Log Cabin Sagada

Sagada - Besao Rd., Sagada, Mountain Province

Log Cabin Sagada
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Allen Y.
3.0 Stars

The night I decided to go semi-vegetarian. Ordered a set menu that has vegetable salad, potato rosti and eggplant omelette.

Being a potato lover, I enjoyed my potato rosti. It's basically just a bunch of shredded potatoes, baked (i think?) with herbs and spices.

That night, they didn't offer their usual weekend buffet. We ordered from their ala carte menu. They have set meals (250-290php), pastas (190-250php), entrees, salads, etc. Serving is big enough to be shared.

Service was okay. Took a while for our orders to be served even if we pre-ordered it already. Their waiter mixed up our orders though. Well, not just ours but the also that of the other table.

Reservation is a must especially during peak season.

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Kring K.
5.0 Stars

This was a one blast of experience. Top load commuting! Feels like your in a roller coaster. Road is rocky and steep plus the fact that it was so cold that morning. You freeze like hell of ice coming inside your veins. This is one in a million experience! Try it. :)

  • No. of Comments: 7
pogiLBERT P.
5.0 Stars

walking distance from the town hall 127972. cozy home-y 127969 ambiance. i'd say the Sat 7pm dinner buffet worth P390 is definitely worth it. reservation was needed to avail of the Sat dinner buffet and down payment of P100 was required to confirm your reservation at least on the day itself. around 50 slots were allotted for the buffet dinner. seats/tables were assigned prior to the buffet, with your name/s written on it. coffee 9749️ was inclusive of the buffet. food was good. service was great. 128077

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Abegail H.
5.0 Stars

Saturday night in Sagada will always mean a dinner buffet with Log Cabin.

It is like a Sin for a hungry pack like me to miss out on this. They dont fail to satisfy.

128523 it's 390 per pack, excluding drinks but they have service water And coffee And tea included in the table. Advance reservation is required.

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Diosdado Boy S.
5.0 Stars

No need to ask!127863128079128079128079

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Abegail H.
5.0 Stars

This maybe the actual highlight of this Sagada episode of my life. It's our first time to try their buffet, and sure thing it was something to remember.

At 390php per head, Log Cabin will surely amaze you on how native ingredients and native methods of cooking could turn to something classy and highly rated. Log Cabin gives their every Saturday concocting something to impress people that cared to take time and effort out of their pockets just to give it a try. That night, the house is full and lucky us that we were given a round table basically good for 6 but ended up to us four.

Their buffet doesn't have a regular menu, unlike those here in Manila, the items served in the buffet would solely depend on what was to find in the market that day. But rest assured, it's a full course.

That night we had cardiz soup with Etag, etag is a local smoked ham, a cardiz is something I forgot to ask. Haha let's just leave it unknown and just let the pleasant taste of Cardiz linger on. The soup almost seamed to be like a cream based, with dull white colored particles that resembles like pig brain but it's actually a broth with rich marrow and etag slices on a thick pork broth with a good smokey flavor and just right saltiness coming from the etag, this is the nearest of what my taste buds can describe.

The salad was a mix of organic greens (a plant am not familiar of and watercress) plus fresh sweet strawberries on a vinaigrette of local cane vinegar. Too sour yet too good! There was a sweet hint coming from the vinegar and strawberries, a favorite!!! And for those who love the heat, they've prepared something that would boost the appetite, a very hot cucumber dip, small and perfectly diced cucumbers on their vinaigrette with the killer native chillis chopped almost finely but is in enough size to be seen before swallowed. Yeiks! Too hot to handle.

To pair with the soup, they've prepared something to dip into it, a very nice, moist perfectly risen potato bread. If they only allow take homes I could have taken 3 loafs to go with me to our room. Something I've never tried before yet it tasted familiar. The potato taste wasn't really evident and it wasn't starchy as I would expect but the bread was something rather wet-moist perfect for the soup.

They have steamed rice, sadly it's a commercial rice that we can usually buy here in Manila, later in our stay I've found out that they have limited the selling of their native rice for the local's consumption only. Azar!

Mixed vege's was also present, there was this chicken adobo with a twist. For the twist they've mixed in ripe mangoes that blended well, the taste wasn't really far from original adobo taste except if you'll chew in mangoes along. It's funny realizing how a mango could be like an adobo, mejo maasim, mejo matamis at mejo maalat (kapag sinawsaw sa asin).

Another dish served was a moussaka, didn't expect that I would be eating a greek dish in here, but their interpretation was really nice. Placed beef instead of lamb, the eggplants almost melts in your mouth along with the generous amount of melted cheese on top and the creamy mashed potato, tasted almost the same as mom's bake mac. Haha!

Next to the moussaka was the bones and the skin, wondering what they were? The bones were basically pork bones specifically those in the spines, chopped in each segment, and then char grilled with those cholesterol deposits in between, yeiks!!! The skin are basically the pork skin cut in stripes and fried like a chicharon, some were crunchy and chewing other was like getting into a battle.

And last on their meats is the roasted pork with garlic peaks. Lean, tender but not so garlicky.

Then ten minutes after serving most of the guests, desserts was then prepared. They have baked for us a fruity carrot cake and rice chocolate fudge. The chocolate fudge was moist but the chocolate taste wasn't very pungent, and they used a thin layer of egg white icing with thick shavings of chocolate instead of the usual choco frosting. The carrot cake was like a semi fruit cake because of the candied fruits and nuts generously sprinkled on top of the cake, not to so much of a carrot too. Along with the cakes were their home concocted tea of the local mountain tea with lemon grass, ohhhlalaaa! My second loved tea after the jasmine. Looking forward for another buffet experience from them.

And lastly the place, it's name says it all. A modern log cabin with a stylish and ethnic burst of interior.

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DarkstarM D.
5.0 Stars

Yehey Looloo has this now woooot!

Before and during chow time photo.

It was my first time to hear and try bruschetta and oh my God, it made an impression! I can't believe I didn't know and haven't tried a very food as good as this! The bread was different I don't know what type of bread they used there and probably that made the greatest impact since it was just filled with veggies and herbs but I adore it! Has any one here knows a place to find such food? Best part is, it's just 80 bucks damn! We also ordered tomato soup at 90 bucks and linguini broccoli at 150 bucks. They charge 10php a cup for hot water because of the law of supply and demand!

If you are planning a getaway here this summer, don't forget to drop by. Sagada stay wouldn't be complete without trying log cabin!!

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