fully enjoy this meal!

served with scrambled eggs and fondue
- This was Kevin and I's Top 1 on the list of food they served us during that day. The scrambled eggs where so soft and light it melts in the mouth together with the melted cheese, oooh! This is actually what I can describe as a GOOD BREAKFAST. It's light, healthy and organic.

w/ apple marmalade served with eggs of choice (paired w/ rice)
- Agh! For P365 I don't think I even deserve to enjoy a thick cut bacon as good as this! A must try!

Romaine, Arugula and bacon lardons tossed in ceasar dressing
- Honestly, this taste quite an ordinary ceasar salad. Nothing special, I hope they also add more dressing cause it was a bit dry.

served with Feta Cheese & Pesto, Arugula & Toast
- A little disappointed on this dish cause the egg is fluffy yeah, but literally taste nothing. The pesto helped a bit but I suggest they add more seasoning on the egg.

W/ caramelized onions served with fries
- I have mixed feelings about this sandwich. I love anything grilled cheese but this lacks in flavor. The cheddar was gooey and all, but really bitin. It cheddar lacks sharpness, I wish it was paired with a tomato soup. Haha.

127837 CARBONARA P295
Tossed in Bacon and Parmesan Cream topped w/ Poached Egg
- Taste like the usual Carbonara. Nothing distinct but 'twas fine.

W/ maple syrup
- Never tried banana pancakes before and I liked this one. It's drizzled with maple syrup on top and sided with fried banana. Perfect for banana lovers out there! Minions where you at?


Not going to elaborate how the tarts tasted cause i'm not a fan of tarts in general. But among the three I liked the Chocolate Tart the most probably because they've used dark chocolate on it instead of the usual, a little too sweet though which can be adjusted. The Calamansi tart is a unique one but it was too sweet that I wasn't able to grasp the sourness of the Calamansi anymore.

127864 ESPRESSO COCKTAIL P150 (Espresso Shot, Vodka, Caribbean Rhum & Amaretto)
- The espresso was too strong and wasn't really a good mix with Vodka. Just had a sip and didn't drink it anymore.

11088127864 PINK OWL P150 (Watermelon, Lychee, Vodka, Mint Leaves, Soda)
- SUPER LIKE. Good thing I ordered this, it's like the cocktails for pabebes ladies like me. It's very light, peachy, sweet and tangy. Love how the soda added some kick and spark to the drink! Plus it's PINK!

127864 GREEN SANGRIA P150 (Green Apple, Cucumber, Calamansi, Vodka, Wine & Soda)
- Hate anything with cucumbers but this was good. It's light and refreshing!

128204 A lot of Parking Space in front of the store and nearby
128204 They have a Mezzanine which is a good venue to celebrate small/ intimate events
128204 Hands Down to their customer service as usual.

This is my first event invite as a food blogger (naks!) feeling! Haha! 128514 Anyway, i'm so glad to see familiar Looloo fam faces - Abe and Clarissa.

For a more updated review on Little Owl Cafe check out Midz S and Dennis O review! 128076🏼

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Mae A.
4.0 Stars

Looking for a place for that good old solo time? Much like an owl at night that hoots? Try this place in New Manila where you are guaranteed to have one good time. And yes, you can hang out here during daytime. 128521

One of my fave dishes that day was their Mushroom Tartine. I liked the mix of mushrooms with the rest of the ingredients here. Its taste wasn’t cloying and could actually fill you up.

Same with the mushroom dish, I liked their take on Caesar Salad. The dressing was just right for the leafy greens. It had this nice acidity that balanced the freshness of the whole salad.

Nothing says comfort than a good old grilled cheese sandwich. Oh yeah. 128512 I love the slightly burnt sandwich paired with the tomato jam (I think it’s jam).

Their Chicken Burger was their take on the waffle-and-chicken combo that somehow became a trend. To be honest, I really thought there would be buns. I was pleasantly surprised to see the chicken fillet in the middle of those waffles. As for the taste, it was good. The chicken itself was flavorful.

We were unsure whether to squeeze the lemon on the Bolognese. It seemed scorched already. Still, it delivered in terms of taste. I found the sauce to be just right though might be bordering on a little oily.

I was looking forward to their Salmon Benedict. When I saw this on the list for that food tasting day, I got excited. When I got to have a bite, it saddened me. I found the hollandaise sauce to be too buttery. It kind of took the flavor from the salmon and the whole dish away. I just opted to have less of that sauce in order to still enjoy the dish.

