Loboc Church

Loay Interior Rd., Loboc, Bohol

Loboc Church
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Historical Site

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Adnad S.
5.0 Stars

Loboc Church way back 2013 fresh from earthquake. I’m not sure if ayos na siya ngayon.

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Anthony M.
4.0 Stars

I liked - because this historical Catholic Church is being rebuild slowly , stone by stone , after being destroyed in the 2013 Bohol Earthquake

I took these photos from the Loboc River

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Anrey C.
4.0 Stars

sayang it's still ruin when we went to Bohol kya didn't have the chance to see what's inside..but I bet , everything is amazing, wonderful and awesome..I love visiting different parish/church , gives me peace of mind and calming..

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Mikko F.
2.0 Stars

This is so upsetting. Damaged because of the earthquake. Sayang it's a wonderful church pa naman. I hope they will fix this church soon.

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Bechay R.
5.0 Stars

I will always love the churches! It is God's home! 1281469757128519128591

We are blessed that we arrived here during the afternoon mass.

This church is 374 years old already. (Turning 375 this year) 128079128561128516
Try to look closer at the picture (bottom part) and you will the image of Saint Peter formed on the wall.

I so love this church. They say that if it is your first visit to a church, your prayer will come true. But for me, every prayer if it is God's plan, it will happen. Claim it! Right?!

Don't forget to visit this when you tour Loboc, Bohol. 128077128591128522

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