Loboc River

Loboc, Bohol

Loboc River
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Myzyl C.
5.0 Stars

This beautiful scene and a ukelele stopover. :) To set expectations, scenery is awesome but food is simple.

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Pat D.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Uael C.
5.0 Stars

Clean river is rare nowadays but in Bohol's Loboc river, Clean is an understatement. The river not only supports local biodiversity but also that of tourism and transport systems. The cruise along the river costs 500 to 800 php but that includes a buffet lunch and drop offs at a tribal bank where local indigenous people showcase their culture. In the cruise, we got serenaded with local folk songs. Its also opportune to relax and enjoy the subtle breeze. Food was great too, we were served adobong pusit, escabeche, grilled liempo, bouillabaisse, grilled fish, and local fruits and delicacies for dessert.

Tag along friends or make new ones on board! Bohol is never short of friendly locals and tourists alike :)

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Tin O.
5.0 Stars

One of the major tourist attraction in Bohol is the famous blue green water of Loboc River.

From Tagbilaran airport you may take a cab going to Loboc, or you may take a tricycle going to Dau Terminal (Trivia: all tricycles within the city should have Biblical phrase/quote written in front or back of the trikes before they can operate, I believe it's mandated by the local government there, that shows how religious Boholanos are, cool!). From there you may choose to ride a bus or UV express going to Loboc (almost an hour of travel, fare is less than Php 100).

The usual activity here usually starts with an hour of River Cruise and a buffet at the Floating Restaurant, that's a package for Php 450. Among the food they serve in the buffet are mostly Filipino dishes with fruits, veggies, including dessert. While you're eating, the band will serenade you (you may also request songs from them, or even sing with them). The boat will turn around at some small waterfalls, somewhere during the cruise they will stop at a small jetty along the river and some locals will provide a culture show for their guests.

After the cruise you may also visit the Hanging bridge and try other activities like zipline, paddle boarding, etc. There are also locals that sells souvenir items and sweets like peanut kisses and kalamay.

Enjoy your Bohol trip! 128522


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Anrey C.
5.0 Stars

This river is one of the beautiful river I've seen in the 23 years of my life..ay mali 22 pla..
22 plang ako nun 1285131285131285139996.. It's the river we cruised when we rode a floating resto way back january,still part of our itinerary in our bohol tour .. it's so clean and refreshing..parang ang sarap mag swimming..kya lang hindi ako marunong magswimming 128557128517 hanggang tampisaw lang ako 128513128513128514 ..i really love the view aswell , the hill like and the trees sorrounds add to it's beauty .. it's like a paradise..the awesomeness!..128571128571128571

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