I really wanted to like their Fish N’ Chips. Trust me, I really wanted to. But something was just off for me with the fish. The fries were okay and the sauce was pretty good. But the fish had this jelly like consistency. I was looking for those fish meat strands but I got none of that. It seemed cooked but I just wasn’t a fan of the fish here.

And their Banana Pancakes will have you singing that Jack Johnson song while munching on these fluffy eats. For reals though, these pancakes were so fluffy and good. It’s nice to have it with some of the banana and sauce.

My friend enjoyed their Chocolate Tart so much that she’s willing to drop by here for this! It was indeed delicious though I imagine it to have some candied chili to make it more interesting. 128539

Since they’re still on soft opening, service could be slow. But I do see promise with the dishes served. And for sure, the chefs are cooking up more (as some served to us weren’t on the menu yet). With its homey ambiance and yummy dishes, this could very well be your nook for some solo time or bonding with your buddies. 🙂

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Dennis O.
4.0 Stars

Little Owl is another new restaurant from the people behind Lola Cafe and Liberty Kitchen. Thanks to Midz S. for extending her invite to us we were able to attend this special event.

Little Owl is located in Broadway Ave just behind the McDonald. The place got a free looking nook. Mostly white with some highlights of black and mirror to complete the theme. We were directed to the second floor where you can have a small privet event. After some intro we were served various item from their menu to try.

127860Salmon Benedict-I like this one the taste of the salmon was very prominent and love how it was beautifully plated.

127860Caesar Salad - Their version of this classic is quite different. Served with a whole lettuce and with bacon bits, Parmesan cheese and croutons. Not special but tasted great!

127860Mushroom Tartine - This one is good! For the mushroom lover. Served with big portion of mushroom on top a bed of scrambled egg with lots of veggies. The flavor blended well perfectly.

127860Grilled Cheese Sandwich - this got mix review because it wasn't consistent. One serving got lot of cheese was tasted superb. But the other was served with underwhelming amount of cheese.

127860Wild Mushroom Pasta - this one was good but the mushroom was a bit underwhelming. The pasta was overpowered by the zesty sour tomato flavor.

127860Chicken Waffle burger - Tasted great! I love the juicy chicken and the coleslaw help it to be even more tasty!

127860Thick Cut Bacon - one of my fave since this was the only main meat dish served for the event. I love the smokey flavorful bacon. Can be served with egg or garlic rice.

127860Fluffy Banana Pancake - another one of my fave. I love thick fluffy pancake! The caramel was just a bit weird. It was very thick like a frozen gravy sauce. Nonetheless it was good!

127860Tarts- For the tarts must try is the Chocolate tart! It was so good and bitter dark! I love it!!!

Overall a nice brunch kind of place for QC peeps. Love the ambiance and they serve Toby's Estate Coffee.128523128076

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Midz S.
4.0 Stars

The Lola Food Group, the brains behind Lola Café + Bar, and Liberty Kitchen + Brew, has a new baby, and it was last Saturday that they decided to introduce The Little Owl Café to some food enthusiasts before their grand opening in the coming week.

Here’s a little trivia on how the owners came up on the concept of the café. For starters, their first two restaurants’ names started with the letter ‘L’. They also wanted a place that is homey, offers whole day brunch and is open from morning to late nights. So behold, a café that is designed like an owl’s nook, and it’s just amazing. It’s the first thing I loved even prior to paying the café a visit.

The café has a second floor, and with the homey design of the place, I’d like to call this floor the “attic”. The attic has a different design compared to the white, black and brown theme on the ground floor. This place, which also serves as the café’s function room open for reservation, has a warmer theme, with less windows and less room for natural light.

After a few words from the chefs behind the food, several dishes from today’s menu started coming in, and as we took photos we were able to meet with the other food enthusiasts we’ve never met before.

127744Salmon Benedict – I hope this dish tastes as good as it looks. I was too busy taking photos that I wasn’t able to try this one.

127744Thick Cut Bacon – thick pork slices in apple marmalade sauce, served with egg, and either garlic rice or French toast and salad. I liked this dish because of the flavor of the bacon. It was like a honeycured bacon having that sweet taste. This dish could have been better if the meat was more tender.

127744Fluffy Banana Pancake – Three thick banana pancakes with thick, caramel-like maple syrup. These pancakes were delicious and moist. Although there’s nothing too grand about its taste, you can never go wrong with this classic breakfast staple especially if it’s this fluffy.

127744Mushroom Tartine – Bread with scrambled eggs and an assortment of vegetables and flavors on top. This is a good example of something that is small yet strong. There were mushrooms, pesto, bell peppers, zucchini, and some cheese. I was impressed with the elements I was able to get from the dish and how all those combined made something tasty.

