Louis Phillip Kee Premier Salon

G/F Forbeswood Heights, Rizal Drive cor. Burgos Circle, Burgos Circle, Taguig, Metro Manila

Louis Phillip Kee Premier Salon
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Most Recent Reviews

Lizanne S.
4.0 Stars

Got a cut, color and treatment two weeks ago. I wouldn't normally spend my money on a chi-chi place like this, but thanks to the cheapskate in me, I found a Deal Grocer coupon that allowed me to get these services done at a not-so-expensive price.

The haircut was done by Obet, a senior stylist. Although he was busy with another client, he attended to me and gave me a very flattering haircut. The type of hair that I can post in #wokeuplikethis. For the first time in four years, I can say that I'm happy with my hair. 128077

I just hope they still have those coupons with Deal Grocer. Otherwise, it's back to a cheaper salon for me. 128540

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Monique A.
4.0 Stars

My white armored knight turned my hair into beautiful curls ... It's my date night ... And I want to look a little more human ... 128519128519

I couldn't believe it ... Just when I'm half way near the basement parking entrance ...the rain poured down on me 128533 ... Agghhhhh!!!!!. Ohhhh ... Im drench 974897489889128560.. Papa Lord ... U 10084️ Me so much 128517128549..... huhuhu 128514128557

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Mara C.
4.0 Stars

I got color done. They really know what flatters your skin tone. The people are accommodating. The set-up's a little cramped for me. I'm used to Basement Salon at Powerplant which has good breathing room that takes the stress away.

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Rhea R.
4.0 Stars

If I can go without a haircut for a year then that would be so neat but nooooo.... My husband, without fail, would look at me critically and tell me "don't you need to see a barber...Rapunzel?"

So I finally went and got a basic cut then met up with my friends a week later. They told me that I badly needed a haircut and I whined that I just had one. They were unconvinced and scheduled an appointment for me to see this guy, Philip Kee. Sigh...

Appointment was at 11am and I was there at 1035 (I don't like being late) and not surprisingly he wasn't there. Salon owners are like doctors. They don't necessarily follow their "I should be here at this time" hours. But they quickly apologized and gave me someone to massage me while waiting, which I thought was very considerate. They didn't charge me for the back and shoulder massage which lasted for about an hour until Louis Kee finally arrived. In his silver Porsche, nonetheless 128563 Sheesh...

He breezed into the door wearing white jeans, white cotton shirt and a white blazer. And he was quick to say hi to his regular clients and went to me. Assessed my hair, declared the treatment and just like that I've committed my hair to this process. Again 128530

After the treatment, he came with an assistant carrying what looked like a thick IPad 1 case but bigger. He opened it and there were probably twenty different kinds of scissors inside. He told me to stand (which was a surprise) and he started cutting my hair while I was standing up128563 Seriously. I nervously told him that I still wanted it long and he replied with a reassuring nod. He told me to not worry. Which was hard seeing all these big chunks of my hair on the floor.

It was still long like he promised but with layers and side bangs. I liked it. The real result however I know comes after my hair is washed and the magic of blow-dry (something i don't know how to do) is gone. I am struggling a little bit with the layered ends because I'm just a wash-and-wear kind of girl BUT I'm starting to embrace my new look so... Thank you for discerning friends and a husband who just can't leave my hair alone 128513

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Lezah M.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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April V.
3.0 Stars

You hair usually looks pretty after getting it cut. But the real test comes after that.128135

I got my haircut on the last weekend of June and I just realized they didn't do a "great job". Hence, reviewing it now. Haha!128581

I didn't get it cut that short, btw. There's a longer layer hidden. LOL. Anyway, what I don't like is the longer part looks too stiff. Ugh. Can't do anything about it now though. 1285179996

Service is pretty much okay, you can ask them to buy Serenitea for you. HAHA! Wala lang!

Anyway, I just missed reviewing. Hello! 128536

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Irene I.
5.0 Stars

I only get my haircut from Louis Kee. I have followed him from Makati to his present salon. Louis has always been warm and accommodating, he makes sure his clients are comfortable and most of all. He is the only one who can style my hair that gets a lot of compliments. He is also still the best when it comes to hair color and highlights.
Angie was with him in Emphasis and is with him now. She has been his protégé and is a good stylist as well . She is also very nice and it is easy to feel at ease with her.
Odessa has a cheerful face and does not only give a good scalp massage when shampooing your hair but is a good masseuse too.
Everyone here seems to have been trained to give excellent service.

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Lesley Ardelle V.
2.0 Stars

To complete my series of salon reviews for blow-dry services (Fix Lab, Blo), I am reviewing Louis Kee Salon for their "Keratherapy" treatment: the new chemical-free Brazilian blow-dry. I was able to buy a voucher for this from Deal Grocer for only PhP 4,200! That's more than 50% off from its original price of PhP 9,000. Now it is time to find out if the service is totally worth my money.

I decided to try it out on the day before my birthday (which was a mistake; you'll find out later on why), because the voucher was set to expire only 2 days after, and I had no other free days. I called the salon ahead to set an appointment and to ask how long the treatment will take: 2 hours, they said. Ok. So I set my appointment 3 hours before my dinner date that night. That should give me enough time to go home and change.

Interiors: The place was a bit small. I'm an architect, so the layout is usually the first thing I notice, and the salon's layout was a bit messy. The chairs and mirrors were placed in the oddest of places (most of them weren't placed beside each other). I guess they were trying to maximize the space, but for me, it looked magulo. The chairs were big, plushy armchairs, though; I liked that. 128528 <--- my NR face. Not good, not too bad either.

Shampoo service: I guess I should've known that something was terribly wrong when the stylist draped a dirty towel on my shoulders. It was dark blue and stained with blotches of hair coloring. Ugh. I guess it may have been washed (the stains are just there forever), but it still smelled funky, like old socks. The shampooing was ok: the stylist used sure, firm movements while massaging the shampoo into my hair and scalp. Water still dripped into my ears though, and he wiped it off using the stained towel. *shudder* AND he wrapped this same stained towel around my hair. This is terrible. Salons should always have a supply of clean towels. If it's stained, throw it out! Kailangan pa ba i-memorize yan? 128078128078128078

Finished product: I guess I was too appalled by the towel-incident to remember to take a picture at the salon. I attached a picture of me during the surprise birthday salubong party my boyfriend prepared for me that night, so at least you will have an idea of what my hair looked like after the treatment. It looked ok that night, but the following day (my birthday), it looked a bit flat! I spent my birthday having flat hair! Huhu. :( I can't wash it for 3 days, they said, so was stuck with limp, oily, stinky hair for 3 days. :( They were offering me a special shampoo and conditioner that is recommended for use post-treatment, but they were out of stock. It will make the treatment last longer by locking in the "ingredients" into my hair. 128078128078

The treatment itself was ok; it only took around 30 minutes to apply to my hair. It stings, though, so be sure to close your eyes (but wait, it's supposed to be chemical-free, so why does it sting?). It took SO LONG to dry and set it, though. After the treatment application, he let it set for another 30 minutes before starting to dry my hair. But then blow-drying wasn't enough; he still used a flat iron to "set" the treatment. The whole process took more than 2 hours. 128547 The stylist was very talkative and friendly (which is a plus because it kept me entertained haha), so the 2 hours didn't feel so long.

They say the treatment lasts for 3 months. My hair feels silky smooth now, but I can still spy a few runaway waves here and there. I guess it's not as straight as I expected it to be. Why do I get the feeling that I wasted 4k on a non-effective treatment? 128532

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