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LoLa Cafe + Bar
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Will C.
2.0 Stars

Make no mistake the food that we have here was good. Lengua truffle was superb. While angus skewers was just okay. I remember it was way better before, more tender. Servers were nice.

The reason for the 2 stars was because of the very rude security guard that they had, quite frankly it greatly affects customers dining experience. 1st incident, the guard wants us to go all the way back on the parking while clearly there wont be anyone dining here since last call na. Knock so hard on the glass. 128544 why at the glass? And also while dining l, was interupted that car at the back would be leaving and pakibilisan ko daw. 128529 what? Ora mismo....

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

First was breakfast at Little Owl and now, lunch at LOLA w mah homies. 128513

We were able to sample the following dishes:

128155 GRILLED CEASAR SALAD. Romaine lettuce,tinapa bacon, salted egg dressing (Solo: 210; Sharing 320).

TRUFFLED LENGUA. Slow cooked ox tongue, wild mushroom, truffle cream sauce (510).

128155 SINIGANG SA PULA. Manila clams, green mussels, tomato chillies, tamarind paste and watermelon (280).

128155 ESCABECHE. Battered white fish, roasted pineapple and jalapeño sauce (355).

LŌLA DINING DING. Tinapa, pumpkin, bitter gourd, eggplant, fish sauce (220).

I liked and enjoyed almost everything but my 3 favorites are the following:

GRILLED CEASAR SALAD - salads make me happy and Lola's salad made me one happy kid! 128518 I think this is somewhat similar with Little Owl's grilled salad. I liked the huge pieces of fresh lettuce w a generous amount of bacon and tinapa. The salted egg dressing was interestingly good, it was not too salty. If you don't like too much dressing, you might want to ask them to separate it.

ESCABECHE - Huge fish fillet with a very tasty yummy sweet sauce. This was supposed to be "spicy" because of the jalapaño sauce but it wasn't. Anyway, you can always ask for hot sauce or chili. 128540 Loved the pineapples chunks, too! 128155

SINIGANG SA PULA - this was good and made our tummies warm. The soup was flavorful, not to sour nor sweet. A comforting kind of soup that's loaded with a lot of veggies, clams and mussels. I think there's also fish.

The Dining ding was also good, it's like a different version of pinakbet (minus the bagoong and gata). I liked the tinapa meat as it added saltiness to the dish. If you like Lengua and truffle, you should try the Truffled Lengua. Cla loved it. A LOT!! 128077🏼

Overall, it was a happy kind of lunch w mah hommies. If you also want to try this place and other restaurants within the area you can check @FoodSocietyPH's instagram account. They'll help you have the happiest and best-est foodcrawl! 128521128521

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Dennis O.
3.0 Stars

Lola Cafe is one of the highly rated filipino resto in Tomas Morato area. We have tried multiple times visiting this place but they seems to be always jampacked. Lucky this time my sister was able to get a reservation. The place interior was quite cozy and love the ambience of the place.

For the food it was a mix of high and low for me. Here are the things we tried out.

128205Truffled Lengua-My fave! The very tender lengua was well cooked and the truffle was spot on. This is something that I'll highly recommend
128205Wagyu Kare-Kare-This one got a very delicious kare kare sauce. I love the sweetness of the peanut. The ox tripe and beef brisket was also very tender. But it was tagged as wagyu didn't feel and taste like wagyu meat.128517
128205Bistek Tagalog-I didn't like this one.Too salty.
128205Rellenong Pusit-It was good but lack in juicyness category.
128205Tinolang Chicken Rice-This one is quite unique and was a hit for me. It was like sinangag with the delicious flavor of tinola.
128205Angus skewer-typical pork bbq. Nothing special for me.

Overall it was good but I was expecting more from it. 3stars for now. 128522

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Jamee U.
5.0 Stars

I first heard about Lola Cafe from a friend and a relative.
Since my friends are now living in the north and I rarely go there, we finally decided to try this restaurant.
ALugbati and kesong puti salad - the balsamic vinaigrette was sweet and i think the kesong puti was mixed with cream
Chicken molo soup- this was a surprise. Loved the clean tasting broth
Truffled Lengua - the lengua is soft and the truffle is just right
Chipirones - I was expecting a crunchy chewy squid but it was only crunchy. It was seasoned well too.
Salpicao - it is just ok.

