Lizzy Latte

Builders Center Bldg., 170 Salcedo St., Legazpi Village, Makati, Metro Manila

Lizzy Latte
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Clarisse D.
4.0 Stars

During times of academic stress, caffeine is our reliever, the one that will always keep us going. We guess this happens to everyone too, right? New discoveries around the city and the mere absence of coffee is just unacceptable. One of this month's new discoveries is Lizzy Latte at Salcedo Street in Makati. And since we are best friends and we are both bloggers driven by passion, we decided to have a collaboration during one of our typical wednesdates.
Some photos that will be seen on the internet made us expect a bigger coffee place. But what we saw was something less, but not too disappointing to our nerves. Walls partially filled with doodle art, ceilings with cutesy chandeliers, and a cordial atmosphere that greeted us had us sat on their chairs and made a hey-we-haven't-seen-each-other-for-few-days talk.
We had some kind of struggle to choose what to get from their drinks and pastries. We made our decision longer than how choosing a drink and cake should take. Aside from the fact that we’re girls, we’re careful of choosing on what to share our thoughts upon.
With the accommodating and well-disposed staff, who would’ve thought that they’re great with 3D art as well? They create 3D cat art on the hot drinks such as Cappuccino and Belgian Hot Chocolate. While your ice blended drinks or Freezy Lattes can have whip cream and toppings on top.
The Mocha Majestik, which has two shots of espresso, milk, topped with whip cream and mocha sprinkles --our kind of gratifying mocha. However, the Belgian Hot Chocolate, has a balanced taste of chocolate sweet and a hint of milk. Our pastry choice was Choco Caramel Cake which is dry, and has a very think chocolate ganache, but the caramel wasn't too much. A slice is good for two because it is too sweet to eat it alone.
Lizzy Latte's owner or… we don’t really know who she really is to be honest, asked us if we are bloggers, and we just nodded to the surprise of the question, "wow somebody knew!" Was it our standing up and taking flat lays and interiors of the shop? Or are we just too loud talking about the blogs we had? Anyways, she offered us a cake of our choice for "photo purposes". We chose the Oreo Cheesecake and then we had our mandatory food photo shoot. When we were finished taking angular and flat lay photos, stories that we had to let go started to come out of our mouth. And guess what? Eventually, the owner gave us two teaspoons, and told us that the Oreo cheesecake is ours. Thanks for the sweet treat, it was a pleasure!
The Oreo Cheesecake is not like the ordinary cheesecake we had before. The fullness of the cream is there combined with the perfect saltiness. Then, you can have the heaven-taste of everyone’s fave Oreo. It’s a legit Oreo Cheesecake, because you can see the actual Oreo. That’s how you know that a café is serving you right with the finest ingredients.
After constant chats about academic stress, places we’ve been to and the future!!! – yep, we may be blogging but it was really REALLY far from our majors – it is time to call it a day. A day in the four artsy walls, under the light of those cutesy chandeliers and served by the welcoming staff, together with cool coffee, a cat in the hot choco, a great friend and 2 slices of cake – Lizzy Latte is definitely a café for your not-so lazy afternoon.

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Jona P.
5.0 Stars

Not-your-ordinary cup of coffee! I loved their blueberry latté, cheers loolooapp team128513

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Carla M.
3.0 Stars

Cousin and I craved for banh mi last week but we were too lazy to walk to Greenbelt to have lunch at Pho Hoa. I spotted this fairly new coffee shop near the office that serves one so we decided to give it a try.

Their Saigon in Salcedo Banhmi (P150) had chicken slices, ham, daikon and jalapeno in between grilled ciabatta. I was kinda disappointed that it wasn't served in a crusty baguette, like a legit banh mi. Filling was good but lacks that spicy kick I was looking for. Barely tasted the jalapeno and they don't have hot sauce. 128532

Service was a bit slow considering they will just reheat the sandwiches using their panini press. Heard they make good flavored lattes so I'd probably give it a try one of these days.

Kirby G you can work here if you're sawa na in Local Ed. 128512

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