Little Persia

The Collective, 7274 Malugay St., The Collective, Makati, Metro Manila

Little Persia
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Most Recent Reviews

Kevinross B.
4.0 Stars

I'm starting to love this place! My officemates and I went here after hanging out at Metro 9 cafe to have dinner since this was the closest restaurant that served shawarma.

For starters, we had Hummus. It comes with just one piece of Khubz (pita bread). I was surprised with the bread coz it was so legit! I can eat that all day! Since we were three, we just order 2 more extra which costs 15 pesos each. Not bad!

Since I was craving for shawarma (like all the time. Lol), I went and ordered their chicken shawarma sandwich. The way they cooked the chicken is kinda different from what I've experiences in the middle east as well as the garlic sauce was also malabnaw. Not the real garlic sauce. But still, Dweet found a way to make it taste good and with all the fresh veggies included, i felt like I was eating a really healthy sandwich. I was so hungry and happy with the shawarma that I ordered another one! Lol.

In summary:

Hummus - For those who are not familiar, hummus is a kind of dip usually made with mashed chickpeas (garbanzos) blended with tahini, olive oil, garlic lemon juice and some more ingredients i think. But basically, that's it! It's a must try! It's one of the best hummus I've tasted!

Chicken Shawarma Solo - if you're really hungry, one might not be enough. Hehe.

Also, you can ask for hot sauce to give your meal a little bit of spice.

I've visited this restaurant a few times and tried other dishes like Samosa and Kebabs. I guess I'll make a separate review for those when I don't forget to take pictures of them. 128517 But I would definitely recommend trying their beef kebabs. They're really good too! Perfect match with grilled tomato and khubz! 128537128076🏼

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Gryselle C.
4.0 Stars

When I first stumbled upon this resto, I was simply amazed like a kid who found a shiny jewel by the beach. I love the ambiance of this place and I love the interior as well. I ordered Beef Kebab with rice, extra butter and a can of coke. The price was okay but the serving was really small that made me feel a bit disappointed at first. However, I felt full right after my last bite. It was just right. As for the service, the staffs are really friendly but sometimes it is a little bit hard to call their attention due to the loud music and the lack of servers.

  • No. of Comments: 2
Janille T.
2.0 Stars

I think i paid more than I ordered.. Nothing special..

  • No. of Comments: 1
Ralph Waldo L.
5.0 Stars

Tried this place to relax a bit. The price was very affordable and it was yummy! I will eat here Again.

  • No. of Comments: 3
Gerald T.
4.0 Stars

Super cheap to load up here

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Maye D.
3.0 Stars

To be fair, the place is actually pretty nice. It's got that hipster vibe that lives up to The Collective's image. I'm just really not a fan of mediterranean food. We decided to try it out just because we saw shawarma on the menu and that's just about the only meditteranean food I eat.

So we ordered Ox Brain, eggplant puree (I forgot what they call it), Beef Shawarma and Fries. I only ended up eating the fries (which has salsa w/ BEANS and RAISINS, you be the judge). Ox Brain was too smelly and it tasted so bad for me. Leaves a stronger after-taste than cooked liver. I ordered Ox Brain to dare my boyfriend, but he actually finished it. Unbelievable. Beef Shawarma and eggplant were okay. I'm not sure if I'd give this place another try unless I'm just going for beer and nachos.

  • No. of Comments: 2