Note: there were a few flies that kept coming back to our table. The servers gave us candles to ward these off. Hope that they can do something about it though

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Melodee N.
5.0 Stars

Quezon City is just filled with great places to eat, especially the Scout areas. One place we stumbled upon was this resto that captivated us with its charming set up --- the feel of home with a heart filled with memories. You will never feel the hustle and bustle of Timog Avenue or Tomas Morato.

Whenever I eat out, I will always tell my companions "anywhere, just don't take me to a Pinoy resto because that's what we eat at home". I'm a pretty good cook that's why I don't eat in restaurants that serve food that I myself can cook. But Lola's was an exception. I'd like to say that it's creative Pinoy fusion.

Looking through the menu, I thought there's nothing exceptional so we went for Truffled Lengua, Fried Tawilis and Ginataang Sigarillas. But ooooh did my heart flutter at the very first bite. It was love. Maybe we also ordered a good mix as the 3 viands just perfectly blended in our palate.

Another thing I love is that this being a good place for conversations. It's spacious, quiet and cozy plus the feel of old. In the middle of a toxic day, you'd find yourself relaxed with its very homey ambience. It's just like visiting your own grandma. And that makes it even more amazing.

Good food, good ambience that brings about good mood for good conversations. That's Lola's for me.

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Julie L.
4.0 Stars

Afternoon catch up with a long time friend of mine from high school. She suggested this resto and I'm glad she did. Love how simple and homey the ambiance was and all of the staff were accommodating.

We ordered:
Bone Marrow Sisig (275PHp) sinfully delicious!
Tartufo (280PHp) really good white sauce pasta

They also have happy hour between 2:30pm to 6pm, you'll get 30% off. I really liked their Green Mojito (140PHp reg price). Got to try Mango Margarita (140PHp reg price) and California Dream (150PHp reg price) but I still like their Green Mojito.

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Marianne P.
5.0 Stars

They offer Filipino Cuisine nothing special actually except for their desserts128522 (sweet tooth mode on) strawberries and cream is the queen 128081 meringue with sweet/sour cream also Banoffee not too sweet yet creamy128525

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Patricia H.
5.0 Stars

Oh my! Their Bone Marrow Sisig is a must try! Not for those who have high blood tho. But its really good, it has melba toast to go with it but sisig must be eaten w rice, so i did. Another must try is their Wagyu Kare kare 128077🏾128077🏾128077🏾 I wanted Chicken also so I ordered their Buttermilk fried chicken but I didnt like it at all. There was no flavor at all and you wouldnt taste anything that was described from the menu description 128529 But the first two were 10/10

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Roy T.
5.0 Stars

Why hello, 700th review! 127882

Another |ooloo milestone for me! Can’t believe I’ve reviewed 700 restaurants (well most of them are restos), and I ate that much already. Hahaha!!
I saved it for one of the hidden restaurants in Tomas Morato, Lola Cafe. I definitely enjoyed my recent experience there. I think it’s my second time to go there with the first being a looooong time ago.

I dined with two of my High School buddies last early June (late review) before we started with our food crawl. I suggested this place because I heard about their revamped menu and I wanted to compare them with other Filipino restaurants that serve dished with a twist. I’m fond of comparing so yeah.

We got the following:

WAGYU SALPICAO - I liked this dish and I recommend this. We all liked this most, among all the dishes we ordered. Anything with a lot of garlic is usually my weakness and this one had a good amount of it! Nicely cooked. Meat was juicy and tender. Glorious flavors bursting in my mouth. 128077🏻

CHORIZONG HUBAD PASTA - We also liked this dish. It was a good serving, that the three of us had a difficult time finishing it. Al dente cooked spaghetti in oil-based, garlicky, with a good amount of chorizo bits. A good try! I’m interested with their tartufo and spicy tinapa pastas. next time, next time.

WAGYU KARE-KARE - I think was also good. A big big serving again. Good mix of meat with vegetables. I liked the taste in general. The good kare-kare for me, not too cloying. Wagyu meat in kare-kare is a good idea. Meat quality was noticeably good. Nutty sauce with sweet bagoong on the sides.