128525Grilled Cheese – This was my favorite! The grilled cheese was not what made this dish the star of my dreams, but the arugula and the tomato jam that came with it. What came to my mind when I had a bite of all three together was my brick oven pizza experience. The tomato jam reminded me of the chili honey I used to pour on my pie that changed my perspective on pizzas. The saltiness of the cheese, bitterness from the arugula, sweetness from the tomato jam and the crunch from the toast is probably something I’d go back for.

127744Chicken Burger – Two fried chicken fillets sandwiched in two waffles with some coleslaw. This was a dish I also liked, well, because I’m a lover of almost anything chicken. I liked that they were able to think of a concept to incorporate the usual chicken and waffle brunch dish and presented it in a different way. The chicken tasted good and moist, as well as the coleslaw, while the waffle was okay.

127744Caesar Salad – Greens, croutons, caesar dressing, bacon bits and some parmesan cheese. There’s not much to expect from this as it is how your typical caesar salad tastes like. It was okay.

127744Fish ‘N Chips – two cream dory fillets with shoestring potato fries and sour cream dip. The fish was okay, although I’m not a total fan of it. I liked the shoestring potato fries since it’s a good snack while chatting with the fellow foodies.

127744Wild Mushroom – At first I thought this was the bolognese pasta because of how it looked, until we were told otherwise. The tomato in this tomato based pasta was evident, since the sauce was more of sour than sweet, although the contribution of the mushroom to the taste was lacking. Nevertheless, this was okay.

TARTS- Their tarts surely ended our meals with a bang.

127744Warm Apple & Pecan – I can’t remember spotting the apple in this tart, but I do remember the cinnamon and the pecan in the picture. I found this tart okay. Not bad.

128525Chocolate Tart – Our favorite tart! It was filled with a not-so-dense dark chocolate that is definitely not too sweet and will not make you grab that glass of water.

127744Cheesecake – I am very much confused of their cheesecake. I was expecting some cheese, obviously, especially since the filling oozed/ flowed out upon slicing. However, when I had a bite, I wasn’t able to detect any traces of cheese. It was more of a lemon tart than cheesecake.

Parking spaces are available in this café. They also have a guard to assist. There are also seats outside perfect for those shots.

Little Owl Café is located at the corner of E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave corner Broadway Ave.

P.S. I wasn't able to upload a photo of the salad and the place because of the maximum number of photos allowed per review. Also, I wasn't able to take pictures of the first two tarts 128514

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Myzyl C.
5.0 Stars

I always see this restaurant on our way to the grocery but never got the chance to drop by. Thanks to TheHungryEmployee for tagging me along. 128522

I like the logo and concept of Little Owl, as well as its minimalist and homey interiors. The servers are nice and the food is good too.

Salmon Benedict - I like that this dish is strongly savory though the butter is kind of overpowering the rest of the flavors. Nonetheless, trying this dish is such a treat.

Banana Pancake - I love how the pancakes are really soft and its a good combination with the sliced banana.

Grilled Cheese - Super yummy! The serving size is huge and it's super cheesy.

Mushroom Tartine - Definitely one of my favorite dishes from the bunch because I love mushrooms and the overall taste is savory but not too salty.

Caesar Salad, Fish n' Chips, Bolognese - Not as memorable as the rest but these are good too.

Chocolate Tart - I must say, this won the day for me and it's definitely going to be the main reason for me to dine here again.

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

VP Midz S thanks for sharing your invite with us.
From the makers of lola cafe and liberty cafe comes another 'L' cafe. The place is called little owl because the place looks small from the outside but definitely got a big space inside that can be a potential favorite nook. The interior is nice and cute--a lot of round things can be found.

The event went really slow serving almost ten dishes in about 3 hours! 128517 but it was just fine we had a lot of time to talk and get to know each other.

128204 strawberry banana smoothie
This one tastes homey and if you want something familiar to your taste. I like how evenly the strawberry and banana fruits blend well

128204 orange and ginger
Not a smoothie rather a juice. Something unique, healthy and new. The carrot tastes a little sweet. I suspect some added syrup but that's fine. The ginger taste is weak.

128204 watermelon and mint
Cool and refreshing. This one's juice as well. The watermelon and mint flavor blends well.

128204 salmon Benedict
Was a little disappointed at this. It did not wowed me. The cured salmon was a little fishy for me. However the poached eggs were perfectly cooked.

128204128525 caesar salad
A whole lettuce which base was chopped then quartered. Two portions served. It's sprinkled with bacon bits and croutons, dressing was abundant, effortless but delicious!

