Lo de Alberto

City Golf Plaza, Julia Vargas Ave., Pasig, Metro Manila

Lo de Alberto
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6 Reviewers

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Joren A.
4.0 Stars

Muy delicioso! 128523

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Mister J.
5.0 Stars

Just passing through but decided to try the suadero (beef burrito). Sarap. Better than most of the Mexican places in town. Their cocktail selection looks interesting, will give that a try the next time around. 🇲🇽

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Zinia A.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Ria L.
5.0 Stars

love love this mexican sangria and soft beef taco! i really feel like i'm in mexico as they claim to be the authentic taqueria in the phil. hola, muy delicioso

  • No. of Comments: 3
Sam R.
1.0 Stars

I've never been as disappointed with Mexican food as I was last night. I read about this place on Spot, and really expected to be blown away given that they talked so highly about it slash the claim to be the "only authentic taqueria in the Philippines". Pretty bold claim, can't say much about authenticity but I can surely say now that they aren't the tastiest. Ordered a pair of cheese quesadillas (120 each) for take-out since it was raining, their al fresco dining didn't seem that appealing because most of the seating was wet. They also only had quesadillas available since they didn't have rice any more so I couldn't upgrade my orders into meals. When I got home (about 5 minutes), I discovered that the cheese has solidified so in the toaster oven they go. After a solid couple of minutes, the sight kind of reminded me of QUICKMELT. I'm not kidding, I used to always melt cheese on a plate as a snack as a child; there was no denying that this was it. I was really annoyed. How authentic is that? I'm sure queso fresco, Monterey Jack or even cheddar would be more appropriate. Their tortilla isn't EVEN good. It tastes old or rather, the masa or cornmeal they used probably is. If that wasn't even insulting enough, there was 0
seasoning. The only saving grace was the tortilla chips but that was pretty generic too. Was I expecting too much? Maybe. But knowing that most places like El Hijo serve a better product (tastier & more sulit) for the same price, of course it pissed me off. Bottom line: if this is authentic Mexican food, you can definitely say HASTA LA VISTA to great food.

  • No. of Comments: 4
Kathryna d.
5.0 Stars

Mexican food!!!!!!!

I love Mexican food minus the beans. The savory ingredients + zest of lime = party in my mouth. 128588🏼

This place claims to be "The Only Authentic Taqueria in the Philippines" well, I think they may be right.

First of all, the genius chef behind this is Mexican. Too bad we were just about to leave when he got there but we witnessed him talk to his staff, asked for updates on the store, and tasted everything that they were making. Wanted to talk to him but he seemed a bit busy, although he did ask us if everything was a-okay so I still appreciated that. 128076🏼

The dining area is al fresco only, so I advise you to go here late afternoon or in the evening. There are ceiling fans and a nearby wash area as well.


Nachos or their Chilaquilles P220
So good, so yummy. They call this their "hangover tortilla salad" and I completely understand why. The generous toppings of cheese, pickled onions, citrusy chicken, and sour cream were just on point. The only downside to this was the quality of the chips, it gets soggy and/or hard when you don't eat it asap.

Tacos or their Suadero (beef)
Two tacos with two sauces and tortilla chips. So good. The beef was perfectly seasoned and my oh my, I'm salivating right now just by thinking of this. Nothing spectacular when you look at it but really, this is legit. 128077🏼

Quesadilla (cheese)
Took a bite of this and I must say I was impressed at the generous cheese inside. I'd probably try their Hongo (mushroom) quesadilla on my next visit.

Drinks or Aguas Frescas: Horchata and Tamarindo juice - perfect palate cleansers for each savory dish. Must try!!! Even the chef approves of their blends. 128556

They have beer buckets and I think they have margaritas available as well. Will definitely come back for that.

Overall, I'm excited to go here again! I love Mexican food!!!! With a passion!!!

Adios! 128111 amigos!!!!

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