ALUGBATI & KESONG PUTI SALAD - This is new to my tastebuds. I’m not that big fan of alugbati because of the bitter after-taste. Indeed, that taste was there so I did not enjoy it that much. One of my friends did, so I guess it’s good if you’re a vegetable fan. I got stuck and rigid with the usual greens I see in my salads - lettuce, spinach, and sometimes cabbage only 128077🏻

STRAWBERRIES & CREAM - We got this for free because of this promotion form Booky. It costs 150 bucks so this was a good catch. In terms of appearance, it looked really superb. Hard meringue with whip cream on top and strawberries and some shopped nots on top. A bit sweet for me, but two to three spoonfuls was good. After that, it’s cloying. Very IG-worthy for this one though! 128077🏻

Overall, I’d give them a 4-4.5 for the food. Rounding it up to 5 because of the good service and the overall ambiance. I’d say Lola Cafe is perfect for romantic dates. That heavy rain during our visit added this homey and relaxing feel inside the restaurant. I had some issues with some mosquitoes inside though.

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Nicole Y.
5.0 Stars

the tomato & chorizo pasta was great :) mouthwatering and soul filling :) friendly people too and servers are very accomodating... my friend got the spicy tinapa and it was also good, i will probably eat this when i get back, its a must try if you want olive oil in your pasta :) i tasted kare-kare and lengua before in my auntie's birthday celebration and it was delicious especially with rice. Their desserts are also yummy, i forgot the name of it; the one with alcohol content??? but still it left a taste in my mouth that i won't forget... so i brought my friend over after our gym and and still she wasn't disappointed :) i will definitely come back for more 128525 PS: their spicy is spicy enough, don't add a lot of chili 128523 #50ksummergiveaway

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Will C.
4.0 Stars

Was going to meet up with a friend at starbucks retiro but it was packed with students who are reviewing so when my friend arrive we were both hungry so we decided to try out another place, so a cafe trip turn out to be an early light dinner, i have a nice experience last week at lolas cafe so i recommended it. Since its just 15 mins away we decided to drive here, whooa along the way we saw 2 interesting restos (neighbors, and gourmet gypsy). Ehem Next time.

Upon arriving at this place i order for tomato choriza pasta with keso de bola cheese and dalandan with ginger for drink, and while its chicken tinola rice for my friend.

The chorizo pasta was good. My friend had an issue with blood inside the chicken but they happily replaced it but the replacement has the same issue so 128559 i feel bad for the server. I actually got to taste a little bit of the tinola rice, it was really gooood. Maybe next time. It was then replaced with pasta on truffle oil and mushrooms, i caught the smell of it and i wasnt interested in tasting it 128528.

Parking during dinner time was a bit hard, expect to spend additional time changing parking area in the middle of meal since somebody park in front would leave.

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Will C.
5.0 Stars

T'was a sunny sunday afternoon and i was just talking to an old friend at fb when we decided to meet up here instead. The place was well located out of the busy tomas morato and i was inpressed by its homey feel from the moment i park on their garage.

The inside had equally nice interiors. I can see on their small chalkboard the list of reservations for tonights valentines and it was a long list.

We ordered their negra on glass noodles, i personally like it. We also ordered their wagyu skewers, they dont have sticks so it was just serve on plate, shouldnt be called skewers right? But man it was good and reasonably price.

I almost gave this a 4 stars since they really need to do something with the mosquitoes, but i will surely be back so i hope they will do something bout it. 128522

This place is perfect for dates, or just to chill and meet up for a quick eat or drinks.

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Didi O.
5.0 Stars

Truffled lengua - yum, genius!!!

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Jenn L.
5.0 Stars

Gastronomic experience me and my friend had at Lola Cafe, their chorizo pasta is indeed mouth watering ! We will come back to try others on the menu except ones that will skyrocket our Blood Pressure 128514 their resto has a relaxing feeling. We love it ! 128077

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G-Ronn M.
5.0 Stars

Trued their famous Kare-kare and its simply awesome. Must try! There place is good for catch up with friends and bonding place for family.

