Love Monday Cafe

San Rafael St., Kapitolyo, Pasig, Metro Manila

Love Monday Cafe
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Most Recent Reviews

Vina Vanessa G.
4.0 Stars

I personally loved the cafe’s ambiance. Cute furnitures and not complicated menu. Great food also! We ordered the Breakfast burger. Its patty was made of Tuguegarao longganisa and it really was good. So tasty, you really can taste the difference from a beef burger. I ordered corned beef & garlic rice which also did not disappoint. The corned beef tasted imported and was not dry at all. The hombre iced teas were also good! The color did not affect the flavor. We loved everything we ordered from Love Monday Cafe. We’ll definitely go back. I rated it 4 stars because we felt that the service was kindda slow, they made us wait I guess more than 15 minutes when we were the only customers in the cafe the cafe and jt was already 12noon.

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Nievs G.
4.0 Stars

I was at the Love Monday Cafe on a Saturday morning, hehehe. Yesterday, just after my shift, I was hungry but I wanted my breakfast a bit beyond the standard breakfast fare. So on an impulse, I left home after my night shift (I work at home) and set off to Pasig and wandered around Kapitolyo. I wanted to eat at Kanto Freestyle Breakfast sana, but the place was jam-packed and there was no more seating for me.

So I turned to nearby San Rafael Street and walked down the long stretch there. Then I saw Love Monday Cafe. Like other restaurants and cafes in the Kapitolyo area, the exterior looked unassuming. However, I was intrigued by the name so I checked it out.

Love Monday Cafe serves all-day breakfast. And although I'm not really a morning person and I don't eat breakfast (I always sleep in the morning), I felt that I needed to eat one after my shift. Plus, I was also bored with being stuck (and working) at home, so I was also itching to go out.

So anyway.. when I stepped inside the cafe, the place was also packed, but thankfully there was a table for me. During that time, there was also an event going on where the cafe hosted a paper flower-making workshop. Everyone was busy so I was advised to wait a bit longer for my food. Good thing there was an unlimited Wi-Fi. Had I only known, I would have brought my laptop.

Again, I was drawn by the name of the cafe. Perhaps because everyone -- especially students and members of the workforce -- dread Mondays. I assumed that this cafe wants to change people's attitude towards Monday: "love Monday," instead of lamenting about it. Hehehe.

Here's what I had:

◆ 🧀 Cheesy Rosti (₱120) - I found out that rosti is a popular breakfast item in Switzerland, similar to the hash brown. Despite the cheese on top, I still found this dish a bit bland. Good thing that there was the sour cream to make things a bit more tangy. I liked the burned and crispy edge.

127836 Rainy Day Ramyun, mild (₱80) - I would have wanted to order the spicy type, but since it was unseasonably hot, I ordered "mild" instead. It was served piping hot inside a small pot, which was mounted on a chopping board for a safer handling. I liked it -- it was like the upgraded Korean instant ramen with carrots, spring onions and nori strips. Had I known, I wish I ordered this alone and asked for an additional egg topping instead, and forgot all about the Cheesy Rosti. This dish was quite hearty! I wanted to finish it sana but I was waiting for my waffle pops. Otherwise, my belly would have had no room for a sweet ending.

◆ Breakfast Cereal Combo Waffle Pops (₱60) - two classic breakfast items in one dish? Why not? The waffle was generously topped with cornflakes and Fruit Loops, and drizzled with chocolate syrup. The waffles were prepared from scratch and were freshly cooked -- a bit crunchy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. But I found eating the waffles together with the cereal topping a bit unwieldy, so I removed the cereals first, ate the waffle and then ate the cereal to get the combination of flavors and textures. The dish tasted nice enough, with the waffles having an extra fruity and tangy flavor plus the "corny" texture, thanks to the cereal toppings.

127827127802 Strawberry Hibiscus, iced (₱150) - This iced coffee is truly Instagram-worthy! The three layers of brown (coffee), white (milk) and red (strawberry with hibiscus extract) made this iced coffee too pretty to drink and you'd almost want to stare at it forever. It reminded me of a gel candle with beautiful layers of colors. How about the taste? Well, it tasted as good as it looked! The taste of the freshly ground coffee was deep and strong, tempered by the sweetness and the tang from the strawberry/hibiscus. If you are an adventurous coffee drinker, you've got to try it.

So after eating the waffle pops, I was thinking if I would be able to finish the leftover ramyun. I sighed as I was staring at it. I regret not finishing it but I was full already -- I had drunk lots of water too to offset the mild spiciness of the soup.

Love Monday Cafe also serves the classic Pinoy fare like the silogs, as well as breakfast burgers, breakfast tacos and pastas, like the Spamghetti. I had a good experience there, nataon lang na me workshop at the time so my first breakfast there was not exactly cozy or quiet as I had expected. Maybe I'll try to visit there on a weekday next time. :)

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