Lucky Bean Coffee bar

2456 Taft Ave., Taft, Manila, Metro Manila

Lucky Bean Coffee bar
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Reopens: 8:00a - 10:00p


  • Sunday
    • 10:00a - 8:00p
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    • 7:00a - 12:00a
  • Tuesday
    • 7:00a - 12:00a
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  • Friday
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    • 8:00a - 10:00p

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Most Recent Reviews

Isha S.
4.0 Stars

I've been seeing this coffee shop along Taft for the longest time but was never actually able to visit...until today!

I stepped in after work to see and taste what they had to offer. The cafe is pretty cramped with tables/chairs and benches that can seat a good number of people. On the left once you walk in are shelves filled with various things for sale from ball pens to lotions. I could barely walk up to their counter but I managed haha.

The menu is a big chalkboard on the wallً to your right. They surprisingly offer a lot of food and drinks, almost all less than 200 pesos. They have breakfast meals, pastas, pizza pockets, snacks, fries, waffles, sandwiches and big meal combos (ex: pizza + pasta, pasta + chicken + fries, etc.) so I don't think you'll go hungry in here.

Since I just wanted something quick and easy, I had their Salted Caramel Graham specialty frappe and their White Chocolate Cheesecake. The frappe was good, fairly thick, rich in flavor but not so sweet that I'd need a cup of water to go with it. The cheesecake tasted nice as well, especially the cheesecake base. Mmm. This one also came with a Toblerone piece on top for some reason, but okay. 128517

Their food looks promising as well as their other specialty frappes (including Oreo Extreme, Chocnut Cookie Crumble, etc.) so I think I'll come back and sample those soon!

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Maria P.
4.0 Stars

May napansin ako. Yung sinesell nilang cake na Coffee Crumble looks and tastes like Swiss Chocolate cake of Becky's kitchen. As jn exact taste. Hindi ba plagiarism ng product yun? I mean yung cake? Does Becky's Kitchen know? Exact look and taste eh nilagyan lang nila ng chocolate powder na topping tapos mas mahal siya.

Anyway, maganda yung place and I would recommend going to LBCB kasi the place has a relaxing vibe to it. :) They even sell trinkets and imported chocolate. :)

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Danica T.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Harvey Y.
5.0 Stars

Coffee, coffee coffee! My addiction brought me to this new place in taft. Lucky Bean Coffee Bar (LBCB) is a new coffee shop in taft, and I must say, they're really trying hard to get their name on top. Well, can't argue with that since their coffee frappés are damn good. I once tried their Chocnut cookie crumble, and it was fudging worth it!!! Imagine your ice blended cookie crumble frappé topped with some chocnuts. Heavennn! Next is their Oreo extreme. Imagine life with oreos, probably better than what you're living right now. Last and definitely not the least is my all-time favorite coffee flavor, Caramel Macchiato. This is like my basis of how good a coffee shop is. Well, didn't expect that it would taste good because of its presentation but they actually gave me a topnotch frappé with a perfect amount of espresso and it's topped with a stick-o. ;)

I'll give this one a 5/5 since their shop is a really good "chill, I have to study" place and they have cups of coffee beans on their tables (nice scent btw). And their prices are cheaper than the usual SB/CBTL prices.

Keep it up LBCB! <3

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Olive Y.
4.0 Stars


We were walking around Taft when suddenly we saw this. You wouldn't think it's a coffee shop because the signage is so plain and that is because they just opened. Upon entering, on the left are things they sell like pens, phone accessories, bags, school stuff and the like. It is cool, it's giving me that one stop shop impression.

Then the place looks cozy. It really is for students who just love to drink coffee while studying. The music is also soothing unlike the groovy songs played at Noriter. I just want some of the staff to lower down their voices a bit. Of my frequent visits to different coffee shops, this is the first time I encountered staff themselves being noisy while the customers were sharing stares and annoyance as they try to take a grip of their focus. But that did not bar me from enjoying my stay as they were, nevertheless, kind and warm.

I ordered the Cappuccino. It came in a small cup though. But, the barista does latte art! Yay! So weird tho that he gave me a minion, lol, a flower would be great. Asked him if he accepts requests for the art, he said yes for as long as it is not difficult to do. My friend's art was a cat and it was very cute! Anyway, that barista is cute too 128541 So much for cuteness. I liked my coffee. It was very strong just as I like it. But for those who don't like it strong, they serve it with brown sugar anyway.

They also sell pastries like cakes and cookies, they have pasta and sandwiches, they sell chocolates too. They have almost everything a coffee shop should be selling.

There were only few customers that time and I'm guessing the two are barristers. They picked the right coffee shop, it was chill and quiet in there. I just hope it doesn't get crowded when students would start learning about it. I'm marking it as one of our hangout place 128516

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