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Marjorie G.
5.0 Stars

When I think of Quezon City I remember the QC Circle, the Maginhawa Street, and all the third-wave cafes that I’ve been obsessing of late. But I have not really been exploratory when it comes to food, hence I didn’t know about Lola Café & Bar until a friend invited me. I found out that a new guy, is heading the kitchen and on that day he is giving us an exclusive first look (or taste if you may) of their new dishes; 16 of them. Yeah I know, I’m lucky. Today, let me serve as your food connoisseur and give you a blow-by-blow review of these delectable foods fresh off the Chef Jon Mangibin’s kitchen.

Lola Café takes up a space along Lozano Street, which used to be an old house. The place has been renovated they say; made bigger to accommodate more patrons. The thought given to decorate the place is ingenious. The walls and the furniture played with white, black, and gray tones. I was particularly taken by the accents used for adornment, particularly the mason jars that were used as lighting fixtures and as pots for some decorative plants. There are also picture frames on the walls and some shelves that hold the bottles of wine.

I learned that when there is a new person-in-charge in the kitchen, more often than not, the menu is going to be updated. It’s my first time to visit Lola Café so I cannot make an old versus new assessment. From this experience, I can assure you that the new dishes are highly satisfactory. Let’s divide them into six parts and start with…


Think calamares tossed in salad, that’s what Chipirones (PHP165 - $3.69) is. It is fried baby squid with pickled vegetables and tanglad vinegar. As mentioned, they used baby squids, so small and tasty that I popped them in my mouth like popcorn.

I found my most favorite dish in the menu too early and if the reactions of my fellow foodies were any indication, I say I’m not alone in my opinion. If you ask me what is the one thing that I’d recommend from the menu, I’d tell you to order Wagyu Salpicao (PHP320 - $7.17). You can never go wrong with Wagyu, in fact, I have never met a Wagyu in my life that I didn’t like. This meat is expensive for a reason; it is unbelievably tender and the flavor goes deep into the meat that the flavor essentially surges in your mouth. I kept eating it like I’m the only person in the room. I am a little ashamed to admit that I was the one who ate most of the plate that was supposed to be for sharing (teehee!). This should convince you already that Wagyu Salpicao shouldn’t be missing from your list of orders when you go to Lola Café.

Then we were served something that I could only describe as double the trouble, Bone Marrow Sisig (PHP275 - $6.16). It is made of pork jowl and garlic crumble, served with flat bread and kamias jam. It’s the only dish in the bunch that elicited the most number of wows in our group because I mean, look at it, not only is it beautiful but it has bone marrow and sisig; a marriage of two of the best dishes there is! The dish is already good as it is but try it with kamias jam and you will know perfection right in your taste buds.

I have a problem with it though and it’s not related to my health concerns. I hated that the serving was too small, it was gone too soon. Too soon man, too soon!


Mix Romaine lettuce, bacon strips, bread crisp, and bagoong dressing together and you will come up with Grilled Caesar Salad (PHP290 - $6.50). It was garnished with strips of parmesan cheese. I was all over this salad because of the cheese and I appreciate the fact that it was not grated as it is usually served.

That day I also discovered that you if combine charred alugbati lettuce hearts, roasted carrots, beets, kesong puti, and toss it in balsamic vinaigrette, you will end up with one of the best salad there is, the Alugbati and Kesong Puti Salad (PHP310 - $6.95). I was eyeing this salad the moment it landed on our table. Unfortunately, by the time it reached our side of the table, it was only half a plate, so I only got a small portion of it. That small portion though was enough to convince me that it is by far the finest salad that I’ve ever tasted in my life. I didn’t know kesong puti can make salad so much more interesting.


Bacon Belly Batchoy (PHP320 - $7.17) is made with braised bacon slabs, ox tripe, sweet garlic broth, and soft-boiled egg. I love batchoy but honestly, this one didn’t pass to my liking and I am attributing it to the fact that it’s sweet. I prefer my batchoy to be on the salty side, which is not the case here. If you are into sweet broth though, you may find this noodle dish to your liking.


