Lobby Lounge

Okada Manila, New Seaside Drive, Entertainment City, Parañaque, Metro Manila

Lobby Lounge
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Most Recent Reviews

Aldwin D.
4.0 Stars

After watching the fountain show, we try to find coffee shops around but were not so lucky as the surrounding area is too crowded. We walk further and little did we noticed that we are heading to the main lobby. Lobby lounge is on the left side from the main entrance and the ambience is very inviting. You can see parades of different kinds of cakes being displayed at the counter. To cut a long story short, we ordered hot chocolate, Ice tea, cappuccino and one sliced of cake "I forgot about name"
Hot Chocolate is not so good, taste is ordinary. It includes 4 different kinds of fillings but still not so good and the servings is big. Too bad that because of the price, you have to consume it all.
Cappuccino is A-ok
Cake is ok but you can also have it elsewhere at lower price.
The couch is very relaxing.
Staff is always smiling, customer is treated very well.
Service is also ok.

  • No. of Comments: 2
Dianne C.
5.0 Stars

So mom and I bought cakes for take out.

They looked really good and the taste was not disappointing, everything was delish and not too sweet. I'm in love with their cakes. 128525128525128525

We had fruit tart, valrona chocolate caramel cake, tiramisu and strawberry shortcake. 127856127851

Price range: Php. 270-370/ pc.
It's really worth it. 128077

  • No. of Comments: 3
Nicole C.
3.0 Stars

Randomly ended up in Okada the other day. There's still not that much to see here if you're not into going to casinos. Anyway, we don't really go to casinos, so we went to the Lobby lounge instead.

I ordered hot chocolate and it was really bland, might be my fault as I didn't add any sugar lol. But it's something that I'm not going to order again if we do end up coming back. I did like the green tea flavored cookie that came with it.

Got their heart shaped chocolate cake, and was literally expecting it to be shaped like a heart so I was a biiit disappointed when it was served. Taste was quite generic, kinda like any other chocolate cake there is.

We got a matcha cake (forgot the name), but I'm not sure if that's what we were served - didn't taste even a hint of matcha but idk lol. Also, found the texture to be really weird. Sort of cold but not really. Nope, not ordering this again.

We also managed to watch a snippet of a World of Wonder performance which happens from 5pm to 7pm. It was quite entertaining to watch and was the highlight of our visit lol.

Ambiance was really nice, I love the pretty light fixtures.

Wifi was really slow, idk why. Service was quite slow too, had to call the server thrice to ask for water. But the servers were all friendly.

I do look forward to coming back, especially when the place is complete and finished. 128513

  • No. of Comments: 4