128204128525 mushroom tartine
Love the combination of mushroom and veggies (zuccinis, carrots) in a bed of creamy scrambled eggs and bread.

128204128525 grilled cheese sandwich
Please get this. It amazed me. Do combine the arugula and a small portion of the caramelized tomato and strawberry in a bite. It just plays everything--salty, sweet, tangy, herby!

128204 wild mushroom
This is an oil base pasta with a zing of citrus fruit. I think the name does not really apply much because the mushrooms were just made as toppings.

128204 banana pancake
Thick and a little dense, this pancake could be a little cloying without the caramel sauce. The slices of caramelized bananas reminds me of wildflour's ricotta pancakes. (It still is the best btw)

128204128525 chicken burger
I love how local it actually tastes. KFC--but a little tastier. The waffles was a flunk as it's a little tough. But love the protein in it!

128204128525 steak and eggs
Who could not resist bacon?! Especially this thick slab. Sweet and toasted outside yet savory and tender inside! The caramelized apple made it sweet. Choose either sunny side up or scrambled eggs and rice or toast!

128204 fish and chips
Serving too few. The fries were shoestring and crispy but i love the sourcream dip.

128204128525 flat white
Yeah, coffee by toby's estate, 💯

128204 warm apple and pecan tart
One thing that lacks in the description: wet.
Love the taste though, but the contents were too few and too wet.

128204128525 cheese tart
Could they just call this lemon cheese tart?! I love it anyway!

128204(128525) chocolate tart
Huhu i was not able to try this but everyone says it's very good! The chocolate tastes dark daw. Maybe they could use a piping bag for the whipcream topping.

Parking space could accommodate 12 cars. Wow. Traffic area too. There's CR in the first floor for both genders and the wifi is incredibly fast. There are power outlets so i wont complain, service is moderately fast.

I don't think their menu is final. So things could definitely change. They're still at soft opening.

Hi 128075 Ruth D Ruth S Clarissa P Dennis O Elaine O

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Clarissa P.
4.0 Stars

Lola Cafe + Bar has made a name for itself because of the good food that they serve, the great customer service and the lovely ambiance of their restaurant. It was easy for people to love them and I've read a lot of good reviews. Then they came up with Liberty Kitchen + Brew in Eastwood City which was more than a restaurant. Morphing into a bar at night, Liberty has made waves online as well. Forming the Lola Group of Restaurants, they then opened their latest dining concept - Little Owl.

Little Owl offers all day breakfast food and if you fancy good coffee, you're in for a treat here because they've partnered with Toby's Estate. Located directly across the original Craft Coffee Revolution in New Manila, Little Owl is very accessible through E. Rodriguez. It's just along Broadway Ave. with St. Luke's and Robinson's Magnolia as some of it's neighbors. If you work within the area, this place can be your quick escape for lunch even on a weekday.

When we got to the place, it had this old house homey feel. It was very spacious, high ceiling, mezzanine area with huge windows allowing a lot of natural light in. I loved the overall neatness of the place because of the dominant white walls and floor tiles accentuated nicely by black borders of rounded mirrors and arched windows.

The mezzanine area had a warmer tone because of it's wooden floor. It also has white wash walls, industrial type drop lamps and windows in every corner possible. There was minimal and simple decors but IMO, they were enough to add a little more charm to the place.

We met Jonvic, Head Chef and F&B Director of the Lola Group and he also introduced us to the Chefs and staff of Little Owl. They had us start with a selection of drinks which had coffee, fruit juice and cocktails as options. The spread they prepared was amazing as well and they made sure to explain each dish. Let me drill down what we had from each section of their menu.

| From the EGGS section of their soft opening menu, we tried the following: Shakshuka and Fluffy Egg White Omelette.

> Shakshuka for 270Php

It was my first time to encounter such a dish and I was more than pleased. Served in a skillet was the genius marriage of eggs and tomatoes. The eggs were poached in the tomato sauce that has been mixed with whipped cheese and topped with fresh basil leaves. This was served with toasts. Loved the flavor of the tomatoes that went well with the savory and salty cheese and runny eggs.