If you want to be a little adventurous when it comes to pasta, I suggest that you give Spicy Tinapa Pasta (PHP215 - $4.82) a chance. This pasta has smoked fish (tinapa), fresh tomato, and chili. The tinapa flavor is heavy not only in taste but also in aroma. I am not a fan of tinapa but I liked this pasta anyway because it doesn’t have that “umay” quality to it, which more often than not, is true with cream-based pasta.

Lola Café also offers rice bowl dishes and one of them is Bagoong Rice with Roasted Pork Belly (PHP295 - $6.61). It is made with salted dried shrimp, sweet roasted pork belly, binurong mangga at sibuyas, and chicharon. You read that right, chicharon and there’s a generous amount of it. The rice was so flavorful you can eat it alone, but of course why eat it alone when there’s the equally savory pork belly to enjoy it with.

My vote though goes to the other rice bowl dish, Tinola Rice with Confit of Quarter Chicken (PHP260 - $5.82). It has ginger confit chicken Maryland, lemongrass rice pilaf, charred green papaya, scallion-anchovy vinaigrette. The chicken and rice ratio was uneven; there were only three pieces of chicken legs. But the rice had such a piquant flavor that we easily finished the entire bowl even after all the chickens were gone.


I thought that after all that taste-bud explosions, we were ready for desserts; turns out we haven’t had the mains yet. They started us with the Roasted Belly Tocino (PHP490 - $10.98), a dish of half kilo slow-cooked liempo, anise glaze, and burong manga. By this time, I was already stuffed so I helped myself with just a small piece. First thing I noticed is how soft the meat is, so much that it didn’t take much of an effort slicing it even when we were just using a bread knife. The saccharine, juicy meat will have your eyes rolling backward. That’s how freakishly good it is.

The Garlic Buttermilk Fried Chicken (PHP 390 - $8.74) is cooked with calamansi buttermilk, ginger-scallion butter sauce, and chili garlic oil. I'm half-hearted about this; I liked that it wasn’t oily, but I find the chicken meat a bit firm.

Next on our plates were the Truffled Lengua (PHP495 - $11), which has wild mushrooms, porcini broth, and garlic cream, and Gising Express (PHP140 - $3.13), which has coconut milk broth, homemade bagoong, sigarilyas, french beans, and finger chili. The Truffled Lengua was satisfactory but not as good as the Gising Express. I know they are two different dishes so I shouldn’t be comparing them. I’m just basing this on the fact that they were both made with creamy sauce. The Gising Express is spicy, just the way I liked it.


Of course, we still had room for desserts — you should always leave room for desserts! — and for this part of the meal we were served with two of their pies, Banoffee Pie (PHP150 - $3.36) and Baguio Strawberries and Cream Pavlova. My favorite Banoffee pie is the one from Starbucks, hence it has become the benchmark of all banoffee pies that I’ve ever encountered in my life. In my assessment, Starbucks remains unbeatable, but I still find Lola Café’s version very delightful.

The best dessert however, and this I’d choose over Starbucks banoffee pie, is the Baguio Strawberries and Cream Pavlova. It has bits of strawberries, it has meringue, it has strawberry syrup, it has cream, and it’s sprinkled with nuts. All these elements made for one hell of a dessert that served as the best ending to this one hell of a gastronomic adventure.

Hats off to Chef Mangibin for coming up with such a delectable selection of new dishes that I’m sure old and new patrons of Lola Café will enjoy.


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Catherine D.
5.0 Stars

TARTUFO PASTA AND KARE KARE FTW!! I really enjoyed my birthday in this restaurant since it was so quiet and very intimate. Plus their food is a wow! 128077🏼

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Julie J.
4.0 Stars

Opening an email from Peanut D always makes me giddy with anticipation 128513 and this time was no different... A rendezvoos it says...sounds so clandestine and mysterious eh?! yeah! 128514

Call time was at 1pm and I was Hangry when I got there (gnarly traffic forever!) Anyways, got to meet some awesome loolooers 128522 Muffy T Luisa E Vinny L Hannah V Martin E and of course clingy Jenn N & April H were there too 128514128123

Let the feast begin!!!

128205Appetizers / Salad / Soup

* Wagyu Salpicao - My favorite dish 128514128525 tender and tasty kitayama beef with roasted garlic...I think I'll request it done rare next time 128523

* Chipirones - baby calamari with pickled veggies and tanglad vinegar

* Bone Marrow Sisig - Pork jowl, kamias jam, garlic and flat bread. Didn't dare try this one 128541 Cholesterol alert!

