Lucia Ristorante

Hotel Céleste, 2 San Lorenzo Drive cor. Pasay Rd., Makati, Metro Manila

Lucia Ristorante
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Most Recent Reviews

Pia R.
3.0 Stars

It was our first time in this hotel (& restaurant), so we didn't know what to expect. The food is actually quite good 128513 We ordered their Spaghetti with Meatballs and Breakfast pizza. The breakfast pizza had several types of ham (prosciutto, salami etc) and a sunny side up egg on tomato sauce. I expected it to be salty but it wasn't! It was really mild in flavors and the crust was thin and crunchy. It could use a drizzle of hot sauce or some sharp cheese, though. Hehe.

My only complaint is the service was really slow 128563 I asked for their wifi password and it took 20 minutes before they got back to me. Our food took around 40++ minutes to serve, and we were the only people in the restaurant. The servers were nice but really really slow. They were also chatting with each other in a corner, so when we would ask for something it'd take them five minutes to even notice us. 128534

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Yen D.
4.0 Stars

Lasagne Della Casa con Crema di Porcini:

This homemade fresh lasagna had bolognese ragu and porcini sauce. I like how their pasta is made and served fresh. It easily absorbs the flavors of the ingredients.

You might be surprised to find this dish a bit lacking in salt or flavor. Maybe because typical Pinoy food is normally quite salty and that’s what everybody is used to eating. But Chef Lombardi creates authentic Italian dishes. So, eating at Lucia Ristorante will immediately transport you to Italy! 128521

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Mae A.
5.0 Stars

Had our dinner here before welcoming the new year (which is in a few hours! 127881).

So glad to cap the year off w/some good Italian dishes. Had lasagna, pizza, tiramisu and panna cotta. Everything was absolute heaven for me! 128076 The service here is consistently good. My family and I even got greeted by the owner (I think. The man was really friendly). 128522

Yeah, last looloo review for the year. On to more reviews w/ya looloo! Happy New Year everyone! Wishin a happy 2015 to all! 128522127881128522

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Mae A.
5.0 Stars

This was my first degustation experience...and hopefully not my last. 128522

My friend invited me to try this as she found a really good deal at Deal Grocer. Originally priced at P1700 (I think), we got this at P900. This is for two already. Score! 9917

My absolute fave was their lasagna. It was SO GOOD. I almost cried. I really did. I liked their desserts too (Pannacotta & Tiramisu). Other dishes were good too but these were my fave among the bunch 128513

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Lorisse R.
5.0 Stars

I chanced upon Lucia Ristorante by browsing through Deal Grocer and found a 5 course degustation meal for just 900! Best part, it's already for two!

I convinced my officemate to come with me and split the bill. :D

Located inside Hotel Celeste, the restaurant looked posh and clean with us being the 2nd pair of diners. Honestly, we already conditioned ourselves to expect snooty servers, small portions of food and not get our tummies full but boy, were we wrong!

We ordered the cucumber lemon juice which was refreshing and just right to cleanse your palate between meals.

I could tell you what we had but it'll take too long! But the standouts for me were the Parmigiana di melanzane which is a succulent roasted eggplant with pomodoro sauce topped with Mozza and Parmesan, Carpaccio di manzo sedano e grana which is basically cripsy lettuce wrapped with soft cold cut beef and finally, the dish that made us teary-eyed, the Lasagne dela casa con crema di porcini which is a homemade lasagna with Bolognese ragu and porgini sauce. Fireworks in my mouth!!!

The panna cotta and tiramisu were wonderful also! Much love for this resto!

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Adrian C.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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