> Fluffy Egg White Omelette for 220Php

Think Brazo Mercedes without the sweet part, they weren't kidding when they said fluffy! The egg whites have been whipped until very fluffy and light ending up with the white part of Brazo Mercedes - that type that can be made into meringue just by adding powdered sugar. Though it was topped with pesto, feta cheese and served with fresh arugula and toasts, the egg itself lacked in flavor.

| Toast: Mixed Mushroom and Roasted Vegetables

> Mixed Mushroom and Roasted Vegetables Toast for 250Php

This was one of my favorites. The scrambled egg on top of the toast was just so light but creamy, had a good hint of herbs and just the right saltiness. It was topped with the roasted mushroom slices and veggies, fresh arugula, melted cheese and drizzled with EVOO.

| All Day Brunch Plates: Thick Cut Bacon Steaks

> Thick Cut Bacon Steaks for 365Php (with rice)

If there is one thing that you must order from Little Owl, make sure that it is this one!
Served with your choice of rice or French Toast, veggies and egg of choice, the thick pork belly slab was well marinated and tender! It had this caramelized crust giving it some sweetness. I kid you not, this one's really good!

| Pancakes and Waffles: Fluffy Banana Pancake

> Fluffy Banana Pancake for 220Php

This pancake dish was delicious! The pancakes were fluffy but dense with a good flavor of banana. I'm guessing they incorporated fresh ripe bananas into the mix. Topped with a luscious caramel sauce and caramelized banana halves on top, this one is definitely a sweet treat though I would love for this to have been finished off with whipped cream!

| Soups, Salads & Sandwiches: Grilled Caesar Salad & Grilled Cheese Sandwich

> Grilled Caesar Salad for 285Php

When you say grilled, there should be even the slightest hint of smoky or char flavor. In this salad, however, there wasn't any of that. A good bunch of romaine lettuce was topped with arugula, bacon, croutons, classic Caesar salad dressing and finished off with cheese. I liked the crisp greens but this salad definitely needed more dressing.

> Grilled Cheese Sandwich for 220Php

Served with a side serving of simple salad and skinny fries, this sandwich was such a perfect match their Shakshuka!
The bread was well toasted giving off a nice crunch and it was definitely oozing with cheese! It was pretty good but it was lacking some sharp cheese flavor.

| Pasta and Grains: Carbonara

> Carbonara for 295Php

Tossed in a thick Parmesan cream with corned beef, it's your usual Carbonara. I would love some more saltiness here though.

| For dessert, we had their trio of tarts! Chocolate, Warm Apple & Pecan and Calamansi.

Though I really wanted to like these tarts, I found them either too sweet or cloying. They all had the same crust that was too crumbly with a texture that I didn't quite like.

> Chocolate Tart for 130Php

The chocolate was good but it was very rich for my liking. I'm more of a milk chocolate fan than dark. It can get cloying and I wish there was more salt on top of this tart to counter the chocolate's sweetness.

> Warm Apple & Pecan for 160Php

This one lacked distinct flavor. IMO, it needs more sauce, maybe like caramel, since the filling was overall dry. The apple slices were dry, needs more cinnamon and the pecans were soggy. Totally okay to skip.

> Calamansi Tart for 120Php

This tart has a good tartness from the calamansi but too much of the sugar kicked in after. Maybe an addition of more cream into the curd will do the trick.

| For our drinks, I got to try the following:

> Pink Owl for 150Php

I loved this one! Vodka x soda x watermelon juice x lychee with chunks of fresh watermelon cubes and mint leaves. It was light and refreshing.

> Espresso Cocktail for 150Php

Coffee and Cocktail? Sounds just about right! Imagine having two great drinks in one! This one had Vodka x Caribbean Rhum x Amaretto x a shot of espresso. I would love to like this one but it was just too strong for me.

Green Sangria for 150Php

This one is probably my favorite. It's the ultimate lady's drink! Vodka x wine x soda x green apple x cucumber x calamansi. It's very light and refreshing, perfect summer cocktail!

Overall, it was a pleasant lunch. The restaurant is such a good venue for parties as well! The mezzanine area itself can be a venue for small gatherings and can house about 30 to 40 people. According to Jonvic, they're also promoting the restaurant for parties and functions. In fact, they've had more than a handful of booked parties since they started their soft opening. They can also design the buffet menu according to your needs.

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Steff S.
5.0 Stars

Newly opened little restaurant across Craft and very near St. Luke's! The interior is simple but nicely decorated, although no sight of any owl figure. I loved their mushroom toast with roasted vegetable and scrambled eggs - fluffy eggs with a layer of cheese on nicely toasted (and buttered?) bread. Perfect place for people who brunch! Will definitely come back to try other dishes!

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Mark L.
2.0 Stars

saturday family dinner..
grilled cheese sandwich 128077128077128077 only the fries were good
thick cut bacon steak 128077128077128077
caesar salad 128077128077128077128077
dalandan juice 128078 tasted like water. as in you can't taste the dalandan. very watered down
beef brisket tapa 128077128077128077
chocolate waffle 128077128077128077

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