* Alugbati & Kesong Puti Salad - Charred Alugbati lettuce hearts, roasted carrots, beets and balsamic vinaigrette. Another fave of mine!!

* Molo Soup - another group fave! A little salty for my taste but really yummy with the bonito flakes and whipped Kesong Puti, very uniquely done 128077🏼


* Ginataang Bangus Belly - Boneless Bangus belly in coconut milk. Must eat lots of rice with this 128514

* Beef Steak Tagalog - cured beef brisket, onions and garlic confit

* Crispy Maskara 128070🏼 - Crispy Pig face instead of the Pata 128517 Poor miss Piggy 128055

* Palabok Negra - A different take on Palabok, good but I'd have liked it better with more squid

128205Drinks / Dessert - good for sharing

- Beliz , Rio, Calamansi Smash, espresso cocktail, Filipino mule

- Strawberry Pavlova - Strawberry Merengue

- Tsokolate - tablea cheesecake with milo mousse w/ barquillos on top. 128525 loved that it's not too sweet!

Probably missed mentioning a few dishes, hard to remember everything after a food coma 128514 Thanks to Sir Howard, Chef Monch and Chef John and the staff of Lola Cafe for your warm reception and helpful insights on your new progressive Filipino menu and of course for stuffing us silly!!! 128055128055128055

Lastly, Thank you Looloo for the invite 128156 Thank you Odell R Roegan T and Pea!! And also to the awesome Looloo crew! Hooray for loot bags 128123most specially my looloo Payoong version 2.0 128525128514


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Evita G.
5.0 Stars

Confession to make: went to this lovely, homey vibe restaurant twice in one week.12852212852510084️ (celebrated my birthday and my friend's birthday there)

I can say that Lola is one of my favorite restaurants in Quezon City.128523 good service and a private feel ambiance.

Love their spicy tinapa pasta (photo above), tartufo pasta, banoffie pie and their Mojito (you can request this to their bar).128523127860127864

Food - 1108811088110881108811088
Price - 11088110881108811088
Ambiance - 1108811088110881108811088
Service - 1108811088110881108811088

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Luisa E.
5.0 Stars

My first Looloo rendezvoos at Lola Cafe, thank you so much for the invite Peanut D & the rest of the Looloo gang, sir Howard and Chefs Monch & John! I had a really great time and hope to form friendships that'll last a lifetime 128153128157128153

For appetizers:
The Kitayama wagyu salpicao was the top 1 dish, it was so soft and tasty, it's meat melt in your mouth awesome!

Bone marrow sisig was an adventurous killer dish, sisig on a layer of fat! with kamias jam, a nice hint of sweet tangy fruity flavor.

Chipirones, baby squid calamari was the most basic but good appetizer, though the dip doesn't taste like it was a good pairing.

I got to try the calamansi margarita, it was good, fizzy and fruity.

Lunch part 1
Alugbati salad, local spinach kesong Puti mousse with beets needs a citrusy kick of flavor for me. It's starchy and slimy and a bit bland.

Seafood palabok in squid ink, delicious and innovative, it has been used on pasta but this is the first time I've seen a negra palabok. Real good!
And generous with shrimps and baby squid.

Bagoong rice with pork belly tocino and burong mangga was okay. It didn't seem like tocino belly but it was fine, bagoong rice's strong flavor and mangga is always yunmy!

Chicken molo soup with kesong Puti and bonito flakes was delicious but gives an umay factor.

I must say the basil belize with grapefruit mint leaves is an actual legit fruit pop. It feels like soda!

Lunch Part 2 or was it early dinner?
Bistek tagalog, nothing exciting here.

Bangus belly in gata is so good! This is top 2 dish for me. 3rd is bone marrow.

The crispy maskara pork face chicharon with liver spread, achara and toyo suka was presented well but I'm not into chicharon but I like the chicken liver that came with it.

Milo tablea and strawberry pavlova were both sweet but contrast each other which is good, such variety is always exciting. I liked them both but the tablea was more filling and rich.

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