Lorenzo Garden Grill

Tanay-Sampaloc Rd., Tanay, Rizal

Lorenzo Garden Grill
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Steffhanie S.
5.0 Stars

It was one fine Monday when Tita Jeva brought us at a homey and welcoming restaurant found along the highway of Sampaloc, Rizal.

Lorenzo Garden Grill is an establishment that you'll easily see as it's located at the side of the highway. With its huge facade showing a house looking restaurant with its wide garden space, this will really catch your attention.

Upon entering the homey restaurant, you will see and feel its simplicity given that its interiors have straightforward look with its mostly wooden structures and furnitures. Plants are lined-up in different areas of the resto. Decors include framed quotes, wooden sculptures and ceiling trinkets that gave the quite old looking place new life and energy.

It's a bit dim inside given that it's really enclosed in all sides so we decided to stay outside, where more prettiness can be found. The outdoor part of the restaurant has at least 4 huts that can accommodate dining customers too. The moment I saw the huts, oh, I instantly fell in love with them and I had to make sure that we stay there.

The huts were named after leaves and plants given that the owners are also garden owners and lovers. From Rosemary to Parsley and more, get to experience and enjoy dining in their huts while eating good food from their kitchen.

As it was mostly our first time there, we let Tita Jeva order the snack items for us. For a group of 4, we got their Salmon Salad, Crispy Thai Noodles and Tarragon Tea. The items came altogether and we were excited to dig in but pictures first!

The Salmon Salad surprised me because instead of salmon, it has tuna. Well, seems like Century Tuna's in can. Good thing that I liked the taste so I do not want to make a big deal out of it. The greens, tomatoes, oranges were all so freshly picked from their garden and we all loved it. We were given a generous serving of its sauce and the Caesar tasting dressing was a good partner with it.

The Crispy Thai Noodles was so yum, as in! It was presented prettily, as if we're eating at a legit Thai resto. It's sauce was overflowing, paired with really crunchy looking noodles that made it look more appetizing. We mixed everything and yes, when we got the taste of it, it was like we could finish a plate for ourselves. The noodles were crispy, made soft by the flavorful sauce that had this spicy kick after every munch. The meat, veggies and chili were just perfect with everything.

The tea was nicely served in a pot where the strong smell of the leaves will really get your attention. The taste was so strong so you may opt to add some sugar and sliced lemons to balance it. This is Tita Jeva's favorite but not so for the younger ones like me and Abbey.

Overall, I loved my experience here at Lorenzo Garden Grill and if you happen to pass by Sampaloc, Rizal, go check this out because it's as of you'll be transported in farm restaurants at cities like Tagaytay.

And before I forget, they have an outdoor garden that you can check out while waiting for your food. They do sell their plants and leaves. Their basil smelled so so good! Will definitely purchase some